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Adams, Blair - subject of an unsolved mystery

Arnett, Will - Hollywood weirdo


Bailer, Darice - zoologist, ornithologist

Bale, Christian - Hollywood weirdo

Bearden, Tom - scalar scientist

Bisignano, Aphonse - Italian chef, cookbook author

Brickhouse-Bey, Randy - Internet marketer

Bridges, Chris - Hollywood weirdo

Burnham, Bryan R. - statistician


Cain, George - Professor of Mathematics

Carrey, Jim - Hollywood weirdo

Cook, John D. - Mathematician, Computer Scientist, Consultant


de Niro, Robert - Hollywood weirdo

de Souza, Jefferson - Whistleblower and political prisoner involved with UFO disclosure

Dorsey, Jack - Silicon Valley creep



Fonda, Peter - Hollywood weirdo

Foster, Alan Dean - sci fi author


Gaiman, Neil - author, comic book celebrity

Garant, Roger - Internet marketer

Gardner, Cheryl - traffic exchange guru

Gardner, Tamika - cookbook author, chef

Garrison, Ben - polital cartoonist

Goodnight, Carl - USA Hosting & Mailer

Gosnell, Raja - Hollywood weirdo

Greer, Steven; Dr. - open source advocate & ‟Discolser”


Holland, John H. - author of Complex Adaptive Systems

Hrbacek, Karel - Professor of Mathematics


Iglesias, Gabriel - Hollywood weirdo


Jech, Thomas - Professor of Mathematics

Johnson, Shani - Royle Media

Joyce, David - Professor of Mathematics, Clark University


Kelder, Peter - author of Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

Kepler, Tom - author of "Picasso and Perception" PDF

Kimmel, Jimmy - Hollywood weirdo

Kristensen, Hans M. - author of article titled, ‟Chinese nuclear forces, 2019”


Leguizamo, John - Hollywood weirdo

Lessing, Ken - Internet marketer

Lyonne, Natasha - Hollywood weirdo


Mark, John - Expert on Propertarianism

Martin, James Michael - Saw through the Urantia deception

Maxfield, Beverly - Internet marketer

McMullen, Curtis - Professor of Mathematics, Harvard Univ.

McTaggert, Lynne - author of The Power of Eight

Rugley, Yvonne - Internet marketer

Miles, Heath - Internet marketer

Montgomery, Bertha Vining - cookbook author, chef

Mosher, Dave - Advertising Magnate Updated 12/7/2019

Myers, Mary Ann - Internet marketer


Nabwire, Constance - cookbook author, chef

Neale, Vicky - Professor of Mathematics


Otfinoski, Steven - wildlife expert

Ottmann, Randy - Internet marketer


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Ray, Rachel - creator of Nourish dog food, rumored to also make people food

Rey, Neila - fitness, exercise expert

Roberts, Paul Craig - columnist PAGE

Rogen, Seth - Hollywood weirdo

Rosante, Adam - author of The 30-Second Body

Rugley, Yvonne - Internet marketer


Salinas, Frank - Internet marketer

Schneider, Mark B. - Author of article titled ‟Why You Should Be Afraid of China's Nuclear Weapons”

Schumer, Chuck - professional liar

Sessions, Jeff - senile old man

Silverman, Sarah - Hollywood weirdo

Sparks, Jordin - Hollywood weirdo

Stokes, Marion - Video archivist

Strang, Gilbert - Professor of Mathematics

Swedenborg, Emanuel - prophesied the rise of Falun Gong during the end times


Taleb, Nassim Nicholas - Expert on complexity, economics, statistics; Author

Triumph, Tom - Author of Evolve or Die




Walton, Travis - claimed UFO abductee



Yu, Ling - author of Cooking the Chinese Way


Zhou, Carol - from Foshan GuangDong, a China Blogger I was following, unfortunately her website went down and we lost touch

Zuckerberg, Mark - Silicon Valley creep

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