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CONFIRMED: Whistleblower-Provocateur Colluded with Schiff Before Filing Complaint—The anti-Trump fake-whistleblower and his team coordinated with Rep. Adam Schiff, before he filed complaint with the Intelligence Community Inspector General.
Twitter Oct 2, 2018 Discussion:  GLP

MSNBC Fears 'Heavily Armed' Trump Supporters Invading D.C.—MSNBC immediately undermined its criticism by engaging its own extreme rhetoric and suggesting that 'heavily armed' Trump supporters would march on Washington
Newsbusters Oct 2, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Ukrainian prosecutor:  I WAS fired for investigating Hunter Biden—Viktor Shokin testified he was told that the reason he was fired in March 2016 was because Joe Biden was unhappy with his probe of a natural gas company that was paying the veep's son $50K/mo.
WND Sep 28, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Steve Pieczenik—There are no whistle blowers in the CIA— POTUS please FIRE all CIA operatives that r involved in a COUP against your administration! Please clean out the Swampy CIA FBI and White House NOW!
Youtube Sep 28, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Rep. Andy Biggs Introduces Motion to Censure Adam Schiff—A motion to condemn and censure House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) for performing a fabricated conversation between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during his opening statement at a panel hearing Thursday morning.
Breitbart Sep 28, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Strange Pattern of Chinese Communist Police Impersonators in United States and Australia—Heads-up! One incident could be dismissed as a lone nutter tarding out, but when a pattern emerges in multiple locations in two different Western countries, it's time to take notice.
Washington Free Beacon Sep 27, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Huge Break in Las Vegas Shooting Case: Municipal Camera Shows Aircraft Heading the Wrong Way…!!— Nobody can prove the official story correct using video evidence filmed during the attack. The evidence for choppers everywhere they shouldn't be and likely shooting at the ground is on video, radar recordings and eyewitness testimony.
It wasn't Paddock. It was choppers and they KNOW who did it.
Bitchute Sep 18, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Rep. Jackson Lee Loses It After Lewandowski Refuses To Answer Questions— Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee had a fiery exchange of words with Corey Lewandowski during today's House Judiciary Committee hearing
Red Journalists Sep 18, 2019

Video: 'Billions of dollars' reportedly seized at Dubai International Airport— The officers searched a private plane belonging to former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al Malki and found the boxes containing the cash.
Twitter Sep 12, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Farmers Market Attendees Angered by Open Carry Demonstrators— Some farmers market attendees in Alexandria, Virginia, were angered by the sight of open carry demonstrators on Saturday.
Breitbart Sep 11, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Supreme Court rules President Trump can DENY asylum to almost ALL migrants who try and cross the Southern Border— Supreme Court rules Donald Trump CAN deny asylum to almost ALL migrants who try and cross the Southern Border: President celebrates a win in his immigration crackdown and slams the Democrats for 'not doing anything
UK Daily Mail Sep 11, 2019 Discussion:  GLP

Arabella: The Left's Most Dangerous Weapon


Activist Post - Alternative News & Independent Views

Al Jazeera - Cable news network from Qatar also on Youtube

All News Pipeline - "The Best Mix Of Hard-Hitting REAL News & Cutting-Edge Alternative News On The Web"

American Herald Tribune

James Allsup - Youtube channel

American Lookout

American Thinker

America's Freedom Fighters - American Renaissance

AMTV - Seems like a lot about Bitcoin here.

Ancient-Code dot com

Anonhq dot com - News from Anonymous

Antiwar dot com

Asia Pacific Research

Assassination Science - experts speak out on the death of JFK


Before Its News dot com

bioprepper dot com - Survival, self sufficiency, etc.

Black Agenda Report dot com

Black Listed News dot com


Campus Reform

Caravan to Midnight - John B. Wells program

Citizen Free Press - A Reliable Drudge-alternative


Collective Evolution - news about consciousness

Conservative Daily Post

Consortium News - Independent Investigative Journalism

Corbett Report - Open Source Intelligence News

Counter Currents dot org

Counter Information - Uncovering the Mainstream Media Lies



Educate Inspire Change dot org

Educate Yourself

End of the American Dream

Epoch Times - Reporting important news other media ignore. Clear, fact-based journalism without spin or hidden agendas: US, politics, China, world, opinion, business, …

EU Times - The European Union Times

The Event Chronicle - has some good articles such as John Lear: Navy Submarine Base Under the Nevada Desert?


Fort Russ

The Fourth Revolutionary War - A chronicle of the Global Revolutionary Wars of the Eurasian Alliance.

The Free Thought Project

Freedom Outpost

FTC - Censorship on the Internet is out of control. It is time to break up the social media monopolies. Report incidents of censorship to Federal Trade Commission, click here

Foreign Policy Journal

Fulcrum News


Gangster Government

Giza Death Star - A Website of Alternative Thinkers & Dr. Joseph P. Farrell

Global Research - Center for Research on Globalization

Godlike Productions - Conspiracy forum



Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! - In this age of rapidly accelerating technology the threat to our liberties is a very real and present danger. Alex Jones is a unique voice that sifts through the information and exposes the underlying intentions.




