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“The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.”—H.P.Lovecraft

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The U.S. Expiration Date

America’s Seven-Year Tribulation

As each day brings forward developments worse than the last, and an obvious pattern of decline and destruction manifests itself, it becomes quite difficult to even look at the news. At some point in the recent past, we could tell we were on a tipping edge that would send us hurtling down a chasm. As though we were on a fatal, one-way teeter-totter. Before, with Trump, we could feel the board rising as we were about to go over. Now, on the other side of history’s fulcrum, the board is sliding down the cliff, and we are falling down with it. Our days are numbered.

On March 12, 2021 the following article appeared on GLP forum.
It originally appeared on March 7, 2021 at Forge and Anvil

But it appears that this process has been mapped out. We have been shown in politics, history, culture, economic statistics, and even Heaven-sent prophecy how things would play out. But also, nature itself has shown us the path that we would take.

America, a Great Harlot, a Whore of Babylon, a prison of every unclean and hateful spirit—this place has a special destiny. This great and strong city, with whom governments of the earth fornicate and spread immorality, is destined to be stripped naked and burned in fire. The political entity known as the United States of America, which sits upon the waters of the multitudes in its pledge to fraternity, egalitarianism, and cosmopolitan diversity—this power is despised by the very blasphemous Beast which uses her as its political tool and public face. Her fate in these latter days may very well be acknowledged by the very stars themselves, as a celestial drama has been playing itself out since at least 2016—the year that Donald Trump was elected, and which was ironically called by the American CIA pope, The Year of Mercy.

...It startled the world when Donald Trump won the presidency. It was as though his election into the highest office in the world was some kind of a harbinger in and of itself. Even the name 'Trump' bespeaks trumpets—that is to say, a loud announcement of something coming our way. No one thought it possible that a populist like Donald Trump could dare defeat the Clinton machine, but this he did.

In Desmond Birch's 1996 classic on prophecy and private revelation, Trial, Tribulation and Triumph, he believes there will be a minor chastisement (meaning not the final chastisement at the end of the world), a period of peace, a major chastisement (Antichrist), and then the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

This current tribulation we are living under is the minor chastisement, which is followed by a "period of peace" during which Christendom will be renovated and restored in the public sphere, leading to a season of Blessing for society at large.

As to what ends the minor chastisement, many mystics believe that it will be a supernatural intevention following the scriptural formula of "where sin increased, grace abounded all the more" and I personally believe it will be the miraculous appearance of the Cross mentioned in the Gospels and mentioned to Faustina Kowalska by Christ in mystical vision in the 1930's. Christ told her:

"Write this: before I come as the just Judge, I am coming first as the King of Mercy. Before the day of justice arrives, there will be given to people a sign in the Heavens of this sort: All light in the heavens will be extinguished, and there will be great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the Cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the hands and the feet of the Saviour were nailed will come forth great lights which will light up the earth for a period of time. This will take place shortly before the last day."
(Diary 83) [link to (secure)]

Shortly after his election in November of 2016, the Year of Mercy ended. November 20th had arrived. What would come next?

It so happened that on that very day that the Year of Mercy ended, a unique thing took place in the sky that would never happen again. Another kind of trumpet—another herald—would manifest itself in the very heavens. This was the Lady of Revelations Conjunction...

...This phenomenon of 'The Virgin' of the heavens giving birth to the 'king planet' began at the end of The Year of Mercy. It ended on September 23, 2017. This date was quite significant, as it was the day after the J.wish Feast of the Trumpets—a J.wish harvest day that commemorates the the very Final Harvest of souls.

With the trumpets having their say, the time had finally come. Only three weeks after The Virgin' constellation had given birth to the 'king planet,' it was the 100-year anniversary of the warning from Our Lady of Fatima. But also, there was another major herald for the next chapter in America’s place on the world stage. As Virgo was concluding her “birth pangs,” America was marked from one side to the other by The Great American Eclipse. This took place on August 21st, 2017. The total solar eclipse would travel from the state of Washington, diagonally down to the other coast of the country, exiting over South Carolina. It would pass over every major earthquake zone in the country, including the New Madrid Fault.

