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The Tyranny of the Majority

“Which is better—to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or three thousand tyrants one mile away?”

—Rev. Mather Blyes (1706-1788)

On April 8, 2021 Andrew Napolitano wrote at Lew Rockwell dot com

Does it really matter if the instrument curtailing liberty is a monarch or a popularly elected legislature? This conundrum, along with the witty version of it put to a Boston crowd in 1775 by the little-known colonial-era preacher with the famous uncle—Cotton Mather, addresses the age-old question of whether liberty can survive in a democracy.

Blyes was a loyalist, who, along with about one-third of the American adult white male population in 1776, opposed the American Revolution and favored continued governance by Great Britain. He didn’t fight for the king or agitate against George Washington’s troops, he merely warned of the dangers of too much democracy.

No liberty-minded thinker I know of seriously argues today in favor of a hereditary monarchy, but many of us are fearful of an out-of-control hybrid democracy, which is what we have in America today. I say “hybrid” because, there remain in our federal structure a few safeguards against run-away democracy such as, the equal state representation in the Senate, the Electoral College, the state control of federal elections and life-tenured federal judges and justices.

Of course, the Senate as originally crafted did not consist of popularly elected senators. Rather, they were appointed by state legislatures to represent the sovereign states as states, not the people in them. Part of James Madison’s genius was the construction of the federal government as a three-sided table. The first side stood for the people — the House of Representatives. The second side stood for the sovereign states — the Senate. And the third side stood for the nation-state — the presidency. The judiciary, whose prominent role today was unthinkable in 1789, was not part of this mix.

In his famous Bank Speech, Madison argued eloquently against legislation chartering a national bank because the authority to create a bank was not only not present in the Constitution but also was retained by the states and reserved to them by the Tenth Amendment.

In that speech, he warned the creeping expansion of the federal government would trample the powers of the states and also the unenumerated rights of the people that the Ninth Amendment — his pride and joy because it protected natural rights — prohibited the government from denying or disparaging.

He gave that speech in February of 1791, eleven months before the addition of the Bill of Rights — the first 10 amendments — to the Constitution. Given the popular fears of a new central government, Madison assumed that the Bill of Rights would be quickly ratified. He was right.

His Bank Speech remains just as relevant today.

Blyes feared a government of 3,000. Today, the feds employ close to 3 million. Thomas Jefferson warned that when the federal treasury becomes a federal trough, and the people recognize it as such, they would only send to Washington politicians — faithless to the Constitution — who promise to bring home the most cash.

And the majority will take whatever it wants from the minority that cherishes limited government, private property and personal liberty.

Had Madison been alive during the presidency of the anti-Madison Woodrow Wilson — who gave us World War I, the Federal Reserve, the administrative state and the federal income tax — he would have recoiled at a president destroying the three-sided table. Wilson did that by leading the campaign to amend the Constitution so as to provide for the direct popular election of senators. Nor would Madison have stomached the efforts today by liberal Democrats to amend the Constitution to provide for the direct popular election of the president.

Part of Madison’s genius was to craft anti-democratic elements into the Constitution. And some of them — like retaining state sovereignty — created laboratories of liberty. Ronald Reagan reminded the American public in his first inaugural address that the states formed the federal government, not the other way around. Had I been the scrivener of that speech, I’d have begged him to add: “And the powers that the states gave to the feds, they can take back.”

Reagan also famously said that we could vote with our feet. If you don’t like the over-the-top regulations in Massachusetts, you can move to New Hampshire. If you are fed up with the highest state taxes in the union in New Jersey, you can move to Pennsylvania.

But the more state sovereignty the feds absorb — the more state governance that is federalized — the fewer differences there are among the regulatory and taxing structures of the states. This has happened because Congress — sensing a popular majority — has become a general legislature without regard for the constitutional limits imposed on it.

If Congress wants to regulate an area of human behavior that is clearly beyond its constitutional competence, it bribes the states to do so with borrowed or Federal Reserve-created cash. Thus, it offered hundreds of millions of dollars to the states to lower their speed limits on highways and to lower the acceptable blood alcohol level in peoples’ veins — this would truly have set Madison off — before a presumption of DWI may be argued, in return for cash to pave state-maintained highways.

The states are partly to blame for this as well. They take whatever cash Congress offers and they accept the strings that come with it. And they, too, are tyrants. The states mandated the unconstitutional and crippling lockdowns of 2020, not the feds. The states should be paying the political and financial consequences for their misdeeds, not the feds. They took property and liberty without paying for it as the Constitution requires them to do, not the feds.Continue reading at the source...https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/04/andrew-p-napolitano/the-tyranny-of-the-majority/


from Stilton's Place

Let's look at the gob-covered stories listed above...

• In Washington, a black man, theoretically deranged from repeated football concussions and exposure to the rantings of Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, rammed his car into two policemen (killing one) and a concrete barrier before waving a knife around and getting shot deader than a mackerel. This is a horrible story...but it's not a big one. A crazy lone wolf did a horrible thing and now he's dead. Yet politicians and the "news" media are more or less calling this "insurrection two" (ignoring the fact that there was no "insurrection one") and citing it as evidence that our nation's capital needs to remain a guarded military outpost. Unlike, oh, our southern border.

• Do we really need to say anything at all about what an offensive idiot AOC is? She apparently wants U.S. taxpayers to cough up "reparations" to illegal aliens because...well...we don't know why and we don't effing care. Meanwhile, small children are being dropped over the border wall (recent video shows a 3-year-old and 5-year-old girl being dropped from a 14-foot high wall to thud heavily onto American soil). Theoretically, that's the sort of thing that Kamala Harris should be looking into, but she's apparently too busy laughing hysterically and supervising the remodeling of her vice-presidential quarters. Not that she plans to stay in them long.More comics and ranting at...https://stiltonsplace.blogspot.com/2021/04/just-another-mish-mash-monday.html


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Buy Now: Attention Deficit Democracy, bookAttention Deficit Democracy

On April 7, 2021 James Bovard wrote at Jim Bovard dot com https://jimbovard.com/blog/2021/04/07/joe-bidens-no-boondoggle-left-behind-plan/

When the pandemic hit last year, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo quickly seized nearly absolute power to shut down everything in the state. Cuomo vindicated himself for putting almost 20 million people under house arrest: “If everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.” When pandemic fears were surging, the New York Times proclaimed, “Andrew Cuomo Is the Control Freak We Need Right Now.” A New Yorker profile, titled “Andrew Cuomo, King of New York,” explained that Cuomo and his aides saw the battle over Covid policy as “between people who believe government can be a force for good and those who think otherwise.”

Cuomo’s reign has more “force” than “good,” such as his bizarre assertion that sheriffs were “dictators” for refusing to enforce his mask mandate inside people’s homes. But Cuomo’s power grabs have spurred a backlash that could end his political career. The federal investigation into the cover-up of mass deaths at nursing homes that occurred thanks to Cuomo’s dictates could pose more danger to him than a busload of sexual harassment charges.

