The Fire This Time

...he must be loosed a little season...—Revelations 20:3

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"This is why the most dangerous creation of any society is that man who has nothing to lose. You do not need ten such men—one will do."—James Baldwin in The Fire Next Time

Did not expect Nancy Pelosi to have a reflection in mirrorDualism reigns for "a little season"

So much strife in the world contradictions abound

What we are witnessing, from, a philosophical point of view, is 2 worlds tearing apart. They cannot go along together anymore. And so you see the state of the world today.

One world : David Bohm is home . This is the world of the implicate order.

The other world : Penrose and Hammerhoff and quantum conscioussness

We see the dividing on the news. It appears on our screens. War and more war.

As these 2 worlds pull apart, this is the process of figuring out the world.

Dear God, thank you for allowing me to live. Thank you for life, Maker Man. Please allow me to continue in thy way, the way of Life.

These 2 worlds have been so close, peeling them apart will be difficult. Some will fall on one side of the divide and others will fall on the other side as the worlds crack apart.

What about the fence sitters who canna decide? They will have it the worst of all. In Soviet Russia they had a saying, "The fence sitters will be the first into the mass graves." Jesus harped on this point as well. No man can have 2 masters, a house divided, etc.

A farmer threw some grains on the ground. Some fell on stony Earth and were pecked up by the birds. Some fell on sandy ground, they grew but had no roots. They dried up and blew away in the wind. Finally, some grains fell on fertile earth and they grew strong in their years.

This is the trying time when the kernel and the chaff be separated.

We are connected by 3 strands. Think of the spiders web.

1. feedback
2. control theory
3. backwards masking

Monads in the Mist...

Jesus said in the Nag Hammadi scriptures : I left this world with the aid of another world.
So you see worlds have peeled off before. The Apostles watched Jesus ascend into the sky. In reality, he was standing on solid ground, but it was the ground of the other world. As the 2 worlds pulled apart, it seemed to the Apostles that Jesus disappeared into the cloudy sky. They stood on their ground and Jesus stood on a different ground. The 2 worlds pulled away from one another just like a pendulum swinging in ten dimensional space. There were other crossovers that day. After Jesus had disappeared, scripture teLLS us two angels stood among them. They came to Earth the same way Jesus left Earth.

So, apparently these 2 worlds collide and bounce off each other only to be attracted again by their gravity. A cycle may take 2000 of our years. Jesus said He would come again.

The 3 fundamental forces in the Universe are 1. gravity 2. time 3. Agape LOVE

LOVE is the 10th dimension.


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At this point, I would feel safer if coronavirus held a press confernce telling us how it's gonna save us from the govt.On February 9, 2021 Wes Rhinier wrote on NC Renegade dot com, click here to read at the source

            The federal government is illegitimate. I can unwind that all you want, but it’s a fact. It’s a fact to such an extent that they have put up a twelve-foot-high fence around the capitol with razor wire crowning the structure. They’ve posted twenty-thousand troops near at hand in case too many of us figure it out. They are afraid of us and they should be. If I had defied the will of the people and installed a mentally deficient old man instead of the people’s choice, I’d be worried about the anger of the American people, too.

           This country is coasting on an illusion. There is no federal government, or state governments at this stage, except for the original thirteen, who were not created by the Constitution. The states might maintain their borders and government to the degree that the people of that state agree to play nice. All federal laws, however, are moot. Most state laws that were required to replicate the federal laws likewise are moot, except to the extent that those state governments agree to maintain them.

           This is all very simple. There was election fraud. The discussion is over. Between Mike Lindell’s documentary, released videos of illegal activity, thousands upon thousands of eye witness testimony backed up by affidavits to that effect, the 22 court cases where Trump prevailed and the Time Magazine article that admitted how it was done, at least on the public perception and media manipulation side of the ledger. The science is SETTLED on election fraud.

           They don’t want you to talk about election fraud, because that is the one topic that most can agree on and it is the one that literally pulls the nation apart. Most people haven’t done the deep dive, yet. They know there was fraud and expected the government officials to live up to their oaths and do their duty, but they all abdicated. Why? Because they all know instinctively that to recognize it is to dissolve the government.

All of those sitting in congress right now know the gig is up. They remain, because if they can stay there long enough, project authority without having it, they can obtain it just the same. This is why they all talk about preserving “democracy” by taking their position. It is their justification for keeping everyone quiet about what we all saw take place. The question is: whose “democracy?” Certainly, not the people’s republic.

