Putting Pieces Together

part II

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We dwell in maya, the world of illusions. The Greek philosopher Parmenides said, "Look about you. You see many different things and they are constantly changing. But, you are merely deluded. (It's like a dream.) In reality, there is only one thing and it never changes."

You have been fooled by your lying eyes to make unwarranted distinctions between this-and-that and wrongfully (sinfully) used your power of Judgement to make considerations of things which you had no right to do. This is the Original Sin and it has trapped you in a world of your own making. You bit the apple, which you were warned against, and so all of the world's evils are your fault and responsibility.

Welcome to Advaita Vedanta : Radical Nondualism :, or as Aldous Huxley called it, The Perennial Philosophy.

Don't come to me with the Philosophical Problem of Evil. This is your mess! And it's yours to clean up. Never fear, (and I mean that literally, NEVER FEAR…) there is a way out of this valley of the shadow of death. Your Father wants you to return home and He has sent His firstborn Son into the world to help you overcome it. You will also have the PARACLETE, the ‟another one” to help you out.

There will be books with messages from Home. There will be movies (motion picutures) with inner meanings. You will see Angel Numbers and synchronicities. Study the Course in Miracles; read the BIBLE; study the Lotus Sutra. Come quickly. Your beloved awaits you in the house of your Father.

Plato’s Cave in Baudrillard’s Desert of the Real.

03/25/2015 02:39 PM

When using our mind’s eye, we find that the allegory of Plato’s cave paints a beautiful illustration of an existence where reality is mediated by external forces and factors. On par with today’s technology, we can imagine that the confused prisoners on the inside of the cave, albeit prisoners of their own minds, are bound by a mechanically and technologically mediated reality presented to them in a fifth wall shadow theater fashion, with mechanically operated puppets behind a dimly lit veil, whereas outside the cave we find a limitless dimension of self mediated reality ­ an open world mainframe.

The dilemma herein is not that reality is mediated, but the dilemma lies in the questions; Who or what mediates your reality? To what extent and purpose? And for whose benefit? The prisoners in Plato’s cave accept false distorted copies of reality mediated to them as their ultimate truth. But for the one eyed king outside of the cave, there exists no other reality, except the one that he self mediates, the one true reality, which is the supreme simulacrum, for ultimately, knowledge of self is one’s own supreme reality. Know thyself.

Jean Baudrillard argues the following statement in his book Simulacra and Simulation; “The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth, it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true. Ecclesiastes.”

I would like to present my understanding on how we are able to create our own supreme reality, breaking the walls of the prison that enslaves us, ripping down the veil of the shadow theater, transcending Plato’s cave to inhabit and transform Baudrillard’s desert into a paradise by surrendering the reality we are incepted with since birth, which is a continuum of distorted copies of a reality mediated to us on our behalf, with and without our consent. I give you self control and mediation of your own reality outside of the cave, rather than to be controlled by a dying matrix where the cave eventually collapses on the prisoners.

In the 1999 Watchowski Brothers film The Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo that there once was a man born inside the matrix who had the ability to change the matrix as he saw fit. This mysterious man basically wiped the slate clean unto the foundations, as with Neo in the heavenly white empty room, this is the mainframe(the construct, structure) of mediated reality, where he can load simulations, creating his own reality from the foundations upward. A space where Neo can create a Self mediated reality and not reality mediated by the current social structures of inception, indoctrination, psychological operations and mind control, like the one Neo has lived in his whole techno mediated reality. The matrix is about control. Neo must take control of the matrix and in order to do so he must return to his self mediated reality first and start self mediating and self constructing a new matrix as he desires it to be.

Neo is the One. He becomes his own supreme reality creator. Neo is a computer hacker. He learns how to hack through the firewalls of the matrix system on a grand scale; he discovers the truth of self mediated reality upon which he later constructs his own supreme reality. Neo ascends from being controlled to being the master architect of his own supreme reality. In the end we see him flying off like Superman. He transcends the cave and rejects the technologically mediated reality presented to him and substitutes it
Plato’s Cave in Baudrillard’s Desert of the Real

with his own self mediated reality. He manages to transform the desert of the real into the paradise of the unreal.

In our age it has become apparent that mankind has abandoned self mediated reality in favor of various sorts of techno mediated realities. Self mediated reality has become the ‘desert of the real’ as coined by Jean Baudrillard in Simulacra and Simulation. We find Neo in the desert of the real, a neglected and forgotten reality.