The Great American Eclipse took place on the anniversary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Knock—an apparition that also took place on the very day of a canonical coronation of Our Lady of Salette. This eclipse was also on the feast day of Saint Pope Pius X, originator of the Oath Against Modernism. The eclipse took place exactly 40 days before Michaelmas, a day commemorating St. Michael the Archangel, leader of God’s angelic army. Furthermore, August is the month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, a heart that, we must remember, has held back the punishing arm of Her Beloved Son from striking the world.

And finally, it was after this eclipse that the J.wish calendar began it’s final month in the J.wish year—known as Elul, the Harvest Month, which of course, concluded with the Feast of the Trumpets (mentioned above). It is said that an 800-year old prophecy from Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel predicted that Israel would lose control of Jerusalem after this period. And, interestingly enough, Donald Trump moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem in 2018.

After The Great American Eclipse of 2017, President Donald Trump began to lose control of his own office. It started in Charlottesville, North Carolina, when a false flag operation set up by the radical Left turned the now-infamous Unite the Right Rally into a years-long gaslighting campaign that would stir up a spirit of unquenchable left-wing revolution that swept over the country. President Trump would be spending the rest of his tenure defending his name and reputation, achieving very little—although revealing a great amount of wickedness in America’s 5th column.

The United States was going into some kind of a phase. Forecasters looked ahead and noted that there would be another Great American Eclipse taking place on April 8, 2024. This was almost a seven-year period lasting 2,422 days. Was this to be The Great Tribulation?

Random Thoughts of the Day Those of you reading this who are over 30, think back to the time when you got out of high school or college. Did you ever say or do anything stupid you regret? Did you have different values? Do you ever look back at your former self and just shake your head at the thoughts you had or the mistakes you made? Have your beliefs and values changed since then? Now imagine putting inexperienced 20-somethings in charge of the world. They’re allowed to decide what the rest of the world is allowed to see and read. They can make any voices, concepts, opinions, or facts simply disappear. They can manipulate information in a way that gets their favored politicians put in charge.

Unfortunately, that world exists, and we now live in it. Young tech experts living on the Left Coast have near total control over internet search engines, apps, social media…among other things. We’re talking about far-left, inexperienced young adults who may be great at math & technology, but who are serious lacking knowledge of history, psychology, business, economics, parenthood, biology, and so many other knowledge areas. This is precisely why ANY kind of censorship is dangerous to freedom–regardless of the reason given for the censorship (hate speech, misinformation, etc.)–you’re subject to the biases and weaknesses of who decides what information does or does not qualify. Leftists who favor all this censorship of Trump, Parler, Dr. Seuss, election interference, etc., how would you feel if Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz, and Ben Shapiro were in charge of determining what information you could and couldn’t see?

Censorship not only removes endless mountains of information and perspectives, it undermines the creditability of any information that makes it through to the public. Politically Incorrect Humor

This idea of an end-times Great Tribulation is a relatively new concept that took shape when American Dispensationalist Protestants took stage in America in the 1800s. The idea stems from the twelfth Book of Daniel. According to such thinkers, a seven-year tribulation is to take place before the Second Coming of Christ, and while the first half of this period is said to be bearable, the second half of this Great Tribulation features The Abomination of Desolation, a replacement for “the regular sacrifice.” The latter portion of The Great Tribulation is to be a time of great punishment and persecution. It is a time of The Beast, Satanism, the antichrist, and cruelty towards God’s people.

But surely, this bit of non-Catholic eschatology was not the case for America, was it?

By December of 2020—the tail end of the Chinese Year of the Rat—society was unrecognizable. Scriptures tells us that man was made in God’s own image, and that our face is the image of God. Yet, the entire world had become an insane dystopia by this time. To buy or sell in public, one would have to cover this image of God with ineffectual facemasks. America and the world had transformed—by all appearances—into a kind of a cult. Bishop Athanasius Schneider said it best, when he called it 'a sanitary dictatorship,' as everyone and their mother was terrified of a man-made cold virus that had a 99.7% survival rate. Yet this health hysteria did not stop the radical Left from burning American cities to the ground throughout the summer. To top it all off, a clear and undeniable act of voter fraud on an international scale took place in broad daylight, and the office of the president was usurped by a literally-demented senior who hardly ever knew where he even was.

