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Beyond Freedom and Dignity by B.F.Skinner The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach Dead Fingers Talk by Wm.S.Burroughs Deer Hunter by E.M.Corder Just Wait Until You Have Kids of Your Own by Erma Bombeck Be An Interplanetary Spy : The Star Crystal The Regulators by Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman Rosshalde by Hermann Hesse Timequest by Ray Faraday Nelson Troubled Sleep by Jean-Paul Sartre Leaves of Grass (Poetry) by Walt Whitman

List of All Books for Sale: 


Title Author Remarks Price
The Second Book of the Cosmic Forces of Mu James Churchward Paperback (Mass Mkt) Library Edition of 1968 VG Cond. $19.00


Title Author Remarks Price
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime Oscar Wilde Wordsworth Classics Edition $8.50
The French Lieutenant's Woman John Fowles Vintage Signet Edition of 1981, Used Textbook Stickers $4.50
The Europeans Henry James Penguin Classics, Super Clean but aged papers $8.00
Henry VI Parts One, Two, and Three William Shakespeare Used, Ex-Lib, VG Mass Market Paperback, Drama $4.99
Père Goriot Honoré de Balzac Brand New, Never Read, Mass Mkt PB Airmont English Ed of 1965 $10.00
Oliver Twist Charles Dickens Wordsworth 1993 Mass Mkt PB Like New $21.99
The Goddess Abides Pearl S. Buck Pocket Books Mass Market Paperback VG 1973 $4.99
The Bridge Across Forever Richard Bach 5th Dell Reprint Ed. of 1986 (Mass Market Paperback) VG Cond. $6.00
Dead Fingers Talk William S. Burroughs Star Book ed. of 1977 (Mass Market Paperback), VG, Rare $40.00
The Deer Hunter E.M. Corder Movie (1978) Tie-In, 1st printing, Good Cond. $5.00
The Regulators Stephen King , Richard Bachman Mass Market Paperback in Good Cond. 1st Signet Edition of 1997 | 1st Printing $7.99
Rosshalde Hermann Hesse, Ralph Manheim (trans.) Vintage (1972) Bantam Reprint Mass Mkt PB VG Cond.f 1972 $5.99
Troubled Sleep Jean-Paul Sartre Fiction Vintage (1964) Fair Cond Mass Market PB $5.05

Classic Science Fiction

Title Author Remarks Price
TimeQuest Ray Faraday Nelson Vintage (1985) Mass Market Paper in Fair Cond 1st Tor ed of 1985 $4.95


Title Author Remarks Price
Leaves of Grass Anniv. Ed. Walt Whitman Signet Classics Ed. of 2005 1st Printing Mass Mkt PB Like New $10.00

Twentieth Century Nonfiction

Title Author Remarks Price
Beyond Freedom & Dignity B.F. Skinner Bantam Reprint Edition (Mass Market Paperback) 1972, VG Cond. $8.50

Humor & General Interest

Title Author Remarks Price
"just wait till you have children of your own!" Erma Bombeck Vintage (1972) Mass Market Paperback in VG Cond. $5.00
Be An Interplanetary Spy | The Star Crystal Ron Martinez vol 6 iin this series, rare, vintage, illustrated, VG mass mkt pb $11.35

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