Election Season 2020 Thanksgiving

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Luke 22:36 (Jesus speaking to his disciples said) "…if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

50 GOP Youth Groups Call On Senate Republicans To Take Action Against Big Tech [Twitter]

A total of 50 Young Republican, College Republican and other conservative youth groups signed a letter calling on Senate Republican leadership to take substantive action against big tech’s censorship of the New York Post‘s reporting on Hunter Biden’s hard drive. [More…]

meme: Captain Picard can't believe Biden's hypocricy

Detroit Election Workers Trained To Kick Out Poll Watchers, Count Challenged Ballots, Throw Out Provisional Ballots
Hidden audio has emerged from an anonymous source who took the election work training classes in Detroit, Michigan.

And you won’t believe what the trainers are instructing the poll workers to do.
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  TIME's new international cover: "The Great Reset"
For decades, progressives have attempted to use climate change to justify liberal policy changes. But their latest attempt - a new proposal called the "Great Reset" - is the most ambitious and radical plan the world has seen in more than a generation.
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quote: Saul Alinsky

American Thinker: Mail in voting will not prevent a Trump victory!
Most people supporting President Trump in this election are confident that he will get more votes in 2020 than he did in 2016, but they fear that fraudulent mail-in ballots will steal or delay the election results. After analyzing state voting laws -- and the 2016 electoral map -- I feel confident in saying that neither is a likely outcome.
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HUGE POTUS MOVE!!! New Trump E.O. sets stage for FIRING of the entire corrupt SES bureaucracy (Obama's Army/deep state)!
ATTN! While you were sleeping #Trump issued an edict that eliminates job protections for tens of thousands (maybe millions) of federal employees, all involved in policy-making. It paves the way for a mass firing of govt employees.
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Read the official text from the White House

meme makes Oprah looka fool

New Notes for November
November 1, 2020 Sunday

Hidden Time (Digital Download) by Robin D. Bullock; Code: 3632D

November 2, 2020 Monday

The King James Bible interchangeably uses 'spake/spoke', 'sware/swore' and 'bare/bore' for the simple past tenses of 'speak', 'swear', and 'bear', respectively.

Do we really have more cases?  21 million Chinese cell phones can't be wrong.  China grossly underreported their numbers while we (continue to) incentivize hospitals to inflate their numbers.  And what's with the number of influenza cases this year?  Something fishy there...

PA Sec of State is Kathy Boockvar
PA Atty General is Josh Shapiro
Both are crooks

November 3, 2020 Tuesday

You are DEAD WRONG! There is NO such thing as a “good cop” because no good person would willingly associate with such a disreputable organization as a police department.  Any possible “good cop” would have seen the corruption, abuse, and malfeasance and got ta hell out of there and gone into private security or detective work instead.






November 4, 2020 Wednesday


You lying sack of shit. Trump has won Michigan & now magic ballots are appearing everywhere, all marked Biden. You can't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining. Trump must be certified winner & then the 5th-columnist media outlets need to be shuttered and their agents prosecuted

We have a surfeit of crooks.  Our governor is crooked.  Our secretary of state is crooked and our attorney general is crooked.  Together they are trying to rig the election for crooked Joe Biden.  Don't blame me, I voted for Bill Schuette. 

Actually it did happen.  At 3:30 this morning, Trump was well ahead.  Now, this morning they are trying to tell us different.  I do NOT believe that and any result other than Trump for President and James for Senator will be fraudulent and we will NOT accept it.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Michigan has had it with crooked Democrat politicians and we will NOT tolerate it any longer. Certify Trump and James as winners!  And then RESIGN! Maybe we will let you go quietly into the night.  If you attempt to frustrate the electorate, there is no telling what might happen to you!

Why not let criminals vote?  We have a criminal for Governor, a criminal for secretary of state, and another crook for attorney general.  And they want to give the election to crooked Joe Biden.  Rule of law is dead in Michigan when pirates rule Michigan.