Upon visiting The Oracle, she mentions to Neo that he must feel somewhat like Alice in Wonderland tumbling down the rabbit hole. The rabbit hole is a pit of confusion where chaos rules. As with Neo, so with Alice in Wonderland and the rabbit hole where many realities creates chaos and one reality creates order, and ultimately manifesting order out of chaos. The rabbit hole and Plato’s cave are one and the same.

While Neo is with the Oracle she points to the sign above the kitchen door which translates to ‘Know Thyself’. She tells Neo he is not the one, because the Neo in front of her at that moment does not yet know himself and does not believe in destiny. Later when he discovers himself and his destiny, he transforms into the one. Neo enters the mainframe of his own reality.

By definition of Simulacra; which is similarity or likeness, we also find a great example in a verse in the book of Daniel 7:13;

“I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man came with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.” Note the phrase ‘one like the Son of man’. He is the simulacra of the Son of man. He has the likeness of the Son of man and as Baudrillard argues and I agree; “The simulacra is true.”

Neo is the simulacra.

The rabbit hole is deep.

03/26/2015 03:16 PM

Mediated Reality – The Mainframe of Simulacra
Self Mediated Reality – Self Logical reality
Techno Mediated Reality – Techno Logical reality
Modulating and Unitizing Reality, Diminishing Reality
Mixing Reality, Hybrid Reality
Augmenting Reality
Virtualizing Reality
Simulating Reality
True and False Reality
Hyper Reality
Alternate Reality
Simulation within a Simulation
Artificial Intelligence
Reality/Plane Shifts
Virtual reality continuum
Hacking Reality and Reverse Engineering the Simulacrum
Simulation is Unrealistic (Reality antonym is Idealism) Simulation is Idealism, Idealism is unrealistic
Neo singularity
The Self Image
The Avatar ­ The Residual Self Image
Death, Respawning and Resurrection, Immortality
Transhumanism, Cyberhumanism, Cloning
Consensus on Reality


chicago lightboot shot killed nothing to see here

Stumbling Toward Reality

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who answers to the title “The Science” in certain circles, said this week that there are going to be two Americas, the vaxed and the unvaxed. Earth to Dr. Fauci: we are already two Americas: the reality-onboard and the reality-optional.

One reality is that vaccines developed at “warp speed” appear to have gnarly side-effects that can outweigh the risk of the disease they’re engineered to protect against. Another reality is that the Delta variant of SARS-Covid-19 is more contagious, but also weaker, less likely to result in hospitalization among the unvaxed. Yet another reality is that the Delta variant also infects the fully-vaccinated. Oh, what to do?

Consider not allowing yourself to be jerked around by US health officials who have trouble keeping their story straight, for instance, Dr. Anthony Fauci (a.k.a. The Science) who, records show, apparently assisted the bio-warfare division of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) at the Wuhan lab in the development of a world-beating, gain-of-function bat virus — which, halfway through year-two of its run, seems to be following the usual trajectory of viral epidemics by growing weaker before it disappears altogether. And then we’ll see what happens longer-term among the vaxed, who were subjected to flurries of toxic spike proteins.

It’s the opinion of some — though not myself — that the Covid-19 episode was unleashed upon the world to allow “the elite” to execute a “controlled demolition of the global economy” so as to quash climate change (by reducing carbon emissions), and therefore ensure a brighter future for said elite, while cruelly throwing the rest of the world’s population overboard. Oh, I dunno…. Klaus Schwab and his minions of The Great Reset seem more like hapless control freaks than persons actually able to control anything, least of all the whole world. Dr. Fauci’s role looks like a species of generic egomania with a top hat of greed (considering his financial interests in vaccines). The reality is that the global economy, such as it’s a high-tech industrial economy, is shooting its own wad very nicely without a whole lot of assistance from alleged nefarious parties.

Meantime, the Fourth of July is upon us and the nation is not quite half-vaxed-up, and yet we are about to celebrate the meaning of Independence Day, which is freedom from getting jerked around by tyrants. The idea! And so, you see, the USA also seems to be divided between those who take liberty and its associated values to heart, and those who seek to coerce, dominate, censor, cancel, and punish those who show signs of wishing to enjoy liberty in the pursuit of happiness.

