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diagram: relationship between magmas and groups


Harvard University - Abstract Algebra Open Learning Course VIDEOS

Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications - Textbook PDF - Abstract Algebra: The Basic Graduate Year PDF

Problems in Abstract Algebra - No exposition, no solutions, just problems for those who like problems PDF

Problems with Solutions - Set of problems, this time with solutions PDF

Another Set of Problems - with solutions, from Brown University PDF


Algebra Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF

Pre Algebra Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF

Pre Calculus Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF

Khan Academy - Course in algebra

Math is Fun - The Algebra department at

Math Papa - Algebra Calculator is a calculator that gives step-by-step help on algebra problems


Khan Academy - Learn about linear algebra

UC Davis - Linear Algebra a textbook PDF

Deep Learning Book - another textbook, linear algebra as it relates to Machine Learning PDF

MIT - OpenCourse on Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra - A free textbook at the undergraduate level

Problems in Mathematics - Problems and their solutions

Exercises and Problems - includes answers to some PDF

More Problems - no solutions provided, some pretty tough PDF


Maths Chase - Maths Chase is a completely free site where you can quickly test your times tables. NEW

Battleship Game - Interactive game teaches the times tables in a fun and entertaining way. AD

Everyday Math Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF

Khan Academy - Online course in basic math - Elementary mathematics covered here

Math Circles - join a math circle or start one


Khan Academy - online course in calculus

Strang, Gilbert - Calculus textbook PDF

Math is Fun - The calculus department at

IXL - Interactive calculus

SOS Math - Learn about calculus at SOS Math

Visual Calculus - Learn calculus with your graphing calculator

WolframAlpha - Wolfram|Alpha is a great tool for computing limits, derivatives and integrals and their applications, including tangent lines, extrema, arc length and much more. - Resources and links for students and instructors

Calculus Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF - Take a guided, problem-solving based approach to learning Calculus. These compilations provide unique perspectives and applications you won't find anywhere else. - Calculus tutorials

COMPLEX ANALYSIS - Complex Analysis by George Cain TEXTBOOK

Harvard University - Advanced Complex Analysis Course Notes by C. McMullen PDF


Differential Equations Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF


IXL - IXL will track your score, and the questions will automatically increase in difficulty as you improve!

Math dot com - Geometry central at math dot com

Math is Fun - Plane and solid geometry

Math Warehouse - Circles, Triangles, parallelograms and many more shapes to explore and learn about!

Youtube - Introduction to Geometry VIDEO SERIES

Geometry Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF

New Results re: Prime Numbers

Discussion Forum - Researchers Discover a Pattern to the Seemingly Random Distribution of Prime Numbers

Vice News - Researchers Discover a Pattern to the Seemingly Random Distribution of Prime Numbers

Independent Reports - Maths experts stunned as they crack a pattern for prime numbers

The Prime Pages - Prime Number Research, Records and Results

Introduction to Prime Number Thy - PDF


Brown University - A textbook, beginning with "What is number theory?" PDF - An Introduction to Number Theory by Vicky Neale

Number Theory Web - - Latest news and developments in number theory

Quanta Magazine - New developments in this exciting field

Math Archives - links related to number theory, all kinds of good stuff here

MIT - OpenCourse in number theory - Number Theory (Interesting Facts and Algorithms)

John D. Cook - blog


Probability Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF


Introduction to Set Theory - Textbook by Karel Hrbacek & Thomas Jech DJVU


Fundamental Statistics - Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (v. 2.1) by Bryan R. Burnham

Magoosh Statistics Blog - Learn statistics fundamentals with Magoosh

Statistics How To - "Statistics for the rest of us!"


Calculator - For right triangles WEB APP

Dave's Short Trig Course - You should already be familiar with algebra and geometry before learning trigonometry. From algebra, you should be comfortable with manipulating algebraic expressions and solving equations. From geometry, you should know about similar triangles, the Pythagorean theorem, and a few other things, but not a great deal.

Khan Academy - Presentation on trigonomethry VIDEO

Math is Fun - Trigonometry helps us find angles and distances, and is used a lot in science, engineering, video games, and more! INDEX

Wolfram Mathworld

Trigonometry Demystified - ebook from McGraw-Hill Publishers PDF


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