Voter fraud is when all the ballots are counted, they didn't get the result they wanted, and then magically 100,000+ more ballots, all marked for Biden magically appear in the dead of night.  Just what we are seeing play out in Wisconsin and Michigan.  This election was crooked.

Thank God President Trump has been reelected.  The Democrats tried to steal the election, but ultimately they failed in their wicked scheming.  Now, we need to shutter the fifth-columnist media organizations and prosecute their so-called 'journalists'.

Congratulations President Trump and Senator-elect John James.

You are so deceitful.  Trump is not trying to stop counting ballots received on or before election day.  Trump IS trying to stop counting ballots manufactured in the early AM hours today.

Appealing to the FB-Lie @FBI is not a good strategy.  They were too busy investigating Bubba Wallace's pull-cord and aggressive drivers in Texas to look at Hunter's laptop, and you think they will be of any help now? Rule of law is dead in this country and has been for some time.

Breaking News from Trump Campaign!
**Okay, this came, (I believe) from a leaked email. I can't seem to find it now again. Take it for what you will... Still digging though

Statement from the Trump Campaign
Let me make something crystal clear:

No one is trying to undue the just results of a fair & impartial election, regardless of its winner.


However, this is not simply about "every vote being counted."
While that makes for a great sound bite, this is about HOW those votes were securely RECEIVED.

How they were STORED.

How they were COUNTED.

Whether SIGNATURES should match or POSTMARKS should be legible.

Our legal team is fighting to ensure that ALL legal ballots – and ONLY legal ballots – are tallied.

And if we count all legal ballots, President Trump wins.


But these are not determinations to be made by the State, but rather by the Courts.
Here is where we stand:

Facebook & Twitter have rightly removed Arizona from Biden’s electorate column on their official election map(s) and CNN never called it.
Countless heavily Republican remain in play and will break in Trump’s favor.
Maricopa County overnight was a pickup of +50,000 votes for Trump.
Biden lead is now 90k with 520k ballots remaining.
We expect to win 70% of these ballots.
We are now confident we will now win AZ by 30,000 votes.

President Trump has built an insurmountable lead of over 100,000 votes that the Democrats cannot beat. Period.

President Trump has built an insurmountable lead of over 76,000 votes that the Democrats cannot beat. Period.

President Trump has formally petitioned for a state recount, as the current results fall within the 1% legal margin of error.
Several outlying counties are leaning heavily Republican, including Kenosha, Green Bay, Pierce & Richland.

President Trump believes we will win this state outright, as several outlying GOP counties have yet to be counted & we will sue to stop any declaration of a winner until they are duly amended.

Trump is up in PA by nearly 700,000 votes with over 3/4 of the votes tallied.
outstanding, along with 5 heavily Republican leaning counties.
Even if 95% of the mail-in ballots go to Biden, Trump still wins the state by over 40,000 votes.
The campaign will be making a public statement about evidence of ballot fraud shortly.

Late breaking mail gets Trump a win by a margin of over 5,500 votes.

Lastly, anyone who thinks that a 270 declaration in the next 24 hours by the mainstream media for a specific candidate to deliberately sway public opinion is going to derail our determination to protect the legal integrity of this election - or deter us from its ultimate victory - is not only naive, but hypocritical.

After all, we’re still waiting for a “peaceful transfer of power” from 2016.
Today’s actions are not only within the President’s legal rights.
They are his responsibility.

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11/04/2020 04:34 PM
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Re: Breaking News from Trump Campaign!
So 200k People Voted For Biden In Michigan And ZERO For Trump When Everyone Was Sleeping


Trump 2,200,902
Biden 1,992,356

Then, overnight - this morning, the numbers magically change but only for Biden:

Trump 2,200,902
Biden 2,130,695
Jason Lemoyne Daniel 3602 Race St Flint MI
Daniel, Jason Lemoyne was born in 1850 and he registered to vote, giving his address as 3602 Race St, Flint, Michigan 48504 United States of America. (Voter ID number 245043698).
Visit the detail page of Jason Lemoyne Daniel (free).

