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NOW Lifestyle


Healthline: November 2 SAT 2019

infographic: Geomagnetic Score KP Index


We can take precautions and ALTER some of
our anticipated ‟activities” to assist our personal health
(my example given below is…‟BE CAREFUL ON THE STAIRS”
(if you are energy sensitive--or feel at all dizzy since
the exposure to these energies AFFECTS THE CENTRAL NERVOUS
SYSTEM and your motor skills.) So ‟motor skills” are a
BIGGIE to watch during these high cosmic ray alterts
(such as your driving, operating machinery) and that also
applies to EMOTIONS.

24 hours of ‟KP Index ZEROS” spells bad news for
weather-sensitives this weekend.
Good links to check:
[link to (secure)]
KP INDEX (on MRMBB333's site:)
[link to (secure)]
[link to]
google "Suspicious Observers dot org" TheOracle'sCookie discusses this on GLP (click here to go to forum)

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