Since the mythic figure known as “Trump” appears to represent the group that favors liberty, it has been necessary for the latter group of Woke tyrants to find some way to punish him. And so, after much sedulous digging and rooting through every record vaulted in the earth’s mantle, the Manhattan district attorney’s office, conducting an investigation alongside the New York attorney general, has lodged a 15-count indictment against the Trump organization and its CFO, a Mr. Allen Weisselberg, for a conspiracy to commit criminal tax fraud, falsifying business records, and omitting to pay taxes on employees’ “indirect compensation” (i.e., fringe benefits) amounting to $1.7-million over 15 years.

Cue Dr. Evil… with pinky finger inserted in corner of mouth. One-point-seven million!!! Over 15 years…  equals about $113,000 a year! The New York state tax upon which might be in the neighborhood of $10,000! (That is, on the fringe benefits of company cars, parking spaces, and college tuition for company employees.) Now, there is a powerful case for malfeasance! Do you know what $1.7-million will get you: I’ll tell you: the raised ranch house that my parents bought in the Long Island suburbs for about 20-K in 1954. (Note, rather severely updated since then.) Just sayin….

Notice that the complaint against the Trump Org was not brought by the state tax authorities. Why not? Perhaps because it is beneath the dignity of even calling it a Mickey Mouse case. Instead, this is the sum total of what Democratic Party Lawfare ferrets could dig up in five years, including two years and $33-million spent by Robert Mueller’s investigators, plus the extra exertions of the DOJ’s Southern District federal attorneys. Well, done, Lawfare warriors! It will be fun to watch the prosecution of this case, if it isn’t peremptorily laughed out of court. It was especially rich to see the way The New York Times played the story in Friday’s morning edition — a giant banner headline, taken down, by the way, sometime after 9:00a.m. EDT, but we screen-capped it just prior:

Finally, in this trifecta of clanging unrealities, Democratic Party efforts to promote endless, widespread election fraud were dealt a knockdown blow Thursday in the US Supreme Court’s decision upholding a new Arizona election reform law that prohibits “ballot harvesting” and voting out of one’s own election district. The SCOTUS decision kind of moots the DOJ’s more recent hustle to undermine Georgia’s new election reform law, which includes similar prohibitions against ballot shenanigans. In short, states now can take reasonable steps to ensure fair elections—a hard concept to grasp, I’m sure, but there it is. Now let’s see how many states seek to unravel previous election shenanigans, for instance what went down on November 3, 2020. Happy July Fourth everyone. Don’t hurt anyone… or yourselves!

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Reset on Your Terms, or be Forced into the “Great Reset” on Theirs

Knowing their mind control over the masses is so perfect that hardly anyone can have a human reaction to it, the power elite get off on bragging about what they will do to us. Inevitably, when we “right-wing conspiracy theorists” point out the firmly established dystopian nightmare we currently reside in, the response from those masses is to (disingenuously) ask us for a solution to the problem.

We respond, knowing they’re not really interested in an answer. The basis of the question is merely to suggest there can’t be a solution. Outside of the political processes that have brought us to this terrible state in the first place, that is. 

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, I have ideas on what might pass for solutions to this problem. These are my solutions, which came to me through the lens of my own knowledge of the current situation, the sequence of events and ideas that brought us here, and the stated agenda of the people who will carry them and us into the future. 

Take what serves you and leave the rest. Your knowledge and experience, your level of incredulity to the seriousness of the situation, and your environment may bring you to different conclusions, different solutions.

But whatever you are going to do, start doing it yesterday.

Crippling inflation is here, and will get worse under the Great Reset.

As the world begins to abandon the dollar as the dominant reserve currency, the ghosts of Weimar and Zimbabwe darken our door. Unlike Zimbabwe and Weimar, this hyperinflation is planned, so they can use the crisis to implement agendas no one would otherwise approve.

Couple this reality with the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development in the 21st Century – Agenda 21 for short. Signed by George H.W. Bush at the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro in 1992, the plan was for massive depopulation of the planet and theft of the vast majority of land from the citizens. This was followed by Agenda 2030 – the original agenda on steroids.

The World Economic Forum rebranded the agenda as The Great Reset.

