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I am going to start catching up with a number of important articles, trying to focus on essentials, so I also have time to narrate to you what I observed on this recent trip. We will also be away during the first full week of July, so time is of the essence. I will be telling you what I saw at the high school graduation of Mrs. Surak’s niece, why I don’t believe in the Pledge of Allegiance any more, and what you need to know about the greatest civilizational collapses in history you may not have heard about.

We need to prepare in every way for what is coming, including by reading critiques of our society from sources we have been trained to disregard. Western civilization is killing itself voluntarily under the urging of charismatic leaders who bring a credible threat of force. As Jim Jones gazes on in awestruck horror from Hell, Bezos-Dorsey-Fauci-Gates-Zuckerberg say, “Hold my beer.”

While I was vacationing in the “new South”, Nitzakhon was busy reading my mind and produced an exceptional essay here:

This is just what I was thinking about as I drove through Virginia. I will return to this topic in a few days.

“What Can Be Done?” The culture war and how to fight back, as seen by friends of the South.

“The New Secession Crisis” A bill of particulars, much like the original Declaration of Independence.

First Australia, Britain, and Canada – next, America…

“The Single Best Thing Americans Can Do to Retake America” Dennis Prager is right.

“NY Accounting Program Bans White People”

“The Totalitarian Threat of Critical Race Theory Rears Its Ugly Head”

Health Care Journal Publishes Research Calling Whiteness A ‘Parasitic Condition’ Without ‘Permanent Cure’

“iHeartMedia Staffer Scrambles to Fix ‘Only Diverse Hires’ Memo After News Exposé”

“Whistleblowers Explain How Biden’s Woke ‘Extremism’ Training Is Tearing the Military Apart”

“Parents Are Revolting, Teachers Are Resigning, and Critical Race Theory Is to Blame”

Your tax dollars at work…

“Outsourcing The Production Of Virtually Everything Has Brought Us To The Brink Of A Nightmare Scenario For The U.S. Economy”

Outsourcing The Production Of Virtually Everything Has Brought Us To The Brink Of A Nightmare Scenario For The U.S. Economy

“Dem Tells High School Grads They’re Entering A World Of “Capitalism” and “White Supremacy,” Encourages Them To Remember “Jihad” And Reject Objectivity”

“Biden’s DHS Won’t Let Border Patrol Arrest Human Smugglers”

“Many U.S. Cities Are Already Starting To Resemble Post-Apocalyptic Cesspools As America’s Collapse Accelerates”

Many U.S. Cities Are Already Starting To Resemble Post-Apocalyptic Cesspools As America’s Collapse Accelerates

One parent trying to fight back against the school-endorsed sexualization of American children:

“The collective insanity that’s rapidly erasing America” “Many of us older than half a century no longer recognize the country we grew up in.  We have a hard time reconciling that past America with what we see happening today.” More:

  • We shun those who do not comply with outrageous and unconstitutional mandates.
  • We blindly believe government officials and their allies in the media, though they have proven time and again that they lie and should not be trusted.
  • We’re emptying our jails of violent offenders while imprisoning law-abiding citizens — sometimes for simply exercising their rights.
  • We’re taking political prisoners like any third-world dictatorship.
  • We allow our cities to be torched and looted with few repercussions.
  • We’re tearing down our history, our culture, and our traditions in the name of progressivism.
  • We invite seemingly anyone who wants to enter the country illegally to take our jobs, receive public services, and drag down wages.
  • Our national debt reaches into the stratosphere while politicians go whistling past the graveyard.
  • We abort the innocent and defenseless while vigorously defending the guiltiest among us.
  • We scare our children into radicalism with tales of impending doom due to climate changes that are as old as the Earth.
  • We’re wrecking entire industries to “protect the Earth” while propping up those same endeavors for our enemies.
  • We deny biological realities and allow men to use women’s facilities and participate in women’s activities, provided that they “self-identify” as women.
  • We subject the military to ideological litmus tests.
  • We fraudulently change election results while casting those who push for transparency as “conspiracy advocates” and add their names to a list of domestic terrorists.
  • We allow the government to censor those who oppose the lunacy that passes for public policy.
  • We teach dependency and hatred at many school districts across the country, and within our colleges and universities.
  • We accuse, disarm, and punish the law-abiding while acquitting the guilty.
  • We deny science in the name of science.
  • We obfuscate truth for the purpose of compliance, conformity, and profit.
  • We have forsaken the Constitution to silence and disarm our population.

So before you suspect me of having insufficient patriotism, I ask you to read the articles above and those to follow in the next few days. I have seen enough evidence to convince me that America is a formality, a dead country walking, so to speak. No amount of conservative reform is going to save it, in the same sense that you don’t attempt to reform an avalanche. You save yourself by getting out of the way and rebuilding when the avalanche has passed.


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