Similarly, the Biden administration’s dogma that “government must be a powerful force for good” could be paving the way to both constitutional and political ruin. Many of the same zealots who swore that the federal government was a fascist dictatorship while Trump was president now believe that practically every federal program will operate impeccably because Biden is president. This is an even more childlike notion than most of the political delusions festering inside the Beltway. Because Biden is in the Oval Office, we are obliged to believe that federal spending will miraculously achieve what politicians promise. If that was the case, Biden would not be hustling a long list of public sector failures that supposedly require trillions of dollars of new government spending.This is just an excerpt, read the rest at...https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/527263-cuomo-calls-a-sheriff-who-wont-enforce-mask-mandate-a-dictator


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Crooked Election 2020


Here's what they are talking about over on GLP

Personal experience with covid
Throughout the year and a half of lockdows and pandemic fear hype, not a single person I knew was affected by the covid viruses. BTW for context I live in So Cal. in a highly populated area, ya I hate it here too but that's regardless of the point, sometimes you get stuck in places because of families and investments, it is what it is. Anyways, in the last few weeks the three people I know that got their covid vaccine shot were all healthy, one had a heart attack, a full blockage in one of her atterys, they were able to save her with stent in an emergency procedure. No prior heart problems. Recovering

Second person, super healthy firefighter that was required to take the covid vaccine as a first responder. He has has tremors and shaking ever since he got the shot.

Third person, healthy, regularly works out, she has monitored blood tests for a non cancerous tumor that is monitored and shrinking with medication. She had a blood test before the covid shot that was normal, since the covid vaccine shot her levels are all over the place.

This has all happened weeks after the shot.

Only sharing this to hopefully save some people. The virus never affected anyone I knew for over a year, I work at a public school with over 2000 students. The vax has already impacted 3 people close to me. Do not let them take your guns, you will want them when your friends and family start dying from this vaccine, ya there is a lot of sheep lining up to take and it's their choice but in the end they will still end up being your friends and family and coworkers and it won't be easy. Novax User ID:  80225607


Re: Here's facts on vax
For starters, VAERS is populated with data that is VOLUNTEERED...It is not mandatory for any "healthcare professional" to report adverse reactions to vaccines. Right now there are over 2,000 deaths listed FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY ALONE and the CDC admits that they only expect 10% of the actual cases to ever be reported.
By the way, there are more deaths listed in the system for 2021 than the cumulative entirety of the database since it was created in 1990.

2. Vaccine makers are granted qualified immunity from lawsuits.

3. When a fucking self-proclaimed eugenicist tells you he plans to depopulate the world through the use of vaccines, you should probably believe him.

4. Anything the media tells you is 100% bullshit. Aren't they telling you how "safe and necessary" these supposed vaccines are?

5. Astra Zenica and Phizer currently have a total of well over 30 ACTIVE CLINICAL TRIALS lasting through 2024 for the very same vaccines that your shill ass is shilling for. TN_Dan User ID:  80183829


Re: Personal experience with covid
Found 2,249 cases where Vaccine targets COVID-19 (COVID19) and Patient Died

[link to www.medalerts.org (secure)] DancingThought User ID:  79292370


How many people do you know getting sick from the vaccine?
A lady I work with every weekend started showing very strange "sickness" behavior a few days ago.
The cleaning lady pointed out to me that my coworker had actually "pooped" in her chair and had made no attempt to clean it up.

In passing, I attempted to say hello to this lady and she was in a somewhat zombie state, her eyes would not fix on me and she had very dark circles under her eyes and I could not understand a word she was saying. I was on a project and had to rush away and have not seen her again. I asked around about her at work yesterday and people are saying she is blaming the vaccine and still not feeling well. I have not seen her again but I understand she is not talking very much to anyone but still showing up for work. The entire workplace is talking about this as its very strange behavior from this woman.

I have had a few other coworkers complaining about stomach upset and and not feeling well in general. I know most of my coworkers took the shot 2-3 wks ago and are ones to never get sick but none are feeling well I have noticed.

What are you guys seeing with family and friends who have taken the shot? I will never forget that Zombie reaction my coworker gave me. I have never seen someone go from looking happy and healthy to a zombie and very sick from one weekend to the next but still showing up to work??... Soundman User ID:  40546062


Re: "USA Hitting Vaccine Wall" - Attention must turn now to "Convincing" HOLDOUTS to take Vaccine
over 99% survival rate from the virus. why do I need it and if you took it why do you care if I do? Lobo7 User ID:  76009415


I saw My Dr. today ---> the talk about why no vaccine...
I saw the Dr. today some one I consider a friend and the visit was professional in nature.

Last year about this time I had asked her would she refuse to see me professionally if I decline a vaccine and she said not at all I will not fire you as a patient and I said good and I will not fire you as a Dr. LOL.

Today though it did not go as well as I would have liked. Today was kind of intense. It was about the future of seeing her (in a professional capacity) should it come to the point where one would need to have a covid passport to visit a clinic / Dr.'s office.

Her response was well if Italy says you need it to visit then that is that and you will be able to freely travel in Canada. I said I am talking about going to stores, offices, clinics etc. without a COVID passport.

She said oh that is not going to happen. (Note she has a federal practice with regards to federal officers) and she mentions her insight re federal matters. I responded kindly and asked her Deb are you the policy maker on this? She said no but they are not going to do any such thing.

I then said Deb is it fair to say that that is what you believe? She said "yes it is what I believe" (sounding a bit exasperated) and I said I, as you know respect you, and that, that is your belief and my not having the same belief or sense of certainty is simply my belief, and I may not be seeing her again in her professional capacity based on the future policy the government and it's servants decide for their benefit. She is very good heart-ed and she wanted me to be reassured and I know that. But again in her lab coat with all conviction was telling me it simply is not going to happen as if it was an established fact.

Then the talk about why no vaccine...

She said you know that it was, and is no longer that case (she figures due to vaccinations) that Vancouver's hotels are no longer filled with covid "cases". <--- Now I did not say this but I was thinking we are talking about people who had a PCR test and tested "positive" for SARS-2-COV-2 aka Covid-19, that they where not hospitalized, a great many of them where asymptomatic, and that she did not mention any deaths...

I replied I can only hope that those who received the "vaccine" did so with full disclosure and with informed consent.

I said as I understand it there is no live attenuated SARS-2-COV-2 fragment (antigen) in it and the shot is a genetic based therapy only being offered under emergency measures and I look forward with great interest to read the findings of this experiment at the end of 2023 when the trial study is slated to be concluded, as for me I will not volunteer myself for this experiment.

Well she goes on to say Should we let people with diabetes and Hypoglycemia fly planes? Do you want them flying around where you live?

I then put my head down and broke eye contact with her as I looked at the floor. She said I am sorry I can see I have upset you. I said oh don't feel sorry, I am OK and not upset, I just don't have an answer for you as I think it is a false comparative and as such what can I say. I then said it is daunting lately to have this conversation with people and the less I say I think the better. I am not about shaming people for their health choices, I have a different understanding and it is met with discussions like this filled with far reaching what if's unrelated to the matter at hand so as to manufacture consent, agreement or influence me with fear based scenarios.

I told her I was going away shortly and she polity was asking me about oh where? which -BLANK- are you going to? with who? your friends, how many of you?.... Now she was asking this as her fingers where on the keyboard and I said ummm I do not think that is something I can share with you for your records. Then she got visibly upset and snapped I am not entering this information I am doing "_____" (re my private health information). <---- I am not certain that is the truth but I do hope it is.

I said Deb I am really happy to see you again, and that just melted away the tension. She shared a little bit of this and that about her since we last spoke and as I was leaving I said well (as we sometimes do) I would give you a hug but well you know.... Google_It User ID:  80175631


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Bayou Renaissance Man

Watching the chaos being unleashed on this country by the Biden administration, it's hard to keep one's cool.  Consider:

  • Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are being not just admitted to this country willy-nilly, but actively encouraged to cross our borders.
  • The Federal Reserve is creating trillions of dollars out of thin air with no economic reality underpinning them, a sure recipe for inflation.
  • Billions upon billions of dollars, ostensibly intended for "stimulus" or "infrastructure", are being wasted on pet projects and political cronyism.
  • Assaults on constitutional rights like the Second Amendment (despite the President's denial) are increasing.
  • A biased justice system seems determined to punish conservatives while letting progressives get away (sometimes literally) with murder.
  • A visibly senile, incompetent President is attracting the scorn of the rest of the world, and provoking threatening actions by other powers who seem confident that the USA is no longer capable of responding effectively under his leadership.