Leftcult - Monitoring the dangerously deranged left-wing so you don't have to.

Liberty Daily - The Conservative Alternative to Drudge - Sister site of Leftcult

Laura Loomer - Independent investigative journalist, famous for covering the Las Vegas Country Music Massacre, this is her Youtube channel. She is also on Twitter

LauraLoomer dot com - She is now the most banned person online. Discussion Here…

Lew Rockwell

Liberty Blitzkrieg

Liberty News - Lots of good and relevant articles like "George Soros is trying to cause another civil war"

The Lutchman Wire

infographic: pray for Pres. Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence

What we are seeing is the newest campaign of the Wrap-Up Smear.
Let me describe the exact process the corrupt psychopaths use in the campaign called the Wrap-Up Smear…
The WRAP-UP SMEAR step-by-step recipe:
1) Demonize somebody with lies and all manner of falsehoods
2) Get the press to report on those falsehoods.
3) Then use those press reports as validation of the smear.
Loup Garou on GLP
Trump has the biggest balls since George Washington
Trump is so close to imploding the establishment, both sides of the corrupt isle.. they are in full panic mode.

Pelosi is right…Trump is dangerous.

He's dangerous to the fuckers who have been screwing the American people since WW2.

He's a revolutionary…without question. The only president since Harry Truman to chinch em' up, and do what it takes.

You new age King George cock suckers know the only way to keep your power is by tyranny…remember how that shit turned out in 1776.

I'm pissed. I'm actionable. We, the reasonable sane Americans must defend our democratic republic from these domestic terrorist who threaten a coup d'etat against a duly elected president.

The ‟whistleblower” is a simple leaker who used legal language, and legal channels in his/her attempt to set into motion the over throw of this government. 1HungLow on GLP
Re: No Matter Who Wins In 2020—There Will Be Blood.
It's too bad the USA is so polarized…the pursuit of happiness should not be this hard. You'd think, if that was the real goal, people would be happily working together to reach it. It doesn't have to be so complex and difficult.

It's also strange how people allow their government to continue with such colossal failings at achieving the pursuit of happiness. The people have the power, it seems you all have just forgotten that. The very first step in achieving happiness is through cooperation, not competition.

Perhaps the realization of this is needed to stop society from relying on failed systems to save them, and come together, unite cooperate and prosper. Stop giving responsibility to people who are not responsible. Rise up and fix the system. Close the division, end the competition and all can win against those who aim to divide and conquer. TomGi on GLP

meme: Pres. Donald Trump is being punished for crimes committed by the Bidens, father and son

ban, bAn, BAN, BaN...ban,ban, ban…AMERICA'S Favorite ACTION WORD of 2019!
Just when did we become a nation of the ban?

Today, we see this little word uttered every single day!

We want to ban people, messages we don't like, guns, certain restaurants that don't share what we consider proper thoughts, language...EVEN LANGUAGE!

Do people not realize when you call for something to be "banned" you are in essence calling for it to be OUTLAWED. Banning is just another word for that.

We are so out of control in our perfect little lives that we can't have someone say words to us we don't like without wanting them outlawed. A restaurant's owner doesn't share our political opinions so we want that restaurant outlawed? Now, even without ANY evidence of harm, there is a full court press to outlaw (BAN) devices that produce vapor?

And here is the real oddity about our behavior. Many times those who want things banned (OUTLAWED)supposedly for our own good want other things liberalized. The very people who call for "gun control" also protest against keeping criminals in prisons. They want to ban the gun from society but not those who use them!

Take current cries to ban e-cigs, the same people who want to get the evil drug, nicotine, out of the hands of the children call openly for more and more lax marijuana laws and do nothing about open heroin and other drug use on their streets!

Then there is the now decades ban against any mention of God in our schools or public spaces. Of course, there again the same people who support this position also tell us while God has to be banned, men who dress as women along with every sexual perversion known to man must be "taught" to our little Johnny and Sarah in our schools and other public places.

This can't continue, this infatuation with banning everything from our lives we don't like or agree with can only lead to one outcome, our living in a sanitized police state absent of any of the emotions and feelings that make us all human. Is that really what we want people?

BAN, BAN, BAN, BAN……I wish we could BAN just one more thing…BAN THE WORD, BAN!

FeedYourHead on GLP


Mad World News - Home of Howard Stern

Mainstream Killaz - decodes the news

Llyod Marcus - Chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee

Mind Power News - some good stories such as "MindWar:  How Military PsyOps Plan to Control your Mind"

MTO News - most visited African-American news network

Mysterious Universe

The Missing

The Smiley Face Killers - video documentary Youtube

Discussion Forum (GLP) - What The.. Hundreds of Young American Men Drowned By a Gang Of Serial Killers!?!

