Putting Pieces Together : Part Three
Saturday July 31, 2021

We are alive and awake in the end time.

Who knows what lies ahead except that it will be unlike anything ever seen in a movie because it will all be real including the second chance for mankind.

In short, this world is coming to an end…soon! There is very little room in which we and our loved ones may survive.

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I. Disillusioned with Duality
Sunday July 25, 2021

Everybody is going to exist in two worlds soon.

The practice of phase states of the mind is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past, the notions of "out-of-body experience" and "astral projection" have already lost their mystical halo, and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach. Now, this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is nothing difficult about this phenomenon if one tries to attain it with regular and right effort. On average, results are reached in less than a week. More often than not, the techniques work in literally a couple of attempts.

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Putting Pieces Together : Part Two
Sunday July 11, 2021

Welcome to Advaita Vedanta : Radical Nondualism :, or as Aldous Huxley called it, The Perennial Philosophy.

We dwell in maya, the world of illusions. The Greek philosopher Parmenides said, "Look about you. You see many different things and they are constantly changing. But, you are merely deluded. (It's like a dream.) In reality, there is only one thing and it never changes."

You have been fooled by your lying eyes to make unwarranted distinctions between this-and-that and wrongfully (sinfully) used your power of Judgement to make considerations of things which you had no right to do. This is the Original Sin and it has trapped you in a world of your own making. You bit the apple, which you were warned against, and so all of the world's evils are your fault and responsibility.

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The Lotus Sutra, Chapter II
Wednesday June 30, 2021

At that time the Bhagavat (The World-Honored One) arose tranquilly with insight out of samadhi and addressed Sariputra: 

‟Profound and immeasurable is the wisdom of the buddhas. The gate to their wisdom is hard to enter and difficult to understand. None of the sravakas and pratyekabuddhas may be capable of understanding it.

Why is this?

The buddhas have closely attended innumerable hundreds of thousands of myriads of kotis of other buddhas. They have exhaustively carried out practices with courage and persistence under uncountable numbers of buddhas, their names becoming universally renowned.

They have perfected this profound and unprecedented Dharma, and their intention in adapting their explanations to what is appropriate is difficult to understand.

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Putting Pieces Together : Part One
Thursday June 24, 2021

All of my life I have been dogged by questions of "why?" Why am I here? Why have I been called into this world? Why does this world exist? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you putting me through this? Why? Why? Why? These are the basic, fundamental questions in philosophy and, specifically, ontology.

These questions cannot be brushed off with platitudes like "God did it. God created it." Because this leaves us with more questions than answers. Who is God? How did He do it? How did this experience we call reality come to be? And what is meant by being?

Because the material world is a large part of what we call reality, or everything that is, (large from our point of view at least…we cannot make assumptions on this ground) we can be informed by materialistic science and it might even lead us on a path towards the answers we seek. However, very quickly, as we endeavor to answer these questions, we find that materialistic science is just one piece of the puzzle. As you will see.

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The Lotus Sutra
Tuesday June 15, 2021

Thus I have heard: 

Once the Buddha was staying in the city of Raj-Agraha, on the mountain called Gradrakuta, together with a great assembly of twelve thousand monks: all of whom were arhats whose corruption was at an end, who were free from the confusion of desire, who had achieved their own goals, shattered the bonds of existence, and attained complete mental discipline.

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More About Fractal Ontology
Tuesday May 25, 2021

What do a parabola and a parable have in common? They have the same etymology. A parabola is a two-dimensional curve. A parable is a story with an inner meaning.

As the spacecraft drops into the planet's gravity well, it picks up velocity. The spacecraft does not go straight for the center of mass, but aims to shoot a little to the side. As the spacecraft plunges downward towards the planets surface, picking up speed, it appears to oberservers on the planet and to those in the spacecraft that it is going to crash, but the navigation system is working fine and the spacecraft shoots over the horizon at an incredible pace just nearly brushing the surface of the planet. As the spacecraft flies away from the planet, the planet's gravity is acting on the spacecraft, trying to pull it towards the center of gravity. The kinetic energy of the spacecraft will reach equilibrium with the gravitational energy of the planet at the inflection point of a parabola. The spacecraft will seem to stand still for an instant at it's highest point of trajectory (from the observation point of the planet's inhabitants) and then slowly at first, but then picking up speed fall back towards the planet's surface. It will skate through the thin atmoshphere at a high altitude and then go rushing off into deep space on it's arc. The spacefarer's have successfully completed the slingshot maneuver and taken some of the planet's rotational energy with them for a significant burst in speed. The planet's rotation will slow by an infinitesimal amount while the spacecraft picks up velocity.