You can read it all for yourself, but beware, you risk alienation if you speak of it

A map of the United States under Agenda 21 shows almost no land allowed for human activity and just a few tiny blips – the smart super cities – where humans will be herded, tagged, and tracked like cattle into twenty-by-thirty foot paddocks. It’s a plan so evil it is incomprehensible to the average person. Anyone who dares speak of it, even though the documents are easily accessed and read, risks being seen as an utterly deranged, paranoid lunatic.

In this society, the cost of sanity is a certain level of alienation, as many of you surely know. Pay it gladly.

As a pandemic was used to paralyze the world with fear, it became clear it was the perfect cover to nuke the economy once and for all, and to implement heretofore unthinkable tenets of Agenda 21 and other aspects of their generations-long enslavement plans. The supply chain was trashed and has yet to recover. Farms were forced to destroy horrific amounts of product; vegetables, dairy, meat.

Under the Great Reset and other “climate change” initiatives being rolled out as you read, your diets will be strictly controlled, and meat will virtually be eliminated. You will eat worms and bugs, and you will never be happier.

My moment of truth

As this was all unfolding, one day, as I was lying in bed, I came to my moment of truth: I will lose everything.

I had already lost my job, and the government response to the pandemic had decimated my industry. Suddenly all the excuses I made for being unable to lessen my dependency on the grid evaporated. I had no choice. There was absolutely no circumstance under which I would allow them to inject me. And I knew that alone would mean I needed to “reset” on my own terms or be destroyed by theirs.

This, of course, beckoned me back to why I became a prepper and all of those things in the first place – the urge to take stock of all of the necessities in my life that I am not currently in control of and take control of them, only now with extreme prejudice and urgency. This includes but is perhaps not limited to water, food, shelter, energy, and security at a fundamental survival level.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you stop making excuses

I, of course, enthusiastically claimed the obscene pandemic unemployment money, knowing they were going to destroy the economy whether I took it or not (I did not buy a new TV, I assure you). Once that ran out, we lived month to month. And we even had to allow our car to be repossessed because we couldn’t afford both the mortgage and a car payment. With further and more profound economic crises imminent and inevitable, I knew our days were numbered (because that is the plan). I knew they would eventually foreclose on our house, and we would lose our home and all of the equity we built over the nine-plus years we lived there.

My wife and I implemented our own Great Reset: We sold our house and made enough profit after it was all said and done to buy a piece of raw, secluded land, debt-free. To live in the meantime, we purchased a travel trailer that we set up on the property while developing the homestead, including our permanent residence.

Many of you may be thinking about the family who did the same thing and had their property confiscated by the local constabulary. Take these sorts of things into account when you make your own plan. Something like that simply does not happen where I live. The county permit office is well aware of my plans for this land and has offered zero resistance. I have permits for septic and power, and these are now installed on my property with their royal blessings.

Continue reading at The Organic Prepper...https://www.theorganicprepper.com/reset-on-your-terms-great-reset/



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The Ice-Cream Flavor Next Time

A nation mesmerized by its own weakness wanly celebrated the long-ago and faraway memory of standing up for itself, while it passively endures the current orgy of tyrannical cancellation and suppression of anyone talking back to the present folks-in-charge. Over just a few years, this tyranny has grown like a toxic slime mold from such an unlikely place, the Internet social app ecology of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, as they took over the public arena — where the battle of ideas is supposed to live — and did the government’s dirty work, complete with adorable emojis. You’re fired!

Who will stand up to Zuck, Jack, and Sundar Pichai? Who elected these megalomaniacs boss of the USA? What will it take to end their reign of terror? Some sort of… revolution? (Shhhh! That must be a dirty word, even considering we just celebrated the high point of the American Revolution: The Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776.)

Don’t look to “Joe Biden,” the nation’s putatively elected leader — about whose election back in November, 2020, you are liable to hear more about as the summer stickily unspools. Zuck, Jack, and Sundar managed to protect “Joe Biden” from the stupendous depredations of his offspring, Hunter Biden, recorded in explosive detail on a laptop the public was not allowed to hear about. Don’t look to the Department of Justice, supposedly “investigating” that horde of memos and emails detailing the Bidens’ influence-peddling to the CCP and others — they’re busy surveilling “white supremacists” on the apps run by Zuck, Jack, and Sundar. And for sure don’t look to the news media, that coalition of sell-outs and quislings, busy decoding the foreign policy moves signified in “Joe Biden’s” ice-cream flavor choices. (Rocky Road means: Oh, let China have that….)

