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The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the magnetic power of the universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation in different ways and is ubiquitous.

The Earth's Law of Gravity is also a part of the Law of Attraction. This law attracts all thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances.

The law of attraction draws to you thoughts and ideas similar to yours. It attracts people very similar to you in nature, thoughts and deeds. It also attracts corresponding situations and circumstances that befall you. It is this law and power that brings people of similar interests together.

Thoughts are great, swift and free; they kindle the light of the universe; they form the great glory of mankind. All your thoughts, all the images in your mind and all the feelings connected thereto manifest as your reality. Every achievement of your life is what your mind has attracted.

Indirectly, happiness and unhappiness are your life is your own creations. In other words, you can create your life consciously - attract those things which bring peace and enchantment to your soul and discard all negative thoughts.

How do we take advantage of this law? It is possible by creative visualization and affirmations. There have been people from ancient times onwards who have been able to practice this law and achieve lasting bliss.

The law of attraction is the most powerful and the oldest of the universal laws. It derives its power from the state of your mind. For your mind, both conscious and subconscious, serves as an unseen magnet which draws into your life circumstnces and events according to your thoughts. In other words, you have to be extremely cautious in your thoughts as well as your deeds; they are being turned into reality.

The law of attraction is ethereal but very powerful. It enables a person to command the hand of faith. Always develop a positive attitude towards life. Think of the things you want in life. Have selfbelief and be sure that you deserve them.

"How are you going to achieve them?" Do not worry about that. The laws of attraction will attract them and bring them to you. When you are waiting for them to come to you, you can already start your actions under the ardent belief that you already have them. Constant mental practice habituates you - you will realize that it is really effective.

Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other.

You must realize that perpetual optimism is a force multiplier. To be an incurable optimist, your self-belief is vital; it is literally the gift of God for through it, you can solve any human problem. No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.

To what extent you can rise in life is not determined by what happens to you, but by how you handle it. Light one small candle instead of cursing the darkness - you will live the life of your dreams. Persistence and determination are omnipotent - talent, genius or educations are not. Filling the mind with happy thoughts will always attract happiness into your life.

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What Is The Law Of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a theory based on the principle that you should never dwell on the negative aspects of life. It says that your thoughts influence your destiny. In fact, the Law of Attraction is not a new concept. The only new thing about it is that it has been brought to the forefront only recently. Many people have started following it in the present day.

In order to understand the law of attraction, you have to first understand the basics of the law.

  • The law of attraction is a natural law. The law of gravity, the laws of aerodynamics and the law of attraction are all laws that rule the world in which we live. Among these, the law of attraction is the law which operates your life. This fact may or may not be known by you. Whether you admit or not, this law has a role to play in the life of everyone.
  • Like attracts Like. This principle is as true as "Birds of a feather flock together". It attracts people very similar to you in nature, thoughts and deeds. It also attracts matching situations and considerations that befall you. It is this law and power that connect people of similar interests together.
  • Change is the only answer. As you know that the only thing permanent in this universe is change, you have to change yourself and your attitudes so that you may succeed in your life. When something that you do not like in life is happening to you, then you have to change your attitude. Just relax and think about all that is happening in your life and try to figure out where you are going wrong in case you are failing in all your attempts. Be very honest with yourself and bring in all the necessary changes so that you may attract success.

Now let's analyze what is it that makes the Law of Attraction powerful. The Law is not too difficult to understand, although some have misunderstood. The Law of Attraction is very simple and easy. The only thing is that you have to understand and find out what works for you; and once you do that, you will automatically set the law into motion. This knowledge of the law will give you all the success in your life that may have been evading you so far.

Now we shall see what it is that makes the law work. The Law of Attraction can be made to work by you. It is you who knows what you want in life. So you have to make the Law work for you. The law of attraction brings into your life what ever you want. For example, if you always look on the negative side of life and bring into your mind only negative thoughts, then the Law of Attraction will also bring only negative things in your life. So in order to be a winner, avoid negative thoughts and focus your mind only on positive things. The Law will take care of the rest and you will be an achiever.

The Law of Attraction will work out what is best for you if you learn to take responsibility in your life, your thoughts and your actions. Once this comes under your control, you will get all the things that you want. The idea behind this is that the more powerful your thoughts are, the more effective the Law of Attraction's power will be.



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All individuals want to be successful and get all the good things in life. But just wanting and thinking will get you nowhere. You have to master the art of attraction.



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Wait! Like attracts like? I thought opposites attract.

Yes, both are true. You must rely on 'polar' reasoning to see this though. Polar reasoning is when two, seemingly opposite things are found to be united by a deeper underlaying paradigm.

To illustrate, consider a parable: 

Mister Rabbit wants to breed, multiply, have children...little bunnies of his own. So he has to select a mate. Which of these two rules does he use? Like-to-like, or opposites attract? Mister Rabbit, in fact, uses both rules.

Like attracts like:  Mr. Rabbit selects his potential mate from among other rabbits. He can't mate with a polecat or a housecat. Neither can he have babies with a meerkat.
But, not just any rabbit will do.

Opposites attract: Mr. Rabbit needs to mate with a female bunny if he wants offspring.

Thus, we see that both rules are true and, in fact, are two aspects of the same underlaying paradigm:  the Law of Attraction.

I have a teaching tool that I use to get this point across. It is a coin. On one side, it says, "Opposites Attract" and "Electro- magnetism Energy" and on the other side, it says, "Like Attracts Like" and "Subtle or Potential Energy."
One coin, two sides.


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