           It’s why they feel completely free to violate every tenet of the Constitution, because if the election was fraudulent, they know they have conquered the republic and operate now as a democracy where cheating the vote is honored. The power brokers are those who can deliver the most ballots, not the most votes. It’s a much simpler political climate for them, but it absolutely destroys the power of the people. They don’t even need to raise more money to get their message out to more voters, all they have to do is hire more “vote harvesters.”

           I am hoping to convince you to keep the pressure up on the stolen election. Refuse to be bullied into denouncing it. Right now, it’s your only shot at surviving the next year. They are coming for you (HR 1). They are coming for your guns (HR127). They are coming for your children. These pedophiles are insatiable.

Original source...Wes Rhinier @ NC Renegade dot Wordpress dot com


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Alexander Hamilton



The Great Fear Machine of 2020

"It didn’t have to be this way, but this is the reality we must now face: truth is fatal to fraud, and our entire financial-political system is a fraud."—Charles Hugh Smith writting on charleshughsmith dot blogspot dot com

On February 9, 2021 Paul Rosenberg wrote on The Burning Platform, click here to read at the source

The events of 2020 were unique in human history, and so I think it’s important to give them some perspective. What we experienced was the first televised plague. What it spawned was a unique fear machine.

Fear delivery systems go back to the first tyrants, of course, but this one featured a scale and an intimacy that went beyond all others, even those of the vile USSR.

The plague itself, COVID-19, was minor as such things go. The flu of 1919 was far worse, not to mention historical plagues that made this one look like a case of the sniffles. Nonetheless, it was enough to spawn something unique. So, briefly, let’s look at the pieces that came together:

  • TV news: Television news was dying; their ratings had cratered and there was no real hope to be seen. Politicians and the elderly still took TV news seriously; the informed and the young did not. To these companies, COVID was salvation. It locked people in their houses for months at a time, with nothing to do but watch.
  • Politicians: Nothing in our time empowered middling political officials like COVID-19. Governors and regional officials became gods. They shut down whole states and provinces in a stroke and sent their armed enforcers to make it so, while television cameras hung on their every word. People get into politics for the rush of power, and 2020 gave it to them in spades. The new potentates decided what could or could not be sold, forbade relgious ceremonies, and so on.
  • Social media: Facebook, Google (YouTube), Twitter and the rest have become the core of soft power (aka, mass manipulation). As with television, COVID forced people into their arms, and they were pleased to addict them. More than that, the operators of these systems stepped from the land of geeks to the halls of power, where they drank the evil brew and liked it.

To this we could add maniacal health officials and others. It was an orgy for power addicts. And again we saw that fear makes humans manipulable. 

All of this was bad enough, but what’s coming out of it is worse: These groups became organs of the big hierarchy, joining the inner sanctums of power as essential players. But here’s the important part:

Once joined to power, you see the rest of humanity as masses rather than individuals.

You can find psychological studies that demonstrate this with hard data, but its easy enough to see for yourself. Phrases like “managing perceptions” imply precisely this. Furthermore, the actions of the newly powerful demonstrated this. Seeing the rest of the world as nameless serfs, they behaved like hubristic monarchs:

  • Tell the masses not to wear masks so there are enough for all the doctors to get them.
  • After a week or two, tell the serfs to wear the mask for their safety, so they have something to hang on to. 
  • As mask-wearing turns into a Good-Bad divide, play to the narrative; keep the masses outraged and engaged.
  • Scare people away from fast cures so the opposition can’t seize credit. Hold out for a vaccine.
  • Never admit mistakes that your group makes (like ten thousands of predictable nursing home deaths). If the issue persists, double-down and keep repeating “conspiracy theory;” the serfs are terrified of public ridicule. 

Aside from a quibble or two, I can’t see many honest disputes with these points; we all saw them.

2021: The Year of Winding It Down

As I write this, a general pulling back of the fear machine has begun. New incentives have asserted themselves and a large segment of the power complex now sees this as necessary.

The primary reason for this change is that lockdowns crashed the tax receipts of the middling officials, who are facing broken budgets. That could be solved with money printing, of course, but the money masters are trying not to make the dollar a complete joke; that might collapse the entire Western system.

There are complications, of course, such as tax serfs leaving the regime’s most loyal states and an abused working class that may eventually wake up. Still, the great fear machine of 2020 must be pulled back.