Wondering who is actually running the “Joe Biden” government? Some of us out here are. (Do you think we’re allowed to say that?) For instance, have you tried googling the name Susan Rice lately? Remember her? Maybe not. “Joe Biden” appointed her Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. From the looks of things across the country, you’d think her plate would be heaped mighty high, what with “insurrection” and other white mischief threatening to take down the republic.  Anyway, I googled “news” for her. Hardly a goshdarn thing came up that wasn’t from months ago, and most of that was sheer puffery about how accomplished she is, and what a fabulous person. Don’t you wonder what her phone log looks like? All those calls to the Obama residence, day after day, hour after hour?

All of which raises the question: is the USA just floating merrily merrily down the stream of events under the beneficent reign of “Joe Biden” (Susan Rice, Barack Obama & Co…)? Or are we, rather, freefalling? I suspect it is the latter. And toward what? It being mid-year, I will venture a few guesses. Enjoy the summer while you can because Corona Virus is coming back in the fall and watch out for people who are vaccinated getting sicker than the un-vaxed. That will be a mind-bender, as if Americans are not already utterly perplexed and bewildered by one political swindle after another. The whining will drown out even the news of more “white supremacy.” But they told us….

An autumn wave of Covid-19 (one “variant” or another) would take out whatever remains of the service economy, the restaurants struggling just now to return to normality (ha!), the hair salons, the gyms, the florists, booksellers, sports, theaters, live music venues, what-have-you. Since we no longer have much of a manufacturing economy, the only thing left would be Wall Street — which was originally designed to raise money for the manufacturing and service sector but now only raises money for itself via the seemingly magical mingling of “leverage” with “liquidity” to conjure profit from black holes where the ghosts of productivity howl.

It’s some trick but, let’s face it, it’s still just a trick. Also in that picture is the weird three-legged race of deflation tied to inflation running both uphill and downhill at the same time like a nightmare out of M.C. Escher by way of Stephanie Kelton. The USA will be toting up a $3-trillion-plus deficit just for the current fiscal year at the same time that debt becomes ever more obviously unpayable. How does debt even mean anything if there is no prospect of paying it back? Especially in the form of financial instruments, namely: bonds. And how does a financial system based on debt behave when all that is the case? I guess we’re going to find out.

My guess would be a price collapse in financial instruments — abstract things represented by money — and then a collapse of money itself. You may be thinking: not a pretty picture. I know. And we thought the last days of the Soviet Union were bad in 1990. Hoo boy, are we in for a rough ride.  One can hardly imagine the social side-effects of all that, but it would seem to imply people having a rather hard time finding something to eat, or getting anything else they need. Remember good ol’ Ross Perot talking about “a giant sucking sound?” Think of that against a background of things on fire. What flavor ice-cream will “Joe Biden” be ordering on Halloween?


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New post on The Burning Platform

A Conspiracy to Murder – The Government and the Big Pharma-Dependent Medical Profession Are Hiding the Facts About Covid and the Vaccine

by Administrator

Guest Post by Paul Craig Roberts

UPDATE: Just received this from an accomplished highly intelligent attorney I have known for many years:

"I have just spent 10 hours a day In the hospital with my son since July 2, he is now stable but essentially went into A Fib they cannot fix now because of a clot (vaccine induced I am sure) after being sick 10 days following his second Pfizer shot. It's too much to go into now, we almost lost him. He's 32. No history of hypertension or heart problems. Vegetarian. "

It is happening all over. See, for example, this: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/teen-heart-condition-pfizer-covid-vaccine-fabio-berlingieri-fox-friends/

There are a huge number of cases of life-threatening reactions to the "safe" vaccine, especially among the young. Yet the social media nazis and google continue to deplatform those who give the alarm. That part of the medical profession that blindly without thought follow the Big Pharma "guidelines" issued by NIH, FDA, CDC, and WHO are accomplices to murder.