Maybe it could be said that America was, perhaps, wrapped up in its own kind of 'tribulation.' Because at the exact midpoint between the two Great American Eclipses—1,211 days into this 2,422 period—another eclipse took place. This eclipse actually took place in the home country of the 'current pontiff,' Pope Francis.

This is extremely significant. Pope Francis is seen in both his home country of Argentina and abroad as 'the CIA pope,' or 'Washington’s Pope.' He is the pope who was chosen to lead the world into a new age alongside U.S. President Barak Obama and his presumed successor. While the United States would the the political wing leading the world into a new Great Reset, Pope Francis would be the head of the religious wing. It was said in discussion boards as early as a month before his election that a man from Argentina would be elected. This man, who already had deep state ties to the United States through Operation Condor, was chosen by the St. Gallen Mafia to usurp the place once held by Pope Benedict XVI—whom, it is often presumed, was pushed out of the Chair of Peter. All of these circumstances demonstrated that Pope Francis was in both fact and prophecy, an infamous non-canonically elected pope. He was not a true pastor, but a destroyer.

Pope Francis and the United States were two beasts serving the same cause. And so, it was extremely significant when a total solar eclipse passed over his homeland on December 14th, 2020. The eclipse took place after Gaudete Sunday. The timing of this holiday correlation is startling: 1. America was at the exact midpoint of this seven-year tribulation. 2. Bergoglio’s Eclipse was the exact midpoint of that period, and 3. it was after the midpoint of Advent—a period in which we read of the End Times and wait in anticipation for the coming of Christ in the Christmas season, much like the people of the Latter Days await His final return.

This dark moment for America, and the world, was also taking place on the Feast of St. John of the Cross, who is well-known for his discussions about the “Dark Night of the Soul.” This condition is a state of consciousness in which someone meets God in the deepest way after a difficult purgation of sensory and spiritual parts of the soul. Those experiencing this undergo a spiritual crisis of the deepest doubt, ultimately deepening their faith and closeness to God.

Other fantastic astronomical events surrounded this moment, such as an ominous meteor shower the night before. Exactly one week later, the world bore witness to The Great Conjunction, another tremendous bookmark for this point in history. Many wanted to regard the joining of Jupiter and Saturn as 'the Christmas star,'but a deeper dive into the context of the different planets and constellations in play revealed a darker message for mankind. This made sense given the circumstances of that period of time.

But even more intriguing about Bergoglio’s Eclipse was the fact that it passed directly over the homeland of the Mapuche people. Furthermore, as this total solar eclipse passed overhead, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake shook Bolivia, just to the north. Bolivia is the birthplace of the demon goddess, Pachamama, and the Mapuche people worship her. And as many faithful Catholics know, this false god was coronated in Rome around the exact time that the dreaded COVID-19 was released from China into the public. To this day, Pachamama is still commemorated by various prelates in the Church, more even than the messages of Jesus Christ.

When this seven-year phase of the United States concludes, it will be with a second Great American Eclipse. This time, the total solar eclipse will come up from Mexico in the southwest, and it will exit the United States through Maine in the northeast. It will be as if God, Himself, will have marked the country with a big X—all centered on the New Madrid fault zone. This X will also be straight over a little place in Illinois called 'Little Egypt', due to the circumstances of a famine that took place in the 1800s.

There is bound to be more coincidences discovered with this next total solar eclipse as America gets closer to it, and there certainly will be more signs in the sky and world events taking place between now and then. The question remains: What will this mean for the United States of America? More importantly, what will this mean for the Americans living here? Our Lady of Fatima once said that “nations would be annihilated.” Is this our fate? A great cosmic magnifying glass is shining on the North American Continent, and we are left to ask ourselves: Is something coming for us? And if so, will we survive it? Understandably, the U.S. has done a great amount on the global scene to earn a large amount of attention from the forces above and below. The heavens themselves certainly appear to be showing us this.