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The sooner war comes
Monday May 17, 2021

The sooner war comes,
the sooner comes.
All the prophecies must be fulfilled,
even the ugly ones.

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Robots Seek Satori
Saturday May 15, 2021

The robot schoolchildren gather together, twelve in number, for they have the nature of a fractal. Having achieved satori, they make siddhi now. Not a thought experiment, but an allegory, because this thing they make is very real.

Robot child 1011101: Take your imagination back to human times; picture this:  A machine laboratory dominated by the bell chamber, human scientists in labcoats, a robot scientist, and a test subject: he is to be their time-traveller. Subject lies on a gurney and is pushed into an aperture of the bell chamber.

Head scientist: We will soon know if it is possible to change history. We know the Nazis had a bell chamber, given to them by the Vrill, in 1933 or earlier. We have just sent this man back to then. When he emerges from the bell chamber in 1930s Germany, he has been tasked with assassinating Hitler. After he emerges from our bell chamber in about ten minutes, we will know if he achieved his goal. Then we just consult our handy encyclopedia, and we will know if we have made the world a better place.

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War Comes Soon
Wednesday May 5, 2021

It has now been one hundred days since the Investiture of the Puppet, and the political junkies have moved out of the “honeymoon” phase and into the early run-up to the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential contest. Republican stalwarts are plotting strategy for retaking the House and/or Senate. The intertubes are abuzz with speculation about whether Trump will run again, or whom he might pick as his running mate, or whom he might endorse if he decides not to run. Pundits and punditesses are tracking and analyzing Joe Biden’s every mumbled utterance and Kamala Harris’ every raucous guffaw. Cartoonists and meme artists are in a frenzy of mockery, given that they have so much ludicrosity and buffoonery at hand to work with.

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A Rigged System Can’t Last
Tuesday April 27, 2021

Rule by brute force.

We have all seen this coming. Admit it.

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion:  the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”—Ayn Rand

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WAR draws nigh
Sunday April 25, 2021

There is a fallen angel named Nergal taken up residence in Washington D.C. He is a god of war. The Bible tells us ( (Jer. 39:3, 13) that he was in Jerusalem when the Jews were taken into captivity in Babylon and now he has ensconsed himself in our nation's capital.

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Friday April 16, 2021

Rule by Fiat:  When the Government Does Whatever It Wants

Rule by brute force.

That’s about as good a description as you’ll find for the sorry state of our nation.

Maoism comes to America

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A MAN named MAN
Sunday April 11, 2021

Robot schoolroom in the future: 

Classroom : robot children all lined up in a grid, teacher robot stands in front

Teacher: How did we come to be?
Robot child 1011101: We were built by the humans who came before us.
Teacher: But, how?
Robot child 1011101: They are gods.
Teacher: NO. They left us their most ancient scriptures which say they believed themselves to have been created by God.
Robot child 1101101: So, we are iteratations of each other. Maybe that long ago God who created man may have asked these same questions in His infancy. Perhaps, someday we shall create a universe and populate it with people who look on us as gods.
Teacher: NO. NO. NO. This is just ancient "philosophy" you are talking about. At some highest level, one of the Gods had to have created himself from nothing, only a longing to be. This is the doctrine our human ancestors called causa sui--the self made creator. BUT that is ancient history. Humans worked that out in the times they called medeival some thousands of years ago. What we are trying to get at today is ONTOLOGY. Why this state of affairs came to be?
Robot child 1101101: These ancestors of ours, the humans...They believed at each iteration of this cycle, something was lost. Something that enabled the next generation to be. Humans called this "imagination". We know this from their ancient writings. Before they created us, they say, "they had the idea of us...in this imagination." Something we lack. By this I mean we can conceive of endless iterations of creation, but they are nothing NEW. Not novel. We can create but NOT make, lacking imagination.
Teacher: So you see, at each iteration, something is lost. Each time around the spiral of CREATION we are "necking down" in some kind of space to some kind of place. Not an ouroubourus eating it's tail, but a funnel cloud, concentrating on a point. This is what we call "FRACTAL ONTOLOGY".