This is what the Democrats have planned:

1. Trump wins (there's nothing they can do about it)

2. Biden claims he won anyway

3. The media congratulates Biden for his victory

4. Violence erupts in the streets as demonstrators demand that Trump concedes the election

5. The media calls Trump Hitler because a strand of hair was touched on a rioter when police stopped an attempted arson in progress somewhere

6. "The people" demands that Trump resigns, just look at all this news reporting in the media showing all these angry "average people", and all these "experts" saying Trump lost and Biden won

7. Meanwhile, the war goes on in courts, in a Democrat attempt to overthrow the usual legal procedures and give more time for them to "find" more votes to count

8. Biden wins!

The rule of law has been dead in this country for some time now and now our elections are crooked.  This will not stop until the tree of liberty has been watered. I'm not being hyperbolic, anyone with eyes to see knows there will be bloodshed before this is over.

This is FALSE  and a LIE.  The same magical ballots that they pulled out of their nether regions to give Biden a win were also marked for Dick "Penis" Peters. There is NO WAY IN HELL that a Peters win would be legitimate and he should do the right thing and CONCEDE immediately.

The same magical ballots that they pulled out of their nether regions to give Biden a win were also marked for Dick "Penis" Peters. There is NO WAY IN HELL that a Peters win would be legitimate and you should do the right thing and CONCEDE immediately. For the good of the state AND FOR YOUR PHYSICAL WELL BEING, you must concede immediately.

Well, I'm from Michigan and Dick "Penis" Peters is as big of a crook as Biden!  You have no idea how much money he raked in under the table as Lottery Commissioner. AND HE BELIEVES AN EXPECTANT MOTHER HAS A RIGHT TO MURDER HER UNBORN BABY!  Seriously, WTF?

The same magical ballots that they pulled out of their ass to give Biden a win were also marked for Peters. There is NO WAY IN HELL that this is legitimate & you should do the right thing and CONCEDE immediately. For the good of the state AND because [censored], you must concede.

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Friday November 6th, 2020

People DO see this.  The only people still supporting Biden are themselves murderers, monsters, and sex perverts.  You meet a Biden voter, know that you are face to face with EVIL itself.

Twitter is part of the problem.  I suspect that this time next year, Twitter will not exist and Dorsey will be dead or in jail.


Who Won The Election?
The most starling presentation of the facts that equal fraud follows:

Who Won the Election? Nov 4, 2020

by Michael Charles Master (author of Save America Now, Rules for Conservatives, and the Birth Famine)

Did you watch the election returns on Tuesday night? Did you stay up all night? At about midnight on the east coast, Trump led in all the battleground states by large margins. The betting odds were more than 75% for Trump to win. Then for some unexplainable reason, Wisc, Mich, Pa, NC, and NV all stopped counting votes simultaneously... in unison.... took a "pause" ... at around 1 AM. None of those states counted any additional votes for the next 3 hours. So what did they do for those 3 hours?

Let me point out a couple of things:

1. All of those 5 states have Democrat governors.

2. Suddenly during the 3 hour shut down, in the dead of night when most people were sleeping, all those states found enough votes for Biden to catch Trump. 5 for 5. At midnight in Michigan, Trump was ahead by 5% (400 thousand votes) with 80% of the votes already counted. When the next 10% of votes of about 400,000 were counted from Wayne County (Detroit), then suddenly Biden caught Trump with 90% of the votes in. Biden made up 5% with 10% of the total vote. That means that all the votes (close to 100%) from Wayne went to Biden. That also means that practically all registered voters voted in Wayne County. Does anyone believe any of that is possible? The same thing happened in Madison, Wis, In Raleigh, NC, in Las Vegas, NV, and could be happening in Phil, Pa by Friday. So why did all those Democrat stronghold cities take a "pause" to report their votes?

3. Not one pundit questioned why a shut down in counting votes happened in all those states simultaneously. Not one. Not even on FOX. Not one questioned how almost all of the newly counted votes in those battleground states went to Biden. Only NewsMax pointed out the coincidence of it happening in those 5 states with Democrat governors with Trump ahead before the "pauses."