More information - and speculation, here

Daily Beast - Is a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across the U.S.? Article

The Daily Mail - Were hundreds of college-age men who drowned on nights out murdered? Article

Footprints at the Rivers Edge - When Your Child Goes Missing by Paula Lookabill Blog

Where did the road go? - Blog

NA Bigfoot Search - North America Big Foot Search

Oxygen Network - SMILEY FACE KILLERS TV Series


Natural Money - sounds like a scam to me, but there it is

Natural News

Need to Know News - from G. Edward Griffin NEW


Candace Owens - Youtube channel


The Ponder News

Prager U - Youtube channel

Pride Source - Publisher of Michigan's Between the Lines

Alex Jones' Prison Planet


Steve Quayle - Author, this is his Youtube channel

photo collage: Obama administration was a crime spree


Rebel Media - Youtube channel

Rense dot com

Ron Paul Institute

RT - #1 Leading cable news network, also on Youtube

RTR Truthmedia - Resurrect the Republic Radio Show with Tom Lacovara-Stewart - Paleo-Conservative News, Analysis and information. Principles over Party Break Free of the Left Right Paradigm

Ruptly - News, streaming videos, tube site

Russia Insider - crowdfunded media criticism



Tree of Logic also on Youtube

True Activist

Tru News

Truth and Action dot org

Truth Feed News

Truth Kings

Truth Radio Show

Truthstream Media - Truthstream Media was founded by Aaron and Melissa Dykes in April 2013.


United Gangs - Outlaw news for an outlaw audience

Universal Basic Income, Topic: 


The Daily Bell - Profoundly Immoral, Increasingly Popular, the 'Unconditional Basic Income' Becomes a Meme Article



The War Room - Listen to Quinn in the Morning live on Mondays to Fridays from 6am to 9am. Archives and Podcasts. Become a member to get it all! Listen Now

Paul Joseph Watson - Youtube channel

We Are Change dot org

We Shape Life - "Evolutionary Finesse"

What Does it Mean dot com - Home of Sorcha Faal

What Really Happened?

Wikispooks - The deep state exposed. and - What you weren't supposed to find out...

WND - Web News Daily, a trusted source



Your News Wire - reliable source of news


Zero Hedge - reliable source of news

Get Your ETERNAL Banner


NJ Dems Propose Legislation To REMOVE Trump's Name From 2020 Ballot
CA Political Review 2/6/2019
The Democrats, joined by some Republicans would love to embarrass the President. Expect this to happen in several States—California included.

Kim Dotcom Tweets at Hannity: 'Let's Talk About Seth Rich…And Put an End to Russiagate'Russia Insider 1/25/2019
The mysterious murder of Seth Rich had been almost forgotten in Western Media, and Kim's statements raise it back from obscurity, reminding everyone there remain several unanswered questions about the killing.

TV screenshot: scene of the crime

Homeowner Uses AK-47 to Shoot 5 Intruders, Killing 3Guns America Digest 1/23/2019
A 20yo homeowner in TX reportedly shot 5 home intruders with an AK-47 in E Houston on Sat, killing 3 of them.  TX Self Defense Laws:  LINK

International security expert: "Sweden is heading for civil war"Voice of Europe 12/29/2018
Political unwillingness to admit how bad things are, in combination with inability and ignorance, has led to Sweden being very close to becoming a failed state.

2018 was a historic year, but you wouldn't know that by watching the fake news media. See the top 10 stories they chose to ignore or distort.

Caravan leaving Guatemala made of one group, changed in Mexico to another
Godlikeproductions 10/23/2018
"100s of the 'real Hondurans' had returned, but, were replaced by a violent mob."

President Trump To Reporter: "Don't Be A Baby"
LiveLeak 10/22/2018
Reporter: 'What evidence do you have that these are hardened criminals'? Oh, please… lmao!

Pelosi:  When We Take Over, Those Who Don't "Share Our View Will Suffer."
Godlikeproductions 10/20/2018
First, the Kulaks will have to be punished. The country will be put on strict rations.

DISAPPOINTMENT…. Mueller Probe Is A Dud.
Red State 10/20/2018
This morning in Politico, Darren Samuelsohn has an interesting piece that basically said the Mueller probe has found nada.

Antifa Attacks GOP Headquarters in NYC, Warns 'Merely the Beginning'
Sara Carter 10/12/2018
The NY GOP released shocking images immediately following the assault

Google memo 'confirms worst fear' of conservatives
WND 10/11/2018
Tech giant in 'censorship business and apparently the lying business' too

Comey Confidant James Baker Throws Rosenstein Under the Bus
Gateway Pundit 10/9/2018
Former FBI lawyer and Comey confidant James Baker told Congressional investigators that Rosenstein's plot to wear a wire and oust Trump from office was not a joke as the DAG claimed.

Staffer Who Doxxed Senators Faces More Than 30 Years
Sarah Palin 10/9/2018
The former Democratic congressional staffer who published the personal contact information of three lawmakers online is now facing more than 30 years in federal prison.

Dems, WashPo Plot Kavanaugh Impeachment
WND 10/7/2018
Today's story: With justice confirmed, 'impeachment could follow. Here's how'

Kayne Refuses To Remove MAGA Hat When Ordered By TV Host 10/5/2018
Rap artist Kanye West refused to bow to liberal peer pressure by removing his Make America Great Again hat when asked to do so by a TMZ host.

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