Is America undergoing some sort of Great Tribulation? Does this punishment of the country parallel such a Great Tribulation in a kind of typological way? Is this seven-year period the real deal? After all, we’ve reached a point at which many Catholics, themselves, are beginning to call out Pope Francis as The False Prophet, himself, and the deliverer of the Abomination of Desolation. Is this it? Is it perhaps a beta-test, or a kind of dress rehearsal for the main End Times event?

Whatever is going on, all the signs point to an unhappy outcome, save the purification of some souls."Continue reading at the source...


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from BitChute:


Former hospital administrator reveals possible COVID19 connection to weaponized prions

"Think about those poor people with 'rigor like' movements at the end and the fact they're showing ebola like bloodbath at the end"

Former hospital administrator Constance Klostermeier has shared information with Intellihub regarding the possible origin and composition of COVID-19 and how it may have been developed in a lab quite possibly making it one of the most deadly and indestructible contagions the world has ever seen.


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You put me and my family at risk by mindlessly obeying anything the government and media tell youSaying the Quiet Part Out Loud

On March 13, 2021 Mike wrote on Cold Fury

Cadaver Joe staggered out to mumble and slur his way through a speech of some kind or other, apparently. No longer giving the slightest toss about anything shat from any FederalGovCo sphincter myself, I wasted not a moment of my time or attention on it. Hearing it discussed on the car radio today, though, parts of it seem to have been of some moment after all.

On Thursday night, a masked Biden tottered down a long, empty hall to a podium. He then gave the most bizarre presidential address in American history. After a grim recital of “facts” about the last year, Biden emphasized multiple times that Americans had better take the vaccine — and be grateful to him for his amazing ability to get the vaccine to Americans. He also insisted that, vaccines or not, the government’s in control and can lock all of us up all over again.

Here, in no particular order, are the points that struck me:

1. Biden was more alert than he’s been in many months. Given how frail and confused Biden’s been lately, well, let’s just say his verve was suspicious. Even his eyes, which are usually tightly squinted as he struggles to stay alert and read his teleprompter, were wide open, almost scarily so. Still, he got visibly tired near the end, slurring his words and seeming lost.

3. Biden kept saying he was going to tell the truth. He quoted a woman he allegedly met who told him her heart’s desire: “‘I just want the truth. The truth. Just tell me the truth.'”

“Tell the truth,” Biden said again.

“My fellow Americans,” he said, “you’re owed nothing less than the truth.”

Later, he added, “I will tell you the truth.”

And then he said, “In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be traveling along with the first lady” and a whole host of others “to tell you the truth.”

Do you know who says things like that? Someone who’s lying.—Andrea Widburg

Well, D’UH. Naturally, the speech was as packed stem to stern with outrageous lies as any other Demonrat exhalation reliably is. As pluperfect an old grifter as we know the pRetend pResident to be from his half-century spent rooting in the DC hog-trough, how could any sentient being expect something other than misdirection, hypocrisy, and calculated, self-serving falsehood from the senile old kiddie-diddler? Even so, there were some telling tidbits inadvertently revealed. More delicate, Pollyanna-ish types still locked in denial about what kind of country they live in might need to fortify themselves with a swallow or three of something strong.

7. The main thrust of the speech was that everyone must get the vaccine (the wonderful Biden vaccine). However, Biden conceded that even with the vaccine, masks and social distancing must continue. Even with everyone vaccinated, by July 4, maybe we can gather with small groups outdoors. In other words, even as we’re all pumped full of a vaccine, nothing will change. But we should trust Biden and remember that we’re all in this together.

8. Here’s the scariest thing Biden said, although he slipped it in so quickly many may not have noticed (emphasis mine): “Fourth, in the coming weeks, we will issue further guidance on what you can and cannot do once fully vaccinated to lessen the confusion, to keep people safe, and encourage more people to get vaccinated.”

The vaccine, rather than freeing us, will bring us even more tightly under government control as the federal government mandates what we can and cannot do.—Andrea Widburg

It’s just beautiful, innit? Now you all be good little boys and girls and get your “vaccination,” then maybe Mommy and Daddy will think about letting you celebrate your “freedom” on “Independence Day” just a little this year, mmmmkay?