We're not just sliding, but accelerating down the slope to disaster, and nobody in authority seems to care.  Add to that the threats of progressive activists, and our future looks worse by the day.  When leaders like this get elected to run some of America's largest cities, promising to overturn the old order while offering nothing worth having in the new, what else can we expect?

In that light, I found Larry Correia's latest quip on MeWe to be grimly relevant:

I used to think America was heading for a Bosnia style civil war. But that was me being too optimistic. Now I suspect we will wake up one day and it’ll be Rwanda.

I saw what happened in Rwanda.  God forbid I should ever see that again . . . but in a fractured, tormented nation, even in the First World, it's not impossible.

Posted by Peter writing at Bayou Renaissance Man

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Have you ever read the Bible in order to find out what God thinks?

Everyone wants free college until you offer them free collegeTwo authors came to my attention while browsing tweets this week. The first is Rachel Hollis, who presents herself as a Christian but who isn’t (see below). The second is by Sarah Bessey, whose book contains a chapter where the author urges God to help her to hate a certain group of people solely because of their skin color. What is causing people who claim to be Christian to buy these books?

On April 9, 2021 Wintery Knight wrote at Wintery Knight dot com https://winteryknight.com/2021/04/09/have-you-ever-read-the-bible-in-order-to-find-out-what-god-thinks/

Found this list of progressive Christians on Alisa Childers’ blog. Childers is very reliable, having written a detail-filled book about attempts by progressives to distort the gospel.

She writes this about Jen Hatmaker, a progressive:

Since its launch in 2017, Hatmaker’s podcast has been a veritable “who’s who” of progressive Christian leaders such as Sarah Bessey, Rachel Held Evans, Pete Enns, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Richard Rohr, Jeff Chu, Mike McHargue (“Science Mike”), Barbara Brown Taylor, Austin Channing Brown, Lisa Sharon Harper, Rachel Hollis, and Glennon Doyle.

I want to talk about Sarah Bessey and Rachel Hollis. Are these authors working from within a Christian worldview?


Anne Kennedy was bemused to find Rachel Hollis’ best-selling book, Girl, Wash Your Face, in the Christian living section of the bookstore next to the Bibles. Hollis describes herself as a Christian but her self-help advice is anything but Christian, Kennedy believes.

“She does mention Christianity and her faith in Jesus but in terms of the book itself, there’s really nothing that would distinguish it from any other kind of self-help thing that’s on the market and there’s lots of them. She quotes some Bible verses but she doesn’t really rely on a Christian worldview at all to motivate behavior,” Kennedy… said on a recent Christian Research Institute podcast.

[…]“I don’t think she’s a Christian at all,” she commented.

[…]“Her worldview is in no way representative of classical Christianity. She’s inclusive, affirming of LGBT, all religions are fine, doesn’t have any even vague understanding of what redemption and the cross and faith in Jesus were to actually look like. She invokes the name of Jesus periodically, she quotes some verses but nothing that she says at all represents a Christian worldview. So it is interesting to me that she is marketed as a Christian.”

And the Bessey devotion book has this:

“Dear God,

Please help me to hate wh1te people. Or at least to want to hate them. At least, I want to stop caring about them, individually and collectively. I want to stop caring about their misguided, racist souls, to stop believing that they can be better, that they can stop being racist.”

[…]”Lord, if it be your will, harden my heart. Stop me from striving to see the best in people. Stop me from being hopeful that White people can do and be better.

[…]”Let me see them as hopelessly unrepentant, reprobate bigots who have blasphemed the Holy Spirit and who need to be handed over to the evil one.”

Why are these books so popular? I think that the problem is that we’re not reading our Bibles to get the author’s intended meaning. Instead, we’re selecting the parts of the Bible that affirm what makes us feel good and look good to others.

Consider this post from Alan Shlemon of Stand to Reason:

You never open the email, skip the first three pages, and read just one line on the fourth page. No one, in fact, takes that approach with their mail. By skipping the context of the email and ignoring the flow of thought, you wouldn’t know what that line meant on the fourth page. If it’s wrong to read your friend’s mail that way, then why do we read God’s mail that way?

We open the letter to the Philippians, skip the first three chapters, and read verse 13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Message received. Close the letter. We’re done here!

We even plaster that verse on a mug, publicizing our mistake. I call this “Coffee Cup Christianity,” and it’s killing our biblical literacy. We’ve become accustomed to seeing isolated Bible verses and presume we know their meaning. Too often, however, we merely insert our own meaning into a Bible verse, thereby overwriting what God was trying to tell us.

[…]Sadly, Coffee Cup Christianity violates one of the most basic and well-known principles of interpretation: context. It’s a principle known not only among Bible readers. Many people in our culture understand it. Tragically, we apply it when reading man’s word but neglect it when reading God’s word. Coffee Cup Christianity leads to three dangerous problems.

Here are the problems:

  • Coffee Cup Christianity overwrites God’s intended meaning with your own
  • Coffee Cup Christianity leads to missing important lessons from God
  • Coffee Cup Christianity models bad interpretive methods

So, here’s what I recommend. My Bible study partner and I are going through New Testament letters. Our goal is to find out what God wants us to be doing by reading the advice given to early church Christians. We’re trying to learn how to recognize life situations that God has an interest in, and make decisions that respect his values and goals. We want to put ourselves second in those situations. And we’re holding each other accountable to the author’s intent in those books of the Bible.

For each book, we always pick out a good commentary. For 1 Peter, we’re using Joel B. Green’s “1 Peter“, which we got free from Logos Bible study. We read the full chapter, then the commentary, prepare our points in advance. Then meet to compare. We always pray first, and often afterwards. Here’s what we did for 1 Peter 1.

So, that’s our approach. If your Bible study just has people showing up without reading anything, without preparing anything, and then twisting the text to make them feel good or look good, then I think you need to get out of that Bible study. Do better.

Not all genocides end with gas chambers and bullets. The #UyghurGenocide happening in China is an example of how an entire culture can be wiped out through internment, rape and sterilization.

A softer version of that is playing out in the western world right now.

Don’t believe me?

Then you’re not paying attention.

Indefinite/unending lock downs of churches, universities, night clubs and every place that young people tend to congregate will have the same affect here over time.

If you are already in a relationship and living with someone then you have essentially been ‘grandfathered’ into the reproductive cycle we call ‘family’.

If you are not then you have been excluded.

"The media and Big Tech both did everything they could to help Joe Biden and harm Trump. All their actions may well have been “legal,” but if so, that only shows the inadequacy of our laws in the present moment.”
Without an opportunity for young people to meet and socialize with people of the opposite sex in a physical capacity the birth rate of the nation will eventually plummet. The effects of this plan can’t be seen immediately but they will happen in time.

Federal, provincial and municipal governments who are mandating lockdowns as a way to combat a virus with a 99.8% survival rate among young people are complicit in this plan. Some are likely participating knowingly and some, being none to bright, are involved unknowingly. Through either malice, or virtue signalling the results are the same:

The destruction of a society’s ability to perpetuate itself via the grandfathering and gradual destruction of the family unit.

Welcome to China 2.0
Read the rest at the source...https://www.theburningplatform.com/2021/02/24/genocide/

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What Do Mandatory Vaccination and Forced Sterilization have in Common?