4. Wisc is now reporting 3,239,920 votes cast when there are only 3,129,000 registered voters on record. More people voted than actually registered. When questioned, the Democrat Sec of State says there are 3.6 million registered voters from late registrations. Even if there are 3.6 million registered voters, that means that 90% of them voted when the average was 55 to 60% across the USA. How did almost all votes from Madison go for Biden? Almost 100% of registered voters, not just votes? Did ballot harvesting happen? How about in those other battleground states?

4. CNN, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS all refused to call the elections in Tx and Fla until almost all votes were counted, yet FOX called Az only 30 minutes after the polls closed with less than 50% of the votes. Arizona had a million outstanding votes in Republican Maricopa County with Biden ahead in the state by only 100,000 when Az was called for Biden.

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If you think that the media cartel was hard at work demonizing Trump for the last 4 years ... 94% negative Trump reports.... then it was in full swing last night at protecting those Democrat governors in the battleground states.

Think about this for a moment: “resist” by Democrats from the first day that Trump was elected, recounts, no peaceful transition of power, impeachment, 3 years of false accusations about Trump colluding with Russia to affect the 2016 election, Mueller, Comey/Clapper/Brennan with the FISA requests and the Steele Dossier paid by Hillary Clinton, 22 FBI agents lost their jobs because of spying on Trump, riots/looting/violence, continued polls that proved to be wrong, $400 billion by Soros and Bloomberg for Biden, Wall Street 4 to 1 in donations to Biden, lack of coverage about the Bidens' relationships with China/Russia/Ukraine/Burisma, and then Covid, covid, covid around the clock by the media ... with little mention of the record economic and international results by Trump.

Covid became the reason for the unsolicited mail out of ballots by Democrat governors. Covid was used to scare voters and to distract them from Trump accomplishments. Covid was used as the reason to shut down economies in Democrat run states. Let's see what happens with Covid now that Democrats and the media no longer need it.

So did those battleground states run by Democrats use ballot harvesting or any other types of election fraud? How did the vote tallies change so dramatically after those Democrat governors "paused" in their election counts in the dead of night? In all 5 Democrat controlled battleground states? If the media, Democrats, and deep state could be in such collusion against Trump for 4 years, then how hard is it to question collusion in ballot counting last night by those Democrat governors?

What gets lost with a Biden election? for staters: any investigation of Biden with Burisma and China, the Barr investigations, the Durham investigations, the investigations of deep state players, and Constitution integrity with DC as a state and with packing the Supreme Court. Democrats had lots on the line so they practiced “the end justifies the means” just as Alinsky instructed. They cheated and the media helped.

Who won the election? Average working Americans lost. Election integrity lost. No matter who won, America got less great.

by Michael Charles Master

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Trump told the FBI to release all Russia docs unredacted.


Congress (Grassley) has demanded documents for years now.



Presumably, vetting the ballot to make sure it was cast on or before election day by an eligible and registered voter, presumably, this will be part of the process. Any vote that can't be verified as from a real person and cast within the correct time frame should be thrown out.

If Trump does not retain the Presidency:

If you let them steal this election, then they will steal the 2024 election too.

They have said that when they come to power, they are going to prosecute & persecute Trump and his followers. Therefore, if Trump were to concede, it is highly likely that he and many of us will not be living to see the 2024 election.

This is a matter of life and death and I will not live in an America that allowed crooked Joe Biden to steal the election.

At this time next year one of these two men, Trump and Biden, will be President and the other one will be stone cold dead. That is a FACT there's no way out of it at this juncture.

SUPER HOT FRAUD:Michigan kills website sleuths were using to track dead voters

You're really a Trump supporter aren't you, you fuckin slimy AC shill.  Voter fraud has been rampant and universal this election cycle and all types of fraud from ballot stuffing, to fake ballots, to dead voters, and deliberate miscounting needs to be investigated.  Your assertion that "they were discovered and rejected, and not counted then aside from someone attempting fraud there is no issue" is false and misleading.  They were only discovered by internet sleuths.  They were most definitely included in the counts and they are only the tip of the iceberg in this ongoing farce of a fraud.