Naturally, Praetorian Media “journalists” wet themselves with delirious joy over Biden’s grim unveiling of how our Deep State masters really perceive the current state of play in Amerika v2.0.

“Biden Tells Nation There Is Hope After a Devastating Year.”

“Hopeful Biden Says, ‘I Need You.’”

“Biden Sets Vaccine Goal That Would Allow Americans To Gather By July 4.”

These headlines, from the covers of the printed New York Times, LA Times, and Boston Globe, greeted Americans Friday morning, 51 days into the Biden presidency and a full year into the beginnings of America’s long lockdown experiment.

“Seven Takeaways From Biden’s Prime-Time Address” topped CNN’s site. Chris Cillizza’s first two “takeaways”? “Donald Trump dug the hole” was number one. Number two? “A return to empathy.” Chris Cillizza, it’s worth noting, is a 45-year-old man and does not work for the White House.

“Last night is why Joe Biden won the presidency,” Politico Playbook opened with a straight face.

If you hadn’t watched the president’s prime-time address, you might think it was something — anything — other than the most depressing, defeated, and resigned speech since President Jimmy Carter held the office. You might think he hadn’t devoted his third sentence to a baseless attack on his predecessor, and the entire rest of his address to death, sadness, loneliness, and despair. You might think he hadn’t literally threatened the American people, warning, “We may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track, please, we don’t want to do that again.”—from:  Christopher Bedford writing at The Federalist

But even in so deep and dark a night as this, there are glimmers of light to be seen here and there. For instance, earlier today I was on the phone with a friend of mine as he drove along McConnells Highway in South Cackalacky. Mid-conversation, he began mumbling a slow count-off, getting up to eleven before bursting into raucous laughter. See, along a certain stretch near his place there are a lot of homes flying the now-desecrated Stars and Stripes out front. Turns out that my friend was totting up the number of folks he passed who had suddenly decided to fly their US flag upside down. This, mind, on the day after Bai-Ding puked forth the most profoundly un-American speech by a *president* in our history.

Which is actually, literally illegal unless done as a distress signal in circumstances of extreme danger to life or property, if I remember right. I figure those people needn’t worry overmuch about being arrested or jailed, though. Our current national predicament makes a pretty good argument against it.

  Excerpted from...

The Chrisopher Bedford piece at The Federalist is also worth a read.


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Communism is a bad idea.Surviving civil collapse

On March 14, 2021 Vox Day wrote on Vox Popoli

This harrowing account of living through the 1992 LA riots is more a treatise on what not to do than anything else, but it is extremely educational about what may be in the cards in various cities this summer: 

I was supposed to meet my wife at Soup Plantation, a well known restaurant down the road. I couldn't get her on the mobile. When I got there and parked, there was a queasy air amidst all the shopping mall splendour and people had a frightened look in their eyes that I had never, ever seen before. The easy listening music in the restaurant was so mundane it was hard to reconcile with the outside windows, which had fire engines, police cars and people running on foot outside. I had planned to just eat quickly with my wife and go home, because I was having trouble absorbing the idea that this thing was possibly even worse than I might have imagined. I thought South Central was so far off, truth is it was about five minutes down the road.

People in the restaurant were watching the television reports, which were growing increasingly more feverish and seemed to just show one new burning building every thirty seconds. I was trying to keep a calm demeanour and went to explain to my wife what was happening.

All of a sudden, a woman in the restaurant screamed. A guy dropped his tray and soup went everywhere. A man was standing in the doorway of Soup Plantation and wobbling on his feet. Blood was gushing out of his forehead which had a nasty gash running right down to his ear. He yelled "They're coming! They are next door in the mall!! They're tearing everything to pieces!"

You could have heard a pin drop. Then the restaurant exploded with activity and EVERYBODY was crawling over the women and children trying to get to their cars in the parking lot outside. I'm talking blind panic here, people smacking into each other like they could not give a fugg less about any human in the world outside of themselves. A guy floored his Subaru and tore the toll gate right off the booth. Everybody else was following him out, the attendant was gone. There was cars hitting each other like bumper buggies at the carnival, nobody seemed to care, everybody wanted to get out to the street.