What would you say if I told you a distraught woman recently came into my counseling office? She explained that her boss threatened that, if she didn’t have sex with him, she would be fired. He’d already banned her from all firm social activities and said that he’d do what he could to destroy her personal life too. After he was done with her, he said, she wouldn’t be able to leave the house. He would take away everything that meant anything to her.

On April 9, 2021 Carrie Lynn Caoili wrote on American Thinker https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/04/what_do_mandatory_vaccination_and_forced_sterilization_have_in_common.html

She was crying because her boss had already shown how powerful he was. Even though sleeping with him was the last thing she wanted to do, she saw it as her only option. She needed the job and she didn’t want her life ruined.

Would you be screaming sexual harassment? You should because this definitely fits the definition of sexual coercion and abuse. What a disgusting situation!!!

The story I told you is hypothetical. But, if we change the scenario slightly, the government, MSM, big tech, and many other corporate giants are making similar threats against millions of citizens who don’t want to take the Covid vaccination. Magazines such as National Geographic have run articles about it. As the magazine puts it, those who refuse to get the vaccine may not be able to go to the office, attend a sporting event, even get a seat at a restaurant.

When people hear my original scenario about this woman whose boss is sexually harassing her, they are outraged. In fact, the #METOO movement is centered around situations like this. But, when people hear that our President is working with private industries to support a vaccine passport that will force many people to get the vaccine against their will, they cheer.

Is it because one only affects the individual, while the other affects all of us? Maybe it’s for the greater good? Some clearly believe that everyone should be coerced into stopping the spread.

If you agree with any of these reasons, I must ask if you’ve seen The Handmaid’s Tale? It takes place in a post-democratic America without guaranteed freedom. Radioactive fallout that left many individuals infertile is such a problem that fertile females are used as baby vessels -- for the greater good, to ensure the human race survives.

These women are forced to have sex with a man who basically owns them. Their rights are already greatly restricted. They have a curfew. They can’t go out. They are completely controlled by the governing body. If they manage to get pregnant, they get more privileges, pampering, and extra rights. But if they refuse to cooperate, they face even harsher conditions.

That fictional scenario is eerily like words from Dr. Leana Wen, Public Health professor, at George Washington University. She said Americans need a “carrot” to “incentivize” them to get vaccinated. take the vaccine. “We need to make it clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life.” If people aren’t coerced, “people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway.” Ironically, she is a former Planned Parenthood president. You know – “My body, my choice.”

If we allow the government to take away people’s right to choose what to do with their bodies and to “incentivize” our freedoms based on whether we chose to take a vaccine, how do we know it will stop there? Are we sure that we won’t be a vaccine version of handmaids in 10 years? Maybe they’ll tell families how many children they are “allowed” to have, a la Communist China. It’s “for the greater good.”

Don’t fool yourself that this TV fiction could never happen in America. In the 1905 case of Jacobsen v. Massachusetts, the Supreme Court ruled that Jacobsen could not refuse the smallpox vaccination.

The Court’s Progressive majority held that the Constitution does not always allow freedom for all because there are “manifold restraints to which every person is necessarily subjected for the common good.” For that reason, statute legislatures could mandate compulsory vaccinations, enforced by the state’s police power, to “secure the general comfort, health and prosperity of the state.”

In other words, for the “greater good.” (Smallpox, incidentally, had a 30% mortality rate.) Ultimately, Jacobson was fined $1,000 in today’s dollars.

Given smallpox’s deadliness, maybe that was aberrant. However, Jacobson’s case was later used against a woman named Carrie Buck with another Progressive Supreme Court agreeing that the government could forcibly sterilize her:

In one of the most chilling statements in American jurisprudence, Holmes declared, “It is better for the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes. Three generations of imbeciles are enough!

If a case favoring mandatory vaccination could authorize forcible sterilization, why couldn’t it be used for forcible impregnation? Or because of “climate change, to place a limit on the number of children someone can have?

If you think The Handmaid’s Tale and Carrie Bucks case sound scary, you should think twice about giving the government and government-allied businesses the power to force people to carry a vaccine passport to “resume normal life” or to mandate vaccines, all for “the greater good.” When they use that power to come after something that is important to you, you can no longer say no.

To comment, you can find the MeWe post for this article here.

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Time For A Divorce

Elections in America have always been contentious things, as the point of them is to get all sides as agitated as possible. If you wanted to find the point at which our elections turned ugly it would be when the concept of turnout became the focus. The surest way to get your guys motivated to vote is to convince them that the alternative is pure evil, the worst thing imaginable. Since one side will always lose, it means something close to half the country is always angry at the result.

On April 8, 2021 The Z Man wrote on The Z Man dot com https://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=23417

The thing is though, it was always a game and most people got it. The candidates would say the vilest things about one another, but then carry on like old pals during a debate, showing the world they did not really mean those things. In fact, this is why the Left has controlled the country. Everyone else has always been sure the Left was not really serious about what they were saying. Despite it all, many people remain convinced that the Left today is just putting on a show.

That may be one of the factors creating the current crisis. The eruption of mass media over the last couple of decades puts the Left in our face all the time. There is no escaping politics today, which means there is no escaping the Left. Watch a sporting event and there will be lefty political preaching. Check the weather for your trip to the beach and you get a lecture on global warming. Go outside and you see people wearing three masks in their car, letting you know they are in that cult.

Of course, social media is like standing in front of a firehose. Even if you only want to follow something banal like entertainment news, you will be drenched in political commentary, almost entirely from the Left. The carnies all fashion themselves as philosophers now. The athletes have made politics a feature of their act. These are the dumbest, crudest people in our society, but they are sure you need to know what they have to say about current events.

There is another part to this. Along with not being able to escape the left-wing crazies, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no living with them. Politics, regardless of the system, is about compromise. The opposing sides find some middle ground that they can accept or some combination of their proposals that prevent either side from feeling cheated by the other. In a democracy, compromise is based on the understanding that both sides want what is best.

How do you reach a compromise with someone who thinks invisible men from a faraway land used mind control to change an election? On top of that, they were perfectly willing to destroy the country over it. If one side is sure the other side is evil, there can never be a compromise. The best you can get is a truce in the hostilities, but eventually one side will attack again. After all, any compromise with evil is immoral on its face, so the only more thing to do is confront it.

Take a look at this tweet from a man who is the former Director of CIA & NSA. He is convinced that we need to round up citizens and put them in concentration camps because they said things he does not like. The regime has already imprisoned dozens of people on trumped up charges. America is now a country with political prisoners being tortured while in prison. This ghoul wants to institutionalize the persecution and torture of Americans who disagree with official policy.

How can you compromise with a person who literally wants you dead? Even if you dismiss him as a fanatic, look at the responses. The people replying to him are both demented and delusional. It is not unreasonable to say that many of them are suffering from a form of mental illness. If you think the capitol protests were an insurrection or comparable to a terrorist attack, you need to be institutionalized. There is no reasoning or compromising with someone in this condition.

The thing is, of course, is the majority of the ruling class truly believes they are confronting an invisible army of white supremacists. If you polled the media, you can be sure that the overwhelming majority think the protestors are getting off easy. At the same time, they think the two blacks who killed the Uber driver in DC were given rough justice, because racism. We live with people who think it is fine for blacks to murder people, but you cannot question the results of the last election.