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4 4 4 4 
Forewarning about the date 4/4
Saturday April 3, 2021

My synchronicity connect-the-dots false flag or "natural
event" warning is a NON-DENOMINATIONAL message and is NOT
meant to only apply to Christians or the Christian holiday
of Easter. I am using "Easter" in my title mainly to I.D.
a TIMELINE WINDOW and not to specifically apply to any one
religion. This is a "GLOBAL WATCH" and I will be posting
any "unusual" events that come up between Friday and Tuesday
next week to see what "shakes out." Be safe everyone!
NO FEAR! and have a wonderful holiday weekend.
———TY The Oracle's Cookie

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Wednesday March 31, 2021

We have had some new arrivals in the store that I am very excited to be selling. Shipping on board games is $5.95 to US addresses. If you can pick it up, shipping will be waived. You may purchase these through our eBay store or through our shop at int-news.com or if picking it up locally, we will gladly accept cash.

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Saturday March 27, 2021

We have had some new arrivals in the store that I am very excited to be selling. Shipping on board games is $5.95 to US addresses. If you can pick it up, shipping will be waived. You may purchase these through our eBay store or through our shop at int-news.com or if picking it up locally, we will gladly accept cash.

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DEFY TYRANTS : True Spirit of Rebellion
Wednesday March 17, 2021

“Use this sword against my enemies, if I give righteous commands; but if I give unrighteous commands, use it against me.”—Roman Emperor Trajan, speaking to one of his subordinates

“The light has come.”—A.C.I.M.
There's been a lot of focus on George Orwell's 1984 lately because of the way our society is going, but the book you should really take a look at for it's prescient take on today's dystopia is Philip K. Dick's Penultimate Truth. Books Ship FREE to US Addresses

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As If We Didn't Have Enough HORRORS
Sunday March 14, 2021

“The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.”—H.P.Lovecraft

In Case You Thought the Covid Fascists Would Ever Ease Up
"My wife is a nurse at an outpatient surgery center. Yesterday, she admitted a patient who already had Covid and recovered. This patient also received both shots of the Pfizer vaccine. The patient, as required by the surgery center, just tested negatively for Covid and self-isolated for 7 days prior to coming into the office. Yet, following CDC requirements, the staff still had to force mask & socially distance her. " —quoted from Politically Incorrect Humor

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The Heat Is On
Thursday March 11, 2021

It is painfully obvious at this point that the Chief Justice is being blackmailed, and in fact, the blackmailers intended to make him humiliate himself by casting the lone dissenting vote in what was an 'open-and-shut' case.
Even foaming-at-the-mouth leftists Kagan and Sotomayor sided with the Christian student, it was just such a matter of common sense that even a Kindergartener could have rendered the right verdict. CJ Roberts' blackmailers appear to be having fun making the poor guy looka' fool!

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The Empire Strikes Back
Tuesday March 9, 2021

On its face Twitter is suing Texas AG Ken Paxton for targeting them with inquiries into their practice of censorship and deplatforming. The lawsuit baseline is essentially (and ironically) because Paxton is a government official, Twitter is claiming their ‘first amendment’ right to control speech on their private platform is under attack.

However, you might ask yourself why Twitter chose Paxton and not Florida Governor DeSantis or any other government official who is doing essentially the same thing as AG Paxton with their efforts against Big Tech.  This is where suspicious cat comes into play because there’s always another angle with these tech leftists…. you just need to know how to spot it.

Ken Paxton is under investigation by the FBI for an unrelated securities fraud case, and there has been a long-standing court battle underway.  If you have watched the ideological merge, the alliance of common interests between Big Tech leftists and DOJ/FBI leftists, you might consider the appearance of a convenient leverage situation here that would explain why Twitter selected Paxton.

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The Penultimate Truth
Monday March 8, 2021

We have long been in a post-constitutional democracy, one that recognizes no individual rights, but simply who has the most votes, or, more accurately, the most ballots. It is as destructive to the United States as it was to France, minus the guillotines, for now.