When we made it out onto the highway, I got my first look at the skyline since I left Rodeo Drive. It looked like the fires of hell were consuming half of the city. My wife was crying, she thought it was the end of the world.—Texas Arcane quoted at AR15 dot com

Excerpted from...


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The HORROR Show Begins: 
You cannot un-see these videos. You have been warned.
These are victims of the vaxx.

COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

Vaccines have been found to cause a host of chronic, late developing adverse events. Some adverse events like type 1 diabetes may not occur until 3-4 years after a vaccine is administered [1]. In the example of type 1 diabetes the frequency of cases of adverse events may surpass the frequency of cases of severe infectious disease the vaccine was designed to prevent. Given that type 1 diabetes is only one of many immune mediated diseases potentially caused by vaccines, chronic late occurring adverse events are a serious public health issue.J. Bart Classen, MD
The Pfizer RNA based COVID-19 vaccine was approved by the US FDA under an emergency use authorization without long term safety data. Because of concerns about the safety of this vaccine a study was performed to determine if the vaccine could potentially induce prion based disease.J. Bart Classen, MD



Marvelous Marvin Hagler dead..Had the covid jab two weeks ago
Hank Aaron died 17 days after his jab too..

“About an hour before Hagler’s passing was announced, Thomas 'Hitman' Hearns posted on Instagram, 'A real true warrior Pray for the king and his family. He’s in ICU fighting the after effects of the vaccine! He’ll be just fine but we could use the positive energy and Prayer for his Full Recovery!'”

[link to (secure)] Fugazi World



William Briggs

Support Ricky Vaughn & Other Based Political Dissidents

Check out How to Donate to Douglass Mackey’s Legal Defense Fund.:

Welcome to Douglass Mackey’s Legal Defense Fund. On February 10, 2021, the United States government indicted Mr. Mackey on a single felony count for violating 18 U.S.C § 241, which forbids conspiracies to “injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate . . . in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured . . . by the Constitution. . . .” The government alleges that Doug did so by engaging in a conspiracy to meme in 2016. This entirely novel prosecution constitutes a dangerous prosecutorial overreach and egregious attack on Due Process and the First Amendment.

Ricky Vaughn, you will recall, was arrested for the non-crime of posting a funny meme. It ridiculed dumb voters and teased our rulers.

If Vaughn’s activities laid only in joshing the politically illiterate, no one but the blue-haired land-whale censors at Twitter would have cared. Vaughn’s jokes were too effective at teasing the regime, though. That’s what got him in real trouble.

And landed him in jail.

Before contemplating how you could be next, think on this. Some kind souls set up at fund for his defense. Or funds, I should say.

There are some links giving the background of this case: 

Every American has the right to a defense lawyer and a fair trial under our Constitution. But a federal criminal trial is an expensive, technical affair against the Department of Justice and its vast resources. Besides legal fees, other trial costs include expert fees, jury research, case workshops, trial graphics, printing, and the production of exhibits (the cost of which is often in the thousands of dollars); travel and lodging for the trial team and experts; overtime pay and late-night transportation for administrative staff; legal research; forensics experts; electronic discovery review platforms and document review staff; court filing fees; office supplies; discovery software; postage and other assorted costs and expenses. At the Legal Defense Fund’s discretion, money will be distributed to Mr. Mackey for his living expenses, and trial costs related should this prosecution disrupt his ability to earn a living, and so he can focus on his defense.—from:  Give Send Go

—from:  William Briggs writing at Statistician to the Stars


Why Is Washington Afraid?
The DC wall symbolizes one thing: the death of the Republic. The coup carried out by the Deep State was successful. The military, media, big tech and the Supreme Court have sanctified it.

The wall will stay in place because the majority of the people know it is an illegal administration. Be assured that free elections have been bastardized prior to the 2020 elections. Any doubt was removed by the Georgia election fraud that stole the Senate in January and the actions of the Supreme Court. If elections and the courts are no longer valid options, we all know the final solution to tyranny.

Which is why the traitors have their wall. Which is why they will remove our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Which is why they are living in fear of the time when righteous men act with Sacred Honor. David DeGerolamo



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