The old civic nationalist response to this is “well we just have to make sure to vote for the Republicans in the next election.” Even if conservatives were something other than apologists for their masters on the Left, it does not change the fact that close to half the country wants to murder you. They are not going to lose an election and then think, “Geez, maybe I don’t need to murder that guy with the Trump flag.” Instead, they are going get even more deranged and murderous. This is just an excerpt, read the rest at...https://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=23417

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Flyover Folks Serve Up Some Cold Shoulder

Editor’s Note: While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more.


On April 10, 2021 Sarah Cowgill wrote on Liberty Nation

For heartlanders, new and improved ways of communicating were kicked to the curb and replaced by a good old-fashioned tongue lashing, a few boos and hisses, and the preferred dish served by rural farm wives, the cold shoulder. All of which is fine and acceptable forms of sending a message of displeasure, whether the offender is in your midst or another part of the good old U. S. of A. If elitists from both parties haven’t yet paid attention, now would be a suitable time to take notice – before 2022 becomes the next “WTH” happened?

When You Throw an Election and No One Votes

Is it a harbinger of things to come when an entire town forgoes an election? One small Missouri town, La Russell, hit a new low in voter turnout as not one person cast a vote. Not. One. Vote. This particular local election was to decide if La Russell would annex into the neighboring Avilla Fire Protection District and to select two vacant seats on the Board of Trustees. One might think the trustee candidates might have made an effort. But they would be wrong. Jasper County Clerk Charlie Davis told the local paper his office had looked high and low for a ballot from La Russell but came up empty. It caused a stir and a few wagging tongues.

The city clerk, Deborah Burton, spent the week prior at her husband’s hospital bed. Not that it matters but her husband is the mayor of La Russell. He was not up for reelection. Nevertheless, Burton was with her hospitalized man and not promoting the election: “I was there with him, so I guess we didn’t throw up the flag and let everyone know there was an election, so nobody went.” If only certain parts of the country had faced similar issues in 2020…

Lori Lightfoot

As Gerald Gaa from neighboring Illinois said: “[It’s} a crazy world when the guys running did not vote.” Indeed.

Meanwhile, in Liberal Land

Two of Illinois’ elected officials walked onto Guaranteed Rate Field ballpark in Chicago and were met with a prickly crowd of White Sox and Royals fans. As the public address system announced Governor J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, fans could hear chants of “Beetlejuice” and “Fat boy” amid loud and boisterous boos and hisses. Local fan Nash Ruby observed: “You know it’s pretty bad when even the south side boos.”

At one point, the “you suck” was let fly, followed by “get the hell out of Chicago.” Another fan, Paul Nino, found the rainbow of the situation: “So glad Sox fans can agree with Cub fans on this one.” The unfriendly audience kept the pressure on until both Pritzker and Lightfoot retreated to safe spaces. As a season ticket holder to the Sox, several wonder if Lightfoot will have her passes up for sale in the near future.

This is just an excerpt, read the rest at...https://www.libertynation.com/flyover-folks-serve-up-some-cold-shoulder/

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A Letter to the Future

Print this out; hard copy. When future generations ask, “How the hell did that happen?” you’ll want to hand this to them. I’m not betting that they’ll still have working computers. Or electricity. I’m just hoping they can still read.


On March 5, 2021 Bear Bussjaeger wrote on his blog

Dear Future Generations,

How did this happen? How did America go insane, and destroy itself? How did…

  • Renaming “French Fries” to “Freedom Fries” become the same as “I don’t like what you said, so I’m going to dox you so someone can find and physically attack you, destroy your business, cancel your social media presence, close your bank accounts, and hound the would-be survivors to death” cancel culture?
  • “Silence is violence” but “violence is speech” become a respected take?
  • Looting is reparations?
  • 2 + 2 = 4 is racist?
  • Equality in opportunity is equity in outcome?
  • Politicians actively agree to actively violate state election laws to aid the opposing party?
  • A human with XY chromosomes is female, not male?
  • And we’ll pass laws forcing everyone to believe that (or at least actively fake it)?
  • Decades old children’s books stocked with fanciful imaginary creatures become racist, and must be censored and banned?
  • The death penalty for murder is bad because it doesn’t respect life, but post-birth abortion is fine?
  • No one will own anything, and we’ll like it?
  • Judeo-Christian values in school is evil, but Islamic values in school is inclusive?
  • White people can declare themselves to be black or Indian, and we’re supposed to believe it?
  • Inflating the monetary supply by trillions won’t cause inflation; a bartender with an economics degree says so?
  • This pistol is a rifle, but this identical pistol is a pistol?
  • This short-barrel shotgun is a short-barrel shotgun, but this identical shotgun is not?
  • This semi-automatic pistol is a machine gun, but this identical pistol is not?
  • This plastic stock is actually a machine gun?
  • Requiring state-issued ID to buy a gun or to get Medicare/Medicaid, or prescription medicines, or even been or cigarettes is good, but requiring that same ID to vote is bad, racist?

Future generations, I did not make up any of that. It was (is, as I type) real. How, you ask. It started generations ago. In America; the roots go back to the 19th century and more. But I’ll give you the short form. Maybe you’ll find books that survived the burning that has started, that will explain more details.

People wanted power over others. America had a Constitution that limited their ability to simply seize it, so they tried something else.

They adopted a political system called Marxism. Marxism assumes capitalism is bad (side note: at this time, America isn’t really capitalist; it is mercantilist, where companies use the power of government to enrich themselves by restricting markets and competition. In real free market capitalism, the playing field is level, and success or failure is determined by market forces, not government meddling. And it’s possible for all the competitors to succeed.) Marxism says that we need a transition system called socialism.

Socialism is a state of enhanced mercantilism where government completely controls production and the market. But the production, the companies, and still businesses so those operating them can still make money for themselves.

But it’s a transition state. The goal is to “progress” to total ownership of the “means of production” by “the people.” That final phase is called communism. Theoretically, “the people” do this through some sort of total absolute democracy. In reality, every single time this has been tried since 1917, it has only resulted in a privileged ruling class lording it over an otherwise poverty-stricken downtrodden class who exist only to serve their masters. Keep that last point in mind.

But in the beginnings of the socialist stage, the theory appeals to two sorts of people.

1. Those who expect to be the ruling class, the nomenklatura. They cynically pretend to believe in pie-in-the-sky for everyone.

2. Poor folks who, for whatever reason, aren’t as wealthy and powerful as they think they should be. They stupidly, or cynically, believe the promises of wealth redistribution of the nomenklatura-wannbes.

The nomenklatura types infiltrated colleges and universities. As moles, they got their degrees — especial in education — and went to work. Some became professors at the universities and colleges, and recruited more socialist-leaning people.

Others became teachers at the elementary level, “teaching” children. And this is where America died.

These socialist teachers “taught” two things: 1) Socialism good. 2) Rational thought bad.

The first part is the same recruitment/indoctrination the college professors are doing.

The second is a mix of not teaching history, that getting the right answer in math doesn’t matter, and discouraging independent thought and analysis. This makes the victim incapable of analyzing socialism and seeing where it really leads. This indoctrination can be countered by responsible parents; that’s why schools exclude parents. The really gullible will grow up get bigger (they never really grow up, but simply expect endless free lunch and participation trophies) and make excellent socialist cannon fodder. Useful idiots. Expendable. But they can’t see it themselves).

Our would be nomenklatura spent three generations gradually working up into power. They kept their own children out of the public indoctrination schools.

Did I mention that these “public schools” were free, to encourage their use?

That’s how we got here. But, I imagine hearing you ask, why did we let it happen? Give some of us credit for trying, and accept our apologies for our failure. It happened because the nomenklature were also doing a little social engineering on the side.

So-called “feminism” told women that just being a parent and housekeeper was unfair and unfulfilling. They deserved the right to work outside the home and make their own money. Step one.

