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photo: Two Old Folk Feeling YoungAgeless In Your Mind

Everyone grows older and eventually dies; it's just the natural way of life. However, how a person deals with aging is a whole other story and entirely up to the individual. Your brain has the power to make you ageless.

If you have the right mindset, you can make it, so you will hardly notice you've aged at all. In this article, we're going to provide you with everything you need to start putting yourself in the ageless mindset.

How Can a Positive Mindset Make You Ageless?

Of course, we don't mean that it can literally make you ageless, but it can certainly make you feel as if you are! One of the biggest complaints amongst those over the age of 50 is the feeling of deterioration, decline, and the feeling of being unwanted or not useful that so often comes along with aging.

Your mindset is a big part in how you cope with that and, also, how you can work to combat it. If you keep your mind focused on the positive things your age has brought you (like wisdom, understanding, and the ability to better help others) and work diligently to maintain good physical health, you won't notice the passing of years at all. Plus, it will greatly improve your overall outlook on life, as well as your quality of life.

Ignore the Culture Surrounding You

We live in a world obsessed with youth. Every day, older people are pushed to the side in favor of the younger generations. People are seen as being in their prime when they're in their late teens and early twenties. Those who are older than 30, tend to frequently lie about their age, trying to make it seem like they're part of the favored, younger group.

In order to get past this and actually start living with an ageless mindset, you have to do your best to tune it out. You have aged to the best state you have been in yet. You're wisened and seasoned. Stop denying your aging and own it; that is what will truly make you ageless.

Love Your Body and Own Your Age

The only way to ensure you keep having the ageless mindset is to continue to love your body and remind yourself that you are getting better with age. There's no such thing as perfection for humanity; we make mistakes, learn, and grow throughout our lives.

An important part of keeping yourself in the ageless mindset is loving and appreciating your body for what it does for you and how far it has gotten you. Every day that you are alive, you learn something new and adapt to changes around you. The first step in keeping an ageless mindset is loving your body for all its many years and experiences and appreciating it.

Never Say "Never"

The number one thing that will knock you off your track towards an ageless mindset is negativity. We psych ourselves by telling ourselves that we are too old to do something, too set in our ways to learn something, and even that we're simply too old to be of value.

These thoughts are toxic and highly dangerous to the positive outlook you are trying to maintain. You are capable of doing anything you put your mind to; now, it may take you a little extra effort to get there, but if you make the effort, you can accomplish it.

Never listen when that negative voice inside your head tells you anything negative about your abilities, your worth, or your age. (For more of this kind of wisdom, see The Four Agreements.)

How you deal with aging is entirely up to you: you can be in denial about the fact that you're getting older by lying about your age and dying your hair, or you can embrace your age for all the wonderful things it has brought you and move forward with a positive mindset with have you feeling ageless.

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Adrenal Fatigue and Stress
Tom Kuptz October 12, 2019

When your body is stressed out, it uses some particular defense methods that are beneficial in the short term—but over the long term, they're become quite harmful. One of these defense methods is the reallocation of energy.

Essentially, your body takes a bunch of its energy and uses it all at once in order to give you a boost, making you more likely to solve whatever problem you're facing. However, when you experience long periods of stress, your body is eventually going to run out of this energy, and that is known as adrenal fatigue or exhaustion.


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What to Do When People Are Your Primary Source of Stress
Tom Kuptz October 17, 2019

Stress arises from a variety of underlaying issues—including from people. Knowing how to deal with toxic individuals can help you avoid or overcome the physical ramifications of having people who cause stress in your life.

These physical issues happen because of the emotional stress you deal with every time you encounter someone who makes you feel angry, sad, frustrated, or worse. Emotional stress is just as bad for speeding up the aging process as physical stress is.





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