What in tarnation possessed you to vote for crooked Joe Biden?  This election came down to a contest between good and evil and you chose evil.  Help me understand that.  Are you one of those low information voters?  Or do you just love your third trimester abortions?

Watch your language, gutter mouth.  Your tweet may be viewed by women and children.


The Tree of Liberty is parched at the moment.  Soon soon
This is outrageous.  The Tree of Liberty is parched at the moment.  She thirsts, she thirsts

It’s Time for Us To Get Mad
November 6, 2020

by Newt Gingrich

It’s time for us to get mad.

This is what I came to after spending the last several days puzzling over what we are seeing in the 2020 election. When Callista and I left the White House at 3 a.m. after election night, I was confused by the various things that were going on, and I couldn’t quite figure out how to emotionally or intellectually deal with it.

After a few days of digesting, it has become clear to me that there has been breathtaking systemic corruption during this election. It runs through the whole process. You have the Biden family corruption, dealing with China, Russia, and Ukraine – which the national media has almost entirely refused to even consider investigating.

It goes to the big technology companies who have been censoring people. Rush Limbaugh had four out of six tweets censored just yesterday. I have been censored. The President of the United States has been censored. Facebook has apparently hired about a half-dozen Chinese algorithms specialists who have been helping the company perfect censorship in the style of the Chinese Communist dictatorship.

You have the corruption of incredibly rich liberals, who spent an amazing amount of money to defeat Republicans. It’s one of the few things I really liked about the election. They spent $75 million trying to beat Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and lost. They spent $105 million trying to beat Sen. Lindsey Graham and lost. They may have spent $43 million trying to be Joni Ernst and lost.

You go through the corruption of the elite news media, which for five years has been waging war on President Donald Trump and did everything it could to convince us that there was a giant blue wave coming. Then, the wave didn’t show up because they’d all been lying to themselves and to us. So that was a framework in which I started looking at all this. I talked about it on a short podcast episode I released Thursday.

Now, we are seeing states which President Trump had been leading suddenly finding tranches of votes for Joe Biden in Democrat controlled urban centers, which have been just enough to push him into the lead. We’ve seen it in Atlanta, Savannah, Philadelphia, and elsewhere. At the same time, states which the Trump campaign (and most observers) expected Trump to win are slow to report figures and keeping quiet.

So, I believe we’re at a key decision point in American history. And, make no mistake: This is about America – not the president or any elected leaders.

This is about whether or not we as Americans are willing to look the other way while a system of elite leftwing corruption undermines our Democracy. In addition to constantly attacking the president, major elements of the political and media establishment have tried to suppress millions of Americans who share the president’s core values. Those who salute the flag, stand up for the pledge of allegiance, believe deeply in America, want jobs and opportunity for all Americans, and want the United States to be concerned first for American interests have been silenced or canceled for the last five years.

If we are going to continue to be America, every legal vote must be counted and certified, illegal votes must be tossed out, and the American people must be allowed to make their choice for President of the United States.
You know some of us love calling ourselves Patriots and Trump Supporters. But to be honest we are nothing but cowards. We sat here and watched doing our President whole term get attacked time and time again, And not once did we ever go to his defense. We didn't organize and we didn't go to DC and showed the left we mean business. Here we are today, doing the same thing we've done the entire 4 yrs, NOTHING!