Read more of this post


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“Science” Update from the Communist Utopia of California

California to Continue School Mask Requirements Even If Vaccinated, Counter to CDC Guidelines

mask mandate just until government says its safe muslim burqa

California Meme Gallery

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quote when you dont let people disrespect you start calling you difficult

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A woman asked God, "Where were you when my son died?" God said, "My son died too! Do you think I don't know loss?"

my bookshelfThe Top 10 Books of All Time

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It is beginning to happen.
yep, the cup is overflowing soon. thousands and thousands of people in telegram groups and other places who talk about people dying or crippled by the vax. many health practitioners talking about it too, that they're being told to not speak about what's happening. also a lot of people who tell of getting sick when in close proximity to the vaxxed, but get healthy relatively soon when away from them. also people who speak of change of character in some vaxxed, of strange stinking body odors the vaxxed have, of dogs who were friendly to people before become shy or angry in presence of the same people now vaxxed…

we've seen nothing yet! Anonymous Coward User ID:  80425983



Quote of the Day
Do whatever it takes to not take the vaccine bio weapon formed against you. Even if you have to kill the monsters attacking you with the vaccine bio weapon you are 100% justified to rightfully defend your life from the gangsters Biden is sending door to door and workplace to workplace to try and kill you. Anonymous Coward User ID:  77852475





Covid and the Nocibo Effect
Could Covid-19 simply be a flu intensified by the Nocibo Effect?

The Nocibo Effect is the reverse of the Placebo Effect.

With the constant 24 hr news media fear bombardment regarding covid, masks and social distancing most everywhere, is it possible that that is why this flu is taking a strong toll globally on many people?

I personally believe that there is a high probability that the Nocibo effect plays a rather large part in this.

“ What Is the Nocebo Effect?
For some patients, the mere suggestion of side effects is enough to bring on negative symptoms.
What if taking an absolutely harmless substance could make you sick? What if a sugar pill caused you to feel nausea, or a fake dose of lactose triggered unwelcome stomach symptoms in patients who are lactose intolerant?

An opposite tendency—and one that has been largely overlooked by the research community—is the nocebo effect. Put simply, it is the phenomenon in which inert substances or mere suggestions of substances actually bring about negative effects in a patient or research participant. For some, being informed of a pill or procedure’s potential side effects is enough to bring on real-life symptoms. Like the placebo effect, it is still poorly understood and thought to be brought about by a combination of Pavlovian conditioning and a reaction to expectations.“ LTHN User ID:  44975315





End Blasphemy End SatanismStop Satanism • Blaspheme Never Again !

The First Amendment protects against the infringement of religion and in so doing, it protects religion itself from blasphemers, heretics, iconoclasts, and apostates.

Satanism is NOT a legitimate religion and does not deserve any protections under the First Amendment.

Satanism exists solely as a repudiation of another religion, Christianity. Satan is NOT a god. He's a flunky. Any worship of Satan is merely a rude gesture AGAINST the God of Christianity. The entire act of worship in Satanism IS flinging an insult at the God of Christianity. As such, it is not the practice of a religion, but rather the practice of an insult.

Read More


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Neurolinguistic Programming

You may already know that NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The name is derived from three components that most affect our human experience: our neurology, our language, and our programming, or the way in which we have learned to model the world around us. The development of NLP began in the 1970s in California, by Richard Bandler and John Grinder as an innovative approach to psychotherapy, communication, and personal development.

NLP studies the methods, validity and scope involved in what it means to be human on many different levels and dimensions. It focuses on fostering competence and flexibility of behavior, and involves analytical and strategic thought to understand what mental processes are behind human behavior.

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        A time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor 

            It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first great war still darken the snow. The capitalistic city-state known simply as 'The Factory,' which fueled the war with heavily armored mechs, has closed its doors, drawing the attention of several nearby countries.   

            Other than each player’s individual hidden objective cards, the only elements of luck are encounter cards that players will draw as they interact with the citizens of newly explored lands and combat cards that give you a temporary boost in combat. Combat is also driven by choices, not luck or randomness.        

About this item

  • It is a time of unrest in 1920s Europa. The ashes from the first great war still darken the snow. The capitalistic city-state known simply as “The Factory”, which fueled the war with heavily armored mechs, has closed its doors, drawing the attention of several nearby countries
  • Lead your faction to victory, building mechs, working the land, and exploring the mysterious factory, all while protecting your territory from the mechs of other encroaching factions
  • Explore the alternate-history of 1920+ Europe through Jakub Różalski's stunning artwork
  • For 1-5 players
  • Plays in 90-120 minutes


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