Power, however, cannot be seen to admit an error, or to take anything less than a powerful stride forward. And so declining case numbers and vaccines will provide cover for winding down the hysteria. “Peace with honor” and all that.

What Comes Out of This?

Obviously it’s hard to predict what comes out of a situation like this one, but there are certain aspects that are reasonably clear:

  • Political regimes will hurry to pull as much out of this moment as possible.
  • State and provincial bosses will slide back toward to their former roles. Their lives will be overrun with servicing labor unions, preventing citizen revolts and begging for newly-printed money.
  • Social media, having made itself power’s best and most reliable friend, will ride high. They’re now the indispensable managers of the herds.
  • TV news will shrink back toward what it was: running from one crisis to another, large or small, real or manufactured. To prevent that, they’ll have to operate as court sycophants.

The wild card in all of this is the productive class. Intellectually, these people are quite capable of understanding that they’re living in a totalitarian regime: They are regimented, herded, monitored, restricted and stripped of income far beyond the dreams of any Pharaoh. Emotionally, their ability to accept it is uncertain. They have a great deal of their identity tied to national myths; possibly too much to overcome.

The facts say that the regimes of the West have become totalitarian. Standing against this statement is neither data, nor reason, nor observation: standing against it is emotion, and particularly fear.

Good luck to us all.

Where did I get this marvelous piece? From here:


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Another example of how Dualism is running amok today...

I was reading an article in a socialist magazine last week, where the author accused the Far Right of wanting the Far Left dead. Coincidentally, that’s the same thing the Far Right says of the Far Left: “They want us dead.” Ultimately, both sides may be correct.

A survey of soft and hard power availability likely dictates how each side will attempt to achieve its end goals.

This view of soft power and hard power may be the biggest strategy difference between right wing and left wing groups. In short, left wing groups exercise soft power, while right wing groups emphasize the use of hard power.

“Soft power” is influence, persuasion, and appealing to moral authority, as opposed to “hard power” which is primarily armed coercion and violence.

Exercising control over national institutions — the Cathedral of education, media, pop culture, the federal government and its agencies, etc. — is the center of gravity for this exercise of the Left’s soft power.

This is why athletes, musicians, and other pop culture figures are applauded for joining the social justice movement: this has always been an effort to saturate social justice messaging into the mainstream, to shape moral authority and the moral high ground, and activate those who sit outside the political and social spheres of influence.

In the information environment of today, it’s very difficult to sustain the use of hard power (coercion or violence) without substantial soft power.

But the reverse of this power balance is almost always true: the most important thing to understand about soft power is that it’s a great enabler of hard power. Soft power is the ability to frame information through a popular narrative, which absolutely supports armed violence if the message can shape the moral high ground that supports it.

One reason why Floyd’s Rebellion went on all summer is because of soft power messaging that justified violence and property damage. In the summer of 2020, how many times were we told that “A riot is the language of the unheard”? Through this moral imperative, the country was obligated to hear the rioters.

This is a lesson that the Far Right is learning the hard way. They exercise very little soft power because they’ve been cut off from the most widely available mainstream avenues.

This is why the Far Right, as of right now and likely by design, is doomed to the use of hard power to achieve its goals. It cannot achieve its goals politically, especially not with the rapidly shifting political and demographic landscape. With no soft power to gain support for the use of hard power, the Far Right is likely to ultimately lose.

For the Far Left (and the broader Left, in general), soft power (the ability to shape popular moral authority) is and will continue being used to support hard power (coercion and violence). Social pressure, the politics of exclusion and federal law enforcement action is primarily how they’ll pursue their goals against the Far Right.
Here’s the ground truth of this Low Intensity Conflict: unless the Far Right can build substantial soft power through political representation and access to the mainstream, violence is the only way forward. This is why these avenues are being shut off. It’s also why “There is no political solution” is a popular refrain among the Far Right. They already know it.

Continue reading...Samuel Culper


comic strip

With apologies to drunken sailors everywhere. . .

On February 9, 2021 Simon Black wrote on The Burning Platform, click here to read at the source

The year was 1977.

Disco was in. Star Wars was the biggest movie of the year. The world’s first personal computer was announced– the Commodore PET, which came with 8 kilobytes of memory.

And the Gross Domestic Product of the United States reached $1.9 trillion– more than double what it had been just ten years prior.

As you probably know (or possibly remember), though, most of the GDP “growth” during the 1970s wasn’t because the US economy was strong. Quite the opposite, actually.