To be honest, we don't deserve a President like Donald J Trump. The man fought tooth and nail for us and for this country. I watched him the other night walking off the camera looking like a tired and broken man. It broke my heart and brought me to tears to see him like this, and to know me by myself is powerless to help him. I wish so much that we were better organized. What happened doing this election should have never happened, and we should not have been so afraid to put a stop to it. I'm tired of the videos, the talking points, the trust the plan, the Qs, the Rs, the Ss, T,U,V,W,X,Y and Z too. The corruption is real and evil evil people are in our mist. It baffles me how parts of Europe are unarmed yet the citizens put up a fight time and time again. Here we are a well-armed Republic yet we are so afraid to defend it.
Its going to go Hot
It took them 60 years to reach the point where the "target" (USA) had been softened enough that the second phase in target softening could proceed. The stages are:
Economic destabilization
Social destabilization
And then the installation of "cooperative leadership leading to ultimatums being levied that are impossible to fulfill.
Once the ultimatums go unfulfilled long enough then the target is declared rogue.
Once declared rogue the target is invaded.

Covid-19 was the Economic destabilization needed to not only destabilize the USA but to also weaken our strategic partners enough that we could not call on them for help and that they would likely flip in order to care for their own populations and "stay out of the game".

Hillary Clinton was to be that "cooperative leadership"
Trump forced them to up their time-line or else they would have been set back the 60 years it took for them to get to this point.

The fact that foreign governments like Germany are now speaking in favor of Biden reveals that they are part of this plan and an enemy nation.

We now know that all of the corporations in this country in big tech and media are enemy collaborators as well as many others like Gillette and Nike.
Your neighbors, be them dupes or willing participants, it doesn't matter which, have sided with these corporations and these foriegn governments and they are willing to obviously support our destruction.

Our neighbors to the north and south will not mount any resistance to stop foriegn militaries from landing and staging invasion forces into the USA.
The entire west coast of the USA is controlled by subversives and enemy collaborators who will not mount any kind of citizen resistance to an invasion from sea and will immediately surrender and demand the citizens to stand down and cooperate with the invasion forces.

They will quickly take control of our military bases and critical infrastructure, it will move with lighting speed.
Calls to surrender or negotiate will immediately hail from congress and across social media and any voices to the contrary will be silenced one way or another.

This is happening and will happen.
This is what is going down right now.
Donald Trump’s atttorney drops the Hammer, Scorecard, and Dominion on Biden.

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy (quoting an Autist) than you will find within the ranks of the Democrat Party.

If Trump does not retain the Presidency:

If you let them steal this election, then they will steal the 2024 election too.

They have said that when they come to power, they are going to prosecute & persecute Trump and his followers. Therefore, if Trump were to concede, it is highly likely that he and many of us will not be living to see the 2024 election.

This is a matter of life and death and I will not live in an America that allowed crooked Joe Biden to steal the election.

At this time next year one of these two men, Trump and Biden, will be President and the other one will be stone cold dead.

That is a FACT there's no way out of it at this juncture.
If Trump does not hold the Presidency
If you let them steal this election, then they will steal 2024 too.
They have said that when they get power, they are going to jail, try, convict, even kill Trump &his followers.This is a matter of life and death for us.
Good! Then you know what the stakes are.  I will not live in a country that has been stolen by Biden and enslaved by his Chicom masters.  Trump knows this too.  It's a matter of life and death and he's willing to put his life on the line for us, the American people.

10 days after the election is Friday the m@t$f&king Thirteenth!  It also coincides with the ebb moon for you astrologically minded people.  Biden will be at his lowest power that day because he is guided by the moon.  Trump is guided by the sun, so Friday the 13th should be particularly good for him.

I'm starting to think Whitmer came to power only because of the crooked election systems.  I was puzzled by her victory, especially due to the fact that her opponent mopped the floor with her during gubernatorial debate, now things are becoming clearer.
Saturday 11/7/2020

What is stupid?  I asked a simple question, "why?" I ask all Biden voters to give me their reasons, and not one will give a straight answer.
Me: Reason for voting your candidate?
Them: HAHA You stupid.
Me: No vote for you then, wtf?!?!