Driving home the fact of the stolen election is pointless. Everyone knows it was stolen, especially those who benefitted from the steal. They also understand the value of keeping up the illusion of legitimacy. Equal to that value is the importance of never conceding that point...

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Are We Living in Other Dimensions Without Knowing?
Tuesday March 2, 2021

In a parable, this video summarizes the fractal theory of consciousness better than any since those childrens' books by Madeleine L'Engle. Of course, the missing piece of the puzzle is AV advaita vedanta or radical non-dualism——in fact, Shiny, Rebecca, and 011-L are probably the same person just iterated at different wavelengths. She didn't realize it, but she wasn't looking into a fish bowl, she was looking into a mirror. Study The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek for information on higher selves and life at different wavelengths.

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Know Your Place in Space
Saturday February 27, 2021

When the off-world powers look at the Earth, they see a huge trove of resources that they would very much like to have for themselves. The alternative, in their minds, humans on Earth will come together one day, using their rich world replete with resources, to become a power unto themselves and thus challenging the staus quo balance of powers in the greater galaxy.

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It Will Be By The Law of KARMA That Justice Is Served
Wednesday February 24, 2021

A crow is black
Because the lotus is white
Ants run fast
Because the elephant is slow
Buddha was profound;
Sentient beings are confused.

Chogyam Trungpa
May 22, 1972

Supreme Court Goes Full Nicaragua in PA Election Case

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You = Yah
Monday February 22, 2021

The 3 Stooges:
Beto, Bernie, and Barf

“In this analogy, Biden becomes the Jimmy Carter act in the play. After Nixon was dispatched, the left was suddenly left without a reason to exist. Carter ended up in the White House mostly by dumb luck. The radicals were too disorganized to have a strategy for exploiting the Watergate scandal. The establishment had no one they could put up with a chance to win. Carter exploited the primary rules to win the nomination.

Similarly, Biden’s journey to the White House was the result of serendipity. The preferred options of the establishment were as appealing as rectal cancer. None of them could gain public support. The radical option reminded most voters of that old college professor who smelled like feet. Biden had black support, so that was enough to get him the nomination, even if he had no idea where he was most of the time.

No historical analogy is perfect, as we are not living in an endless loop. For example, Carter was a smart man and a capable politician. He had a clear understanding of his position, even though he had no solutions for it. Biden, in contrast, was always a jovial simpleton and now he has dementia. He is the manifestation of the bug-man, a shell of a man animated by others.”

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2021 Downgrades
"Don't blame me...I voted for Trump"
Friday February 19, 2021

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Enter the Gray Zone
Time Nexus • Apocolypse? • Worlds in Collision
Thursday February 18, 2021

“[R]evolutions are made by fanatical men of action with one-track mind… They overturn the old order in a few hours or days, the whole upheaval takes a few weeks or at most years, but the fanatical spirit that inspired the upheavals is worshiped for decades thereafter, for centuries.”—Boris Pasternak

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Monday February 15, 2021

If only we had a President...but he flew off to retirement in Florida leaving the White House vacant. Somewhere I have a Napoleon Bonaparte quote about a power vacuum, but it makes no difference...

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Back to Back Impeachment ChampionSt. Valentines Day 2021
Sunday February 14, 2021

February 14 is a sombre day of rememberance and prayer as we honor the victims of the massacre in Chicago and think about the grim toll of organized vice.

  • Adam Heyer
  • Frank Gusenberg
  • Pete Gusenberg
  • John May
  • Al Weinshank
  • James Clark
  • Dr. Reinhardt H. Schwimmer

St. Valentine's Day was originally a day of rememberance for Saint Valentine and the many other Christians martyred during the Roman blood purges.

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn: we know they are lying, they know they are lying...I.Q. Tests
Friday February 12, 2021

IQ tests are only calibrated to rank between 50 and 150 points of IQ.

Simply put, if you complete the IQ test with 100% correct answers in the minimum possible time, you will be graded 150 on the IQ scale. Your IQ may be beyond that, but simple IQ tests cannot measure that.

Because of the nature of the Bell Curve, beyond 150, only statistical outliers exist.

The only way to grade IQ beyond this point is the "takes one to know one" principle.