The 1970s was a period of economic stagnation and inflation. The economy was in such bad shape that, between January 1, 1970 and December 31, 1977, the S&P 500 grew exactly ZERO percent.

Yet food and fuel prices kept spiraling out of control. This is a big reason why GDP kept rising in the 1970s despite such a weak economy.

We’ll come back to 1970s inflation in a moment; for now, I’ll point out the coincidence that the latest COVID stimulus bill which Congress seems ready to pass, is also $1.9 trillion.

In other words, the amount of money they want to spend in a SINGLE legislative package is the same as the size of the entire US economy in 1977. And 1977 is still fairly recent history.

Even today, $1.9 trillion is nearly 10% of the size of the US economy, and roughly 50% of expected federal tax revenue this fiscal year.

Before this COVID spending plan was announced, the Congressional Budget Office estimated in early January that the budget deficit this year in the Land of the Free would be $2.3 trillion (up from their $1.8 trillion estimate a few months before.)

Now they’ll have to add another $1.9 trillion to the total, tentatively bringing this year’s budget deficit to $4.2 trillion.

It’s important to note, of course, that the politicians and public health officials keep moving the goalposts on when life will go back to ‘normal’.

Their latest estimate is that, after hundreds of millions of people are vaccinated, then possibly by late fall there will be “a degree of normality”.

But naturally if there’s the slightest hint of anyone getting the sniffles this fall, they’ll likely slap everyone back down into stay-at-home orders and quarantines. And this means MORE stimulus.

Stay home. Be afraid. Dehumanize yourself and others. Believe what you’re told. Obey. Collect your free government money.

Among the countless, obvious problems with their plan is that they only have one way to pay for it: debt.

The national debt in the United States is nearly $28 trillion right now (up from $23 trillion pre-COVID). And the debt will sprint past $29 trillion soon and reach $30 trillion within the next few months.

At $30 trillion, the national debt will be roughly 1.5x the size of the entire US economy. That will also be a record high– even higher than when the US was fighting the Nazis in World War II.

The challenges with this approach, of course, are that

(a) someone actually has to have trillions of dollars lying around; and

(b) be willing to lend such prodigious sums to the US federal government.

That’s a pretty tall order.

Most foreign countries don’t have that sort of money. Europe and Japan, for example, are flat broke. And those who do have the money (China) don’t have any interest in financing US government deficits.

You can see this in the data: foreign ownership of US government debt has actually been declining over the past few years, giving a very strong indication that they’re unwilling and/or unable to loan more money to Uncle Sam.

So, with foreign lenders off the table, the Treasury Department will have to look to other sources.

Social Security’s trust funds have long been a source of plunder. But with the program having already turned cashflow negative (and set to run out of money possibly by the end of this decade), this isn’t a viable option any longer.

That leaves the Federal Reserve– America’s central bank. The Fed has the ridiculous authority of being able to conjure unlimited quantities of money out of thin air in its sole discretion. And as a result, they’ve been buying up the vast majority of US government debt for most of the past decade.

Prior to the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, the Fed’s balance sheet was around $850 billion. Since then, they’ve created so much money that their balance sheet has ballooned to $7.4 trillion.

This takes me back to the 1970s.

Starting in around 1970, the Federal Reserve began heavily slashing interest rates and pumping more money into the economy in an effort to boost GDP.

The plan was successful; like I wrote earlier, the US economy ‘grew’. But so did inflation and unemployment.

Inflation in particular was miserable during the 70s, reaching 14% by its peak in 1980. And most of this happened because they borrowed too much and created too much money.

I wrote about this recently— economic prosperity isn’t rocket science. All that’s required is some basic fiscal restraint, economic freedom, and a stable currency. The free market takes care of the rest.

History shows that bad things tend to happen when politicians and bureaucrats try to engineer prosperity by debasing the currency.

Yet these people continue to print and spend money like drunken sailors… which is frankly an insult to drunken sailors everywhere. Even drunken sailors eventually realize when they’ve run out of money.

It’s entirely possible that such unprecedented debt and money expansion could cause serious problems with the currency– including 1970s style inflation.

Don’t fall into a logical trap and believe that inflation will never be a problem, simply because it hasn’t been a problem yet.

Rather, acknowledge that the US was extremely lucky for inflation to have been relatively benign over the last decade.

But after the year we just had, it would be foolish to assume that the next decade will be as tame as the previous one.

Continue reading...Simon Black


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Satanism is NOT a legitimate religion and does not deserve any protections under the First Amendment.

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