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ABC (TV Network) - Unfairly cancelled Roseanne TV show over star's debatably "racist" tweet. They were just looking for an excuse to silence a conservative voice. 5/29/2018

Abortion : This is the list of American corporations that traffic in "baby-parts," click here
Includes:  PepsiCo, Kraft, Cadbury, Tropicana OJ

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Tom Arnold
Disgusting Hollywood Slime


"Christian" Bale
Disgusting Hollywood Slime

Joe Biden - Google "Creepy Uncle Joe"


Captain Don't Pay - He A Scammer Fer Real!

Jim Carrey
Disgusting Hollywood Slime

Mariah Carey - Ungrateful sleaze

The Clinton Family--Treason's Greetings

Cracked dot com - Agenda driven fake news fest.

CIA : Crime Incoporated, America

Demand Investigations Into Obama-era Corruption


Robert De Niro
Disgusting Hollywood Slime

Diamond Resorts - Stay at a Trump property instead.



Peter Fonda
Disgusting Hollywood Slime

Frontier Airlines - listed September 12, 2012


Google art by Ben Garrison




Johnnie Walker Scotch - it's like drinking kool-aid


Jimmy Kimmel
Disgusting Hollywood Slime


John Leguizamo
Disgusting Hollywood Slime


McDonalds - bringing back Jim Crow apparently

Mobile, Alabama PD

Robert Mueller - Scum of the Earth, As Crooked as the Day is Long, The truth is always a positive defense to charges of libel, slander, or defamation; and you can't smear this guy enough. Read the article.


National Assoc. of Police Organizations

National Fraternal Order of Police

infographic: Cancel Netflix

The New York Times - aka The Slimes, read this instead





Rachel Ray's Nourish brand dog food
Came down on wrong side in Laura Ingraham kerfluffle 3/29/2018

Seth Rogen
Disgusting Hollywood Slime


Chuck Schumer - "Chuck Schumer The Epitome of Hypocrisy on Border Security"

A stronger/less compromised Attorney General would have shut down the anti-Trump investigations months ago. The fake Russia collusion charge was found to be a hoax last year and yet Robert Mueller was allowed to then greatly expand his investigation and now seeks to try and destroy everything Donald Trump has built—including the president's family, friends, and longtime business associates. All of them are being punished for one thing—winning the White House and putting America first. Jeff Sessions has been critical in allowing Mueller's powers to expand and despite President Trump's increasing (and understandable) frustration over that fact, Sessions refuses to step down. The reason why is simple—the Deep State won't let him.
Read more at http://dcwhispers.com/why-wont-jeff-sessions-resign-answer-because-the-deep-state-wont-let-him/#PtDupEDwfJGQkm0v.99

The movie "Show Dogs", 2018. Directed by Raja Gosnell. Starring Will Arnett, Natasha Lyonne, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Jordin Sparks, Gabriel Iglesias
Hollywoods filthy potty parade marches on....
Details from ForEveryMom

Sarah Silverman
Disgusting Hollywood Slime


Time Magazine - Dirty propaganda rag

TripAdvisor dot com
Came down on wrong side in Laura Ingraham kerfluffle 3/29/2018




Wayfair dot com
Came down on wrong side in Laura Ingraham kerfluffle 3/29/2018




Shame on them: @jack and Zuckerberg



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