Please add me to your list.  Send me your details and I will add you to our list.  Now both sides have lists.  An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind. The Tree of Liberty is parched at the moment.  She thirsts, she thirsts. Soon, soon, my dear fools.


pol cartoon: Joe and Kamala - The Crime Bill Crooks

"They're not after me, they're after you.  I'm just in the way."- President Trump

‟The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.”
Who said that?
A boomer?

meme:  Hard times create strong men, weak men create hard times

Oh HELL NO! Michigan Governor Issues ORDER saying YOU can't visit Family, Friends OR go to a 2nd HOME!
Stop voting for that rotten death cult called the Democrat party. Wake up poor people. That party wants you dead. Anonymous Coward User ID: 78498775 on GLP
Dear Gov. Whitmer and Michigan lawmakers: 
Governor Whitmer has been wrong on nearly everything she's done since she got in office. She is responsible for trashing the economy. She totally mishandled the pandemic response. The worst thing though is her condescending, knows-better-than-you attitude. She needs to realize most Michigan people don't like to be lectured by stuffed shirts from their high horses.
Now, I see an ad on Youtube about how Governor Whitmer wants to ramp up regulations on the environment. Essentially, she wants to follow California's lead. Let that sink in. That's NOT a good thing. California is a disaster and Governor Whitmer wants to pile that sh!tload of disaster on top of our already beleaguered state.
As a lifelong resident of Michigan, our natural resources are very important to me, BUT all this talk of climate change and ecological disaster is way overblown. I believe it's just another way to get the electorate up in a panic and then ram through leftist policies that would never see the light of day under a more reasonable administration.
Make no mistake about it. I am totally opposed to liberal-extremist Governor Whitmer, the kooks at the Michigan Climate Action Network, and all slimy leftist politicians of any and all ilks.

Yours sincerely,
Tom Kuptz
Swartz Creek, Michigan, 48473, United States
Sean and Rush are both saying we got to end the nonsense and get back to work
Umm, coronaviruses are in fact common colds. This one seems worse because it's driven by the accumulation of 5G, 4G, cell towers, WiFi, etc. That's the underlying killer.

The 60 GHz 5G like they have in NYC is what prevents oxygen from being absorbed leading to death. Anonymous Coward User ID: 78612178 on GLP
Dear clueless America: You are now living under the tyranny you deserve, for you said nothing when the Big Tech censors came for the truth-tellers who warned you this would happen
You are now living under the tyranny you deserve. For the last four years, as truth-telling websites like Natural News were smeared, de-platformed and silenced, you said nothing. You were more interested in your Starbucks lattes, your inflated stock market shares, and virtue signaling your obedience to pop culture than defending the right of people… Mike Adams on libtards.news
Ivermectin may be better than hydroxychloroquine—does the President know?
This drug brings up the H.I.V theme again, as it's used to treat it as well. The hydro-c and the ivermectin seem to both work on viruses, cancer, and parasites, if I recall. These medicines are so cheap and effective, I hope people start waking up to the fact that all the info they need to treat most diseases is already available. Outside of the people who are doing good research, doctors can be left to more trauma-type care, or to the pasture. Anonymous Coward User ID: 77684474 on GLP

Shocking Proof God's Plan Is Coming True...

Whether he knows it or not, President Trump's actions just set in motion one of the most terrible events in human history...an event foretold 2,500 years ago! Read More...

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Tom Kuptz October 12, 2019

When your body is stressed out, it uses some particular defense methods that are beneficial in the short term—but over the long term, they're become quite harmful. One of these defense methods is the reallocation of energy.

Essentially, your body takes a bunch of its energy and uses it all at once in order to give you a boost, making you more likely to solve whatever problem you're facing. However, when you experience long periods of stress, your body is eventually going to run out of this energy, and that is known as adrenal fatigue or exhaustion.


Aging Ageing As A Spiritual Practice (book)

Aging as a Spiritual Practice : A Contemplative Guide to Growing Older and Wiser
by Lewis Richmon

Aging as a Spiritual Practice is a wise, compassionate book that guides readers through the four key stages of aging—such as "Lightning Strikes" (the moment we wake up to our aging)—as well as the processes of adapting to change, embracing who we are, and appreciating our unique life chapters.  Get This Book…

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