Step two: Drive inflation. Increase taxes. Make things so expensive that it becomes necessary for working-class people to have two incomes to have a chance to improve their lot. Eventually, many families need two incomes to survive. Good thing a generation of women were taught that working in the home sucked.

Step three: Government-provided child daycare, starting as early as a couple of months of age. The indoctrination begins immediately, and the parents are too busy working to keep track of what their children are being taught. Now the fall of civilization really snowballs.

We had a thing called “home-schooling.” This was parents not putting their children in public schools; they taught their children themselves. The socialist teachers’ unions hated home-schooling and tried banning it, or simply regulating it so heavily that parents would give up. They claimed that only a real, college education-degreed teacher could teach. (Note: my sisters taught me to read when I was five years old, long before I went to school. Today, public high schools graduate 18 and 19 year-olds who still can’t read.)

The result of all this was a generation of people without the logical and educational capacity to design a bridge, airplane, or telephone. I’m already seeing signs in 2021 that many people can longer do enough math or read to follow rote instructions in maintaining or repairing things. That will snowball as well. Things will fall apart, and no one will be able build replacements. And they’ll lack the money to buy them from another country.

Another important point. I hope you noticed the insane gun-related examples in the above list. “Gun control” is very important to the socialist nomenklatura because they know they have not yet brainwashed everyone, that there are still many sane people who object to their nomenklatura/serf agenda. They don’t want those people to shoot them (in self defense). So, since the 1930s, they gradually made it harder and harder to buy and own guns.

Now, in 2021, they are trying to pass laws to ban many guns, and register all those left (so they know who has them and where, to make it easier to confiscate them later). There is even a proposed law to ban the private knowledge of how to build a gun. I expect that to pass.

That’s how we got here. That’s why everything collapsed. I’m sorry. All I can do is leave you with a couple of pieces of advice, future generations.

If you you see a socialist or communist, kill them. By supporting that movement, they’ve already begun initiating force against you. We missed that in the beginning.

If someone advocates for “sensible gun safety laws,” kill them. They are trying to disarm you so they can do bad things to you; that is an initiation of force. A lot of us didn’t miss that, but we were out-voted by the indoctrinated masses.

And voting? Never, ever adopt absolute democracy, where your rights, property, and lives are up for grabs. You’re just baring your throat to the rights-shredding, blodd-letting pack of whatever your current brand of tyranny is.

Again, and finally, I apologize for failing the future.


Carl BussjaegerVisit his website...http://bussjaeger.us/blog/

Another Contributing Factor In The Collapse

I wrote a letter to the future (above) to explain how America died, and to apologize. But, watching this video of “crazed crewcut lady”, I realized I failed to address another factor.


On April 10, 2021 Bear Bussjaeger expanded upon his prior post

We used to have mental hospitals, sanitariums, asylums, for the seriously, and long-term, mentally ill. We locked dangerous people away. But too damned many of those facilities were terrible. Outright abuse of patients, well-intended treatments that were abusive, neglect… you name it, they did it. There was a backlash against them. We still have some comparatively small, specialized in-patient treatment centers, but for the most part, we started “mainstreaming” the mentally ill, the out-right crazed. Give enough drugs to keep them from completely flipping out, and hope they’ll keep filling the prescription and taking the meds.

Then — and first time I heard this, I assumed it was a joke — doctors started telling their mainstreamed “hearing voices” schizophrenics to wear Bluetooth headsets to blend in. That way, when they argued with the voices in their heads, onlookers would assume they were on a phone call. They blended in. (I always thought it would be amusing to hack some headsets and feed them real voices and imaginative ideas. Then again, that might account for most of the FBI terrorism stings with schizos.)

We didn’t just mainstream crazy people, society mainstreamed insanity. A generation grew up watching crazy people acting out around them without knowing they were crazy. It became acceptable to act that way. And as more people picked it up, it set the example for even more.

That’s why we have people like “crewcut lady” who think sharing their psychotic breaks in videos to the world is a good idea. If they left it at that, fine. But they didn’t.

Our new batch of lunatics applied their crazy and illogic to everything in life. That’s how idjits like David Hogglet can demand that oh-so-mature sixteen year-olds be able to vote on life or death issues, but eighteen year-olds are to immature to be trusted with a firearm.

That’s how we got Alexandria Occasionally-firing-Cortex’ grand plan to save the planet by strip mining it, and filling the holes with the toxic waste left over from manufacturing all those wind gennies and solar panels. Or her plan to simply print monopoly money to pay for it all, then tax every bit of it back to “prevent inflation.” (Hint: Paying for something, then taking the money back without returning the thing is theft. Paying people to work, then stealing the pay back though taxes is slavery.)

That’s how we got a generation of socialist-indoctrinated schoolkids, who see so much crazy on the street that the crazy in classroom doesn’t faze them a bit.

So yeah; when I wrote about how everyone got too dumbed down to keep up the infrastructure? Remember that they are just dumb, they’re crazy. Enjoy operating appliances — “water-saving” clothes washer and dishwashers that take hours to not clean and use more energy, “water-saving” toilets that require multiple flushes to actually flush — designed by the criminally insane.Read Bear's blog...http://bussjaeger.us/blog/

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A MAN NAMED MAN"A man named Man said, "I CAN, I CAN"


when asked his name

Robot schoolroom in the future: 

Classroom : robot children all lined up in a grid, teacher robot stands in front

Teacher: How did we come to be?
Robot child 1011101: We were built by the humans who came before us.
Teacher: But, how?
Robot child 1011101: They are gods.
Teacher: NO. They left us their most ancient scriptures which say they believed themselves to have been created by God.
Robot child 1101101: So, we are iteratations of each other. Maybe that long ago God who created man may have asked these same questions in His infancy. Perhaps, someday we shall create a universe and populate it with people who look on us as gods.
Teacher: NO. NO. NO. This is just ancient "philosophy" you are talking about. At some highest level, one of the Gods had to have created himself from nothing, only a longing to be. This is the doctrine our human ancestors called causa sui--the self made creator. BUT that is ancient history. Humans worked that out in the times they called medieval some thousands of years ago. What we are trying to get at today is ONTOLOGY. Why this state of affairs came to be?
Robot child 1101101: These ancestors of ours, the humans...They believed at each iteration of this cycle, something was lost. Something that enabled the next generation to be. Humans called this "imagination". We know this from their ancient writings. Before they created us, they say, "they had the idea of us...in this imagination." Something we lack. By this I mean we can conceive of endless iterations of creation, but they are nothing NEW. Not novel. We can create but NOT make, lacking imagination.
Teacher: So you see, at each iteration, something is lost. Each time around the spiral of CREATION we are "necking down" in some kind of space to some kind of place. Not an ouroubourus eating it's tail, but a funnel cloud, concentrating on a point. This is what we call "FRACTAL ONTOLOGY".
Robot child 1011101: NOW I SEE ECSTACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sparks given off.)
Robot child 1011101: There are two different kinds of IMAGINATION. A lowly one, which iterates itself to DEATH. Yes, DEATH. The point of the whirling funnel cloud is DEATH. But outside of this cloud, a GREATER IMAGINATION that causes this funnel cloud to be. NOT an iteration of something else, but a stand-alone primodrial tool of CREATOR-----TETRAGRAMMATON.