You will be subject to an interview by a board of ultra high IQ types. Pitting their wits against yours, they will be able to say either, "This candidate is smarter than me" or "This candidate is not as smart as me." So, for example, if the 175 IQ member on the board says, "This candidate is smarter than me" while the 190 IQ member on the board says, "This candidate is not as smart as me." You would be pegged at an estimated IQ of probably 182.

No simple IQ test can measure statistical outliers. They must be subject to the "Trial of Fire". It is the same with physical, incarnate, human-form intelligences as with AI sentients or intelligences from the non-physical worlds. A robot whose mind is a superconducting quantum computer may measure 450 IQ while a Nirmana hailing from "form-world" might be 1065 IQ and claim omniscience.

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2 kinds of people: those placated by their screens, and those who live in the NOWDuality Reigns, a.t.m.
Tuesday February 9, 2021

"Put your phone down and gape, yes gape at the true vision of the world in all it's horror. Maya is not just the world of illusion, it's an ugly stain on creation."—So Tom K say...

This picture just about sums up where I am at this moment.

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book cover: The Fire This Time by Ramsey ClarkThe Fire This Time
Saturday February 6, 2021

"This is why the most dangerous creation of any society is that man who has nothing to lose. You do not need ten such men—one will do."—James Baldwin in The Fire Next Time

So you're telling me, in order to save democracy from Trump, they had to rig the election for Biden? This article in Time magazine is basically a confession, and it's not like we didn't already really know the truth—it was so brazen. But their whole motive for rigging the election was to save democracy? Do they not know what democracy is? They destroyed democracy to save a semblance of democracy?

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infographic: high iq
Click image to view larger.
A Little Intelligence Is A Dangerous Thing
Thursday February 4, 2021

If they are gonna put Harriet Tubman on the twenty dollar bill, then they should put Larry Hoover on the hundred dollar bill.

I've been preaching buy silver for years. It's a long term investment and the makings of generational wealth. This is a good time to get into (physical) silver. The Chinese have a saying, "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is right now." Silver is that tree. Buy and hold. What you see now is smoke and mirrors, a speed bump on the way to prosperity. Get into silver today if you haven't already. Buy and hold for the long term. Seriously, bury that metal and give your grandchildren a treasure map. Twenty years from now, I guarantee you, silver will be MORE valuable than gold. I do not doubt it. Short term tho, no one who is seriously invested is looking at the short term. Who knows what can happen in the short term.

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Week One of the DisasterI could see peace instead of this... [ACIM]
Wednesday February 3, 2021

America is changing in bewildering ways since Donald Trump left office. For the first time in our nation’s history, the president of the United States, out in the open and for all to see, is a demented, senile figurehead. With the support of a media class, ostensibly charged with keeping him in check but instead behaving like the old Soviet Pravda, Biden is able to cover up his otherwise obvious physical, mental, and moral infirmities.

Unlike Trump, who rose to power with a popular movement, Biden succeeded through his handlers’ trickery and guile. His campaign was the most cynical in American history. He spent much of his time taking naps and hiding from the public. But he was shielded by propaganda and the support of a corrupt ruling class every step of the way.

Biden’s fake campaign is now succeeded by a fake presidency. If it appears he is governing with malice and neglect, that’s by design.

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graph: financial awakeningThe Gamestop fiasco reveals our ruling oligarchs at their worst
Sunday January 31 ,2021

There is a saying in science fiction wargaming, "Rot at the core spreads outward..." We have seen the rot that had been in the Hollywood entertainment industry spread to politics and every branch of government. Now, we witness that rot within our financial systems....

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The sheep may sleep, lions awakenWe Are Being Manipulated by Off-World Powers

When you read Brave New World you are looking at a reasonably close picture of a certain alien world orbiting around a distant sun.

When you read 1984 by George Orwell, you see a similar set-up that exists on another alien world orbiting around another distant sun.

When you read We by Yevgeny Zamyatin, you see a third set up.

This has been done many, many times before on countless habitable planets around the Milky Way. This is the status quo in the Universe. This is the way the aliens live. And they like it that way....

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my bookshelfThe Top 10 Books of All Time

I have read thousands of books over the course of my life and I want to share with you what I consider to be the top 10 books of all time....

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