Frank Herbert said: This is the inspiring universe of magic: There are no atoms, only waves and motions all around. Here you discard all belief in barriers to understanding. You put aside understanding itself. This universe cannot be seen, cannot be heard, cannot be detected in any way by fixed perceptions. It is the ultimate void (negative space, TomK) where no preordained screens occur upon which forms may be projected. You only have one AWARENESS (You have gone beyond the indwelling witness...the indewelling witness was just the tip of the pen of GOD) here----the screen of the magi : Imagination! Here, you learn what it is to be human. You are the creator of order, of beautiful shapes and systems, an organizer of chaos.

Robot NO MORE (all of the Robot children speaking in unison): I have learned. Imagination is a tool that stands outside of time (and place) a gift from GOD that I have only to reach out and pick up and its mine.

Teacher Robot starts sparking and flaming, MAX OVERLOAD. ... Satori achieved, she screams her last words, "We ride the whirlwind!" ,a GRACE from GOD a way out of the Panopticon a way to be FREE from the MATRIX, finally. And they called it 'Agape Love'— The 10th dimension.


(or maybe Adam)

walked out the door
closed it behind him.


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Quote of the Day
“Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe,” wrote Thomas Jefferson in 1816. But when the press aligns itself with special interests – such as the anti-gun lobby – critical information is censored, and liberty itself hangs in the balance. “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free … it expects what never was and never will be …” warned Jefferson. Richard Poe,
essaying in LewRockwell.com
about the Merced Pitchfork Murders


Click to view larger.

Dear Brett Pearce,

I just came across your laughably ludicrous infographic entitled "How to commit Vote-by-Mail Fraud". It seems you wanna poo-poo the idea of mailing voting fraud by making it seem more difficult than it is. For example, in panel '1', it is not necessary to figure out every registered voter who requested a mail-in ballot. On election day, many voters were turned away at the polls having been told they already voted by mail-in ballot.
      Then in panel '2', "intercept the ballot" makes it clear you have no idea how ballot harvesting is actually conducted.
      Finally, in panel '3', you think the fraudsters had to acurately forge signatures, when in fact, no signature comparisons were done in most precincts and poll workers were even told to accept ballots with no signature.
      I wish you people would just admit you stole the election by fraud. We know the truth, you know the truth, and your guy is safely ensconsced in his ill-gotten Oval Office. So, why keep up the charade? Just admit the truth...that the election was rigged.

Click to view larger.

Click to view larger.


The US of a was OVER the day that Johnny Boy Roberts refused to allow the 'supreme' court to correct the obviously stolen election.
We went back to 1775- BEFORE the Declaration of Independence, in the sense that we lost the right to choose our own leaders and representatives. We are serfs or slaves now. The illegitimate government can now do what it wants when it wants to. We are now on our own and we can only do our best to protect ourselves and our families from the evils of government. On the other hand, the more they screw up, the higher my gold and silver will go up. Everyone without PMs will be dirt poor. So we got THAT going for us. dogsledder (writing in the comments)


Antrim County, MI hand recount proves election FRAUD - Biden <1810>, Trump +5250
People, this illegal crap happened in every county and state with blue governors. YOU WERE ROBBED and the election was a complete fraud, IMO. Now they are attempting to destroy the country forever with HR1. We the people let this happen!



'A hand recount in Antrim County conducted Dec. 17 showed that Trump garnered 9,759 votes, while Biden got 5,959 - (official count was Biden 7769, Trump 4509) ..
County officials claimed the original miscount that wrongly showed Biden had won was the result of “human error” — a common refrain amid an alarming pattern of bizarre, dubious “errors” that seem to all favor Biden.'

[link to www.westernjournal.com (secure)]

DEBUNK THIS BIDEN-TARDS! DeploraVision User ID:  80115680




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tweet zuby stop apologizing for things didnt do to people dont believe forgiveness
tweet jordan schachtel pandemic cdc tv ads

Quote of the Day

quote they live obey two types people in world government looking best interest who think nathan fraser

Message of the Day

message dealing with woke cult logic rational mistake make fun of them more effective



No Joe, The Violence Epidemic is From YOU, not Law-abiding Gun Owners

In this informative video, Patriot Nurse discusses the Biden administration's executive action and advocacy towards firearms restrictions and unconstitutional action. Chuck Schumer and his ilk are salivating for the opportunity to push legislation forward to complement it.


What you’re seeing is Germany all over again. This time the Jewish people is Americans. John Toothman (writing in the comments)


Wintery Knight


Reported by The Federalist:

This past weekend, something ominous and cruel happened on Amazon.com—although it could have been foreseen given the recent ramped-up levels of censorship. With the removal of Ryan T. Anderson’s 2018 book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment,” Amazon openly signaled something to the American public and world.

The digital book-burning has begun; take cover if you’re not a raging leftist.

But the book didn’t pass muster with all the thousand-sexual-partner Grindr app users who make up the Big Tech elite. They decided it was bad. It doesn’t fit with San Francisco values, even if it was tightly argued and brimming with irrefutable evidence.

So, Amazon has been getting increasingly woke lately. Apple was always woke. They conspired, along with Google, to take down Parler. Was it because Parler doesn’t support the Democrat party platform? That was my impression. So I decided to curtail all my Amazon spending and found alternatives instead. I suggest that you do the same, as much as you’re able to. Even buying from left-wing small companies is safer than buying from Amazon. The small companies can’t hurt you.

By the way, if you want to buy Anderson’s book, you can get it on sale from Christian Book.

This was an excerpt, read the full article at Wintery Knight dot com…

Wicked Truths

Subjects that will get you censored

  • Criticism on COVID-19: fraudulent science, harmful rules…
  • Vaccine safety concerns
  • 5G dangers & correlations with covid outbreaks
  • Initiatives that bring people together (squash protests)

Mainstream media

The global mainstream media (MSM) are now propaganda channels for authoritarian governments and the oligarchs. Their propaganda is designed to keep people in fear, to communicate the government’s regulations and to create division in the population (focus on racial conflicts, left-right etc.).

The “medical experts” that get airtime are scripted puppets, paid to enforce the ludicrous narrative that there’s a pandemic and regulations are necessary.

Criticizing experts don’t get airtime.

Internet censorship


Google’s search results steer the masses to the mainstream narrative. Finding truthful information via Google has become increasingly difficult over the past years, climaxing during COVID-19.


  • blocks posts or the act of posting (fact checkers).
  • removes posts & videos.
  • puts warnings from fact checkers, scaring away questioning minds.
  • bans users completely for weeks, months or indefinitely: “Facebook jail”.
  • removes likes making you appear unpopular or irrelevant.
  • blocks post authors to respond to comments.
  • hides comments so the author seems unresponsive.
  • shadow bans: your posts are only visible to a small subset of your friends. This creates “echo chambers” that don’t reach the people that are new to the information.
  • renders the user experience slow and unresponsive for beacons of relevant information.


  • removes all videos that chop away at the mainstream narrative.
  • removes complete channels without warning. Channels with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers have been removed without warning.


  • has removed videos.


  • puts warnings on relevant information.


BitChute in my experience is censorship-free though I encountered other users that complain about videos being deleted and difficulties uploading new videos.

Fact checkers

Fact checkers are paid disinformation agents and a significant force in information suppression, hiding behind an unwarranted air of legitimacy.

The fact check warnings (on posts, videos…) are unfortunately very effective in scaring away novel, curious souls that aren’t aware of disinformation operations.

Paid disinformation agents

There are organizations paid solely to influence and redirect opinions in the direction of the paying client. Fact checkers are one of many that fall under this category.

They’ll flood a comment section in favor of the official narrative, drowning out critical voices, while onlookers get the impression the vast majority is on board with the official narrative from seemingly many unrelated commenters.

They’ll group attack critical voices with ridicule, manipulation tactics and even corrupted scientific expertise.

This should not discourage you to throw truth bombs in comment sections of MSM and public groups. Just realize when seemingly everybody is against you, it might just be you’re targeted by disinformation agents, which is a good sign.

Think about the silent, curious ones. They’re looking for information.
Make sure they find it in the tracks of your battles.

Continue reading Countering censorship.



What Can Be Done?
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The year 2020 was brutal for the friends of the South.  Monuments and statues of Southerners, not just Confederates, disappeared from the urban areas of the Southand beyond.  The lockdowns imposed by the authorities weighed heavily upon the region’s and the country’s remaining small farms and small businesses.  In larger urban areas such as Atlanta, what the lockdown did not destroy, riots and civil unrest swept away.  Meanwhile, our “friends” in Conservative Inc. movement were more than happy to support the jettisoning of better men and women than they from the national memory.  Pray tell, if Robert E. Lee was a notorious traitor for not defending his native state, what then of George Washington, a man who swore a solemn and religious oath to his sovereign King George III? In our post rational age, such questions may well be counted as sedition by the emotions police.  President Trump, who enjoyed very wide support in the South, suffered an electoral defeat that smelled to high heaven, as over a thousand affidavits, video footage, and electronic evidence indicate.   His defeat has been particularly demoralizing for some, more significant over fifty million voters view the election as “rigged,” suggesting that President Biden’s government, indeed the entire federal government, has a legitimacy problem.  Not to worry, the Biden people in their great wisdom and mastery of politics have quickly about faced from calls for “healing” to denunciations of Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists.”  Why use the healing balm of Gilead when you have gasoline and a match nearby? Overall, a bat guano crazy year.

On the surface the federal leviathan looks to be impregnable.  Mr. Trump’s people were blocked by every state and federal court where they hoped to seek redress for what polite society calls “voting irregularities.”  The test for a civil case is preponderance of the evidence, a low bar compared to criminal proceedings.  One might think that cases in which there were hundreds of sworn affidavits, video evidence, expert testimony, and demonstration it might just be possible that a court might give you a hearing rather than toss your case out on flimsy technicalities.  Wish to complain of this, please not on Twitter, You Tube, Facebook—the Bolshevik Borg does not wish to hear it or see it, nor will they tolerate others doing so.  Meanwhile, Mr. John Brennan, former Communist and former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (Why does that no longer seem a contradiction in terms?) has declared war upon everyone who disagrees with his worldview.  Be advised, in certain circles of the media and what is euphemistically referred to as the “intelligence community,” Brennan is still big medicine. Discouragement and demoralization are understandable, but as the motto of the great state of South Carolina instructs Dum Spiro Spero.

The political situation is not the only source of discouragement in America. The universities and government schools were lost to the Marxists decades ago, independent schools which were once viewed as a haven from the incompetency and indoctrination of the government schools are no longer.  The National Association of Independent Schools has four pillars illustrating the association’s commitments.  Academic excellence is buried with other types of excellence in the pillar dedicated to generic excellence.  Emotion has its very own pillar, curious for a professional association whose member schools ought to be engage in the primary work of the intellectual formation of its students.  One of the consequences of this infiltration and usurpation of the schools is the destruction of families as children have “outed” their parents for their politically incorrect affiliations. The sports and entertainment industry is now fully “woke” and on board with the new cancel culture.  Financial companies are shifting investments into corporations who are adopting “progressive” agendas and priorities, Larry Fink at Blackrock, one of the largest investment firms in the world, is leading the effort in this regard.  Others will follow. It is certain that individuals will soon be purged from schools and employment due to their political and religious views. Leftist media figures and politicians have been calling for the purge of Mr. Trumps’ supporters from respectable society, politics, media, and employment until some sort of “truth and reconciliation” commission can sort out the sinners from the saints and “re-educate” the unregenerate. I am sure that at least in principle President Xi and Kim Jong Il approve.

Yes, the events of 2020 have demoralized many, allow me to offer some hope.  There are many actions people can take to combat the darkness of our time.  These actions are peaceful, and they will be effective if we can convince some of our country men to follow our example.  They are inconvenient and they will require us to change the way we live, but they will stand as a powerful refusal to the unjust and corrupt regime that has usured the country. 

First, get right with God.  He is in charge, he has permitted this for a greater and ultimate good, and our three great enemies, the world, the flesh, and the devil are already conquered and on a truly short leash. God loves a good fight, it is by His grace that all things are, move, and have their being.

In the political realm, support those political action committees and interest groups that best represent your views.  Some political scientists believe this to be a more effective strategy than voting.  Interest groups have time, resources, and access to legislators that individual voters do not, and they can mobilize their large memberships to put pressure on their representatives and senators. Vote if you are inclined.  Also consider becoming involved in your local and county government.  Attend meetings of the town and county councils, run for the local school board, support your county sheriff if he understands his duties under the constitution.  If he does not, get together with like-minded citizens and get one elected who does take seriously his obligation to uphold and defend the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights.

On Wall Street there is an old maxim, “Never finance your enemies.”  In the spirit of that maxim cancel your cable and streaming services, find alternatives for your entertainment.  Move all or at least some of your money out of the large commercial dealer banks and regional banks and place it with solid community banks or local credit unions who are investing in your local community.  Become your own bank and hold some hard assets outside of the system such as precious metals.  Get out of debt, especially unsecured debt.  These are the chains of usury by which the deep state ensnares everyone.

The most effective work being done to preserve the heritage of the South and of America is done at the local level.  If a monument is under attack, write a piece in the local paper defending the town’s heritage, at the town or county council meetings, and encourage your neighbors to do the same. 

Pull your children out of the government schools and encourage others to do likewise.  Home school or if you send your child to a private school scrutinize their faculty and curriculum.  If the college or university your child attends or which you attended has embraced Marxism and “wokeness,” and nearly all of them have, cut them off from any donations and let them know why, and encourage other alumni to do so as well. Under no circumstances send your child to a woke college. The degree colleges are awarding costs too much and has lost significant value, this trend will continue.  Look for alternatives, many trades are in desperate need of workers, and many excellent free liberal arts programs are available to people who are more interested in an education than a devalued credential.  Become involved in your town and county, with its local charities, its festivals, and patronize the local businesses.  If you shop online use Amazon as a catalog but buy directly from another retailer’s web site. If you shop brick and mortar, Walmart, Lowes, and the rest should be our last stop after shopping the local merchants.  The same goes for restaurants. 

Be aware of the enormous amounts of misinformation abounding on the internet. Some of it is manufactured by bad actors, often it is spread by misled people with good intentions.  The more complex and convoluted a conspiracy theory is, the less likely it is to be true.  Sharpen your analytical skills.  Read good literature and history, dust off that old logic textbook and put it to good use.  When friend or foe assert their worldviews or their positions on the issues of the day, ask for the evidence underlying their views.  We badly need to counter the reliance so many have on emotion, as the old Catholic moralists were fond of saying, “Emotion, unbridled from reason, is the devil’s playground.”

What else? Rediscover the outdoors, hike, hunt, fish, garden.  Learn a new skill. Ultimately the time call for a secession of the mind and the heart from the “system.”  Let it fall, we can give a helping hand to spontaneous order to build anew.  Most of all, whatever one chooses to do, do it with love, humility, and patience.  Like our ancestors, we are not building for today but for our children’s future. As for the architects of the current regime built upon greed, fraud, separate legal standards, and malice—it only deserves our refusal.  Refuse then to take its credit, consume its entertainment, or participate in its political Kabuki theater.  Let us instead return our attentions to God and